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Journal RPing, or, how RPing can be made fun for those with different schedules.

Well, now, the following page is for a journal RP system that may or may not see the light of day. Yeah. That's how freaking awesome I am. Writing up rules for something that may or may not happen. Anyhow, let me continue this. It's based off of a livejournal community I found while searching one of my interests. I'm going to base the model off of it, and add things as needed. However, I wish for this page to see another author. I still have to get the foundation set, though.

These rules are almost absolute law if you wish to be a contributing player to . If, however, you are just an observer (no character), please ignore them. Otherwise, it's time to read!


1. Read every rule. Twice.
2. Please try and use mostly correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. It'll make everyone's lives so much easier.
3. Don't control someone else's character.
4. Only characters that can, in some way, fit into the community's established realm will be accepted. So, in other words, try to have a somewhat original character. It's easier than you think!
5. Any 'PDA'-like character action will be accepted, however, things that generally wouldn't be safe to read form school/work will be placed behind cut-tags, and the persons involved would place a privacy warning in their posts. Other members are on an honor system after that point. If this gets out of hand, the characters at 'fault' will be told to get a room!
6. Swear if you must, but again, let's not try and get it out of hand. We'll define out of hand as saying "fuck the fucking fuckers" every three seconds.
7. Since we're using journals, we can be as descriptive as we want--but please, spare me the five paragraph essays of how a small breeze effects your character's hair.
8. For the love of all things good, please do NOT use "I" in actions. It may be used in character thought, however.
9. Multiple characters per person are allowed. I'll touch on this in the near future.
10. Please use the post's subject as your character's current location. That way, we know if we are near you--in the same room as you, or if you're three miles away. It'd be nice to know that.
11. Smaller, quicker replies to someone's post will be placed in comments. We're defining small as anything under, but not including, five sentences.
12. When replying, you have a three-to-seven day grace period to reply. If you do not reply within that period, the person, or persons will decide if you may continue. If, for some reason, you cannot reply within three-to-seven-days, but wish to continue, please contact the person or persons you need to contact as soon as you can.
13. After being accepted, please create a journal account for your character. Only one character per account please.