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Dice, at a glance.

Ok, you swing cats, have you ever come across a profile with something like '3d20s, 0 EXP, 1000 G' near the bottom? Or have you ever seen strange numbers fly about a Gaming Chat and found yourself rooting for someone's character to win? Well, that's dice, my friend. And I'm here, with some help from some friends, to explain a few things. First of all, dice is what I'm gonna call a cross between the '::hit::' system and FFing. Think about it for a second, with FFing, you control your charrie...and with '::hit::' someone else calls the hits upon you. Now, combine the two...whereas you still do beautiful posts, making an intricate story; yet you have to rely upon some means to see if the hit connects during matches. (Yes, I know there's more to RP then inane fighting) And ShaPAM, that's dice. Still a bit confused? Well, think of Dice as a 'Video Game' kinda RP, how you control the character, but the computer decides damage. Get the picture? If not, read the examples or go play a Final Fantasy or something. And if you're still confused, watch a few dice matches in action.

Now, don't go thinking that dice is only limited to video game characters. That was a bad example on my part. Anyone may dice, but depending upon your character class, you can only go so far; like when you finally reach Lvl 99 in Final Fantasy VII you can't reach a new plane and go higher. (You get the idea that I'll be using a few more video game examples?) Character classes will be explained later on. Now, speaking of levels; you build EXP and reach new levels in dicing as well. At level up you get another dice side and a HP bonus (HP, I'll explain later.). I'll give you some nifty charts later on, too.

So, you say you have the basic idea down for this? Well, good, for now I'm introuding a few new elements into the dice RP..thingy. This will not be too hard to learn, but, it's best to review them.

Next Page, Dice Classes.