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Classic RP Stuff

Oh, hi. I have updated this page to include some long lost relics of the "Gaming Chat", even if only like two of the relics came from the "Gaming Chat" itself. These relics are from that point and time in the life of the Internet and AIM in general. Right around the end of the peak and the beginning of the decline. Or at least the decline that we thought was happening. Remember, shortly after the last log; which I don't have a timestamp for, we slowly moved away from the land of instant chat-based RP. There are some secrets embedded in the source of some of these pages, too!

The Old RP Archive - Preserved in all of it's 2001 glory. Included are Bios, Dice Rules, Rules for a LJ community a friend and I were going to do, Prototypical Dice Rules using stats, Two shitty stories I wrote, and a long 1on1 RP session. A reminder: These logs are preserved just the way they were presented, spelling and grammar errors alike; all I did was clean up the code and make them more readable in some cases.

Why, hello there two; Electric Boogaloo! Welcome to something I may regret doing here in the near future! (Okay, I lie, the only regret was abdoning these guys.) Now, you may wonder what exactly these files are. Why, back in the day of Web 1.0 (and maybe still to this day) people would devote some webspace to create bios (short for biographies) for their online role playing characters. As some services did not allow for large profiles. And this was both good and cool. It relates to 1.0 because this is something we'd post to the internet, and manually update whatever we needed to in the page, and the pages rarely needed a "comments" section. You read the bio, any included stories or logs, and maybe look at pictures of the character. After which, you'd make that final decision if you'd bother to role play with that person. After all, a shitty bio page makes for a shitty role playing partner.

Knowing this, I'm going to restore the bios of one of my star characters, a character I enjoyed playing, and finally a character that was fairly obscure.

Trunks - My main once the world of dice battles hit AIM. I was really good at playing the character, and several of my online friends said that I played the best Future Trunks on AIM. It's still a badge I like to show off. If you couldn't tell. This page will be updated to reflect any changes that happen throughout my FanFic logs below.

Kyle - An everyday man thrown into a strange situation. This character was made for a choose your own adventure roleplay with a friend over LiveJournal. Except she'd choose the page we'd go to, and I'd react in character. She's actually the one that inspired me to make this 1.0 AF site.

Zif Malxein - An obscure character, first made for Free Form RP, but never played. Too Gary-Stu.

FanFic Logs
I write the things that should have happened, at least from a certain point of view. (Mine.)

Discovering Super Saiyan 2 Rage - This log takes place during the finals of the first ever AIM Dice Tournament. ..That never happened.

Learning To Fly - This is a continuation of the prior log. This would also be "Chapter Two" of "The Story", which you can find in The Old RP Archive right up there.

The Weapon Collector - This log introduces one of my favorite characters in any media ever.
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