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Hi there. Oapboap here, to present another wrapper page. My series on the "Gaming Chat" is going to get Xyber Huge (2DMAX!), so I figures that I should make a wrapper page instead of sticking ALL THE SHIT into the table up there. I say that now, and there'll only be like one more page. LIES. I have one unreleased page and one more that I'll be working on after I finish this wrapper. So, you'll get the wrapped and a NEW "Gaming Chat" page here soon. If you're reading this on the actual factual Internets, that means that shit's uploaded. Why are you here reading this? GO READ ANOTHER PAGE! (I did not use caps lock for that.)

Gaming Chat: An Introduction - Read about where I spent a long time of my life. This page is totally rad. Also good and cool. It should also invoke feelings in you, if you were a member of that chat at that time.

Gaming Chat: The Fall - Read about the decline of "Gaming Chat", and what happened afterwards. Up until now (2016).

Gaming Chat: A Graphical Homage. A special collection of images that made me feel things. Good things. There are secrets in this page. View source, once you've read the page.

Gaming Chat 2: Electric Boogaloo. This will take you to another wrapper page. This one is about where we went after the fall. A site known as LiveJournal.

Gaming Chat: A Detailed Study. This is my biggest page about the topic of "Gaming Chat". In this document, you will find out why the "Gaming Chat" had a huge impact on me.

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I typed this on a keyboard from 2001. This automatically makes the page more legit.

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