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The Story..

This was an ongoing saga of pure PRing. No inane squabbles, or crazy things going on. Just pure RP at it's finest here, people. Writing this story took around a month do do between the two of us. It was done late at night, for maybe three to six hours a night. So, after most the AIM kids went to bed, this was happening in their sleep. I totally love it, how it panned out, and how it's just a little preachy without being preachy. There's only one chapter to this story, sadly. At the time, some things came up, and we weren't allowed to go on with it. I wonder how far this would have panned out if it were allowed..? I bet the two of use might have just finished a novel right about now. Only time will tell if it were to go on or not.

Chapter One. The Meeting..

After you have finished reading this, just imagine where it could have gone. I know I have. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed helping produce it.