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Apparently, chatlogs can be 31337.

Realtalk, before I start this page proper. This is a complete copy pase of the AIM RP community known as "A_I_M" on LiveJournal. I'm archiving this on this site for historical purposes, as well to have a "hard copy" in case the LiveJournal servers go down. All entries are preserved as is, the only changes are in coding that'd break HTML.

You have just entered room "Ancients In Mourning."

dauthiseraphim: *Sitting atop the powerful Harley, the tiny vampiress Looked down upon the town where the infamous tavern was situated. A quiet sigh escaped her partially opened lips lilting into the air, and fading without having ever been heard by another. It hurt her heart that she felt such turmoil in regards to a place that had once bought her such joy. Hitting her sunglasses the setting sun glinted, and she was glad her eyes, now swollen and red from crying were hidden. She had been to Watchman and to the Palazzo, but this, she just wasn't sure she could bid farewell to the tavern. Taking a deep breath, she gave the Harley gas, and it roared down the embankment, toward the town, toward the tavern...toward..she mentally cringed. Maybe there was nothing left to return to inside. Yes, maybe, but she had to know. Pulling around back, she stopped the bike near the window she had so often slipped in through in the past. Setting the kickstand in place, she pulled the key, and dismounted, making her way to the window. Giving the sill a quick upward shove, the window moved, although it did squeal in protest. hopping onto the ledge, Dau pulled her petite frame into the dank musty smelling room. Standing there in the back of the room, she fixed her dress, letting her vision adjust to the difference in lighting then grinned. Moving slowly, she sauntered to the end of the bar and hopped onto the bar top, to sit in "her" spot. As her gaze moved slowly over the room, she gave a soft sigh, there was no one, no one she recognized at all*

thalla: ::the old door frame looked run down and crooked.. she stood there for a second a pale clawed hand reaching out from beneath a long black cloak.. looking much like velvet the inner lineing a crimson as deep as the blood she drank to survive.. her hand reached around the scruff of a long black creature looking to monsterous to be a panther.. yes for many years the two had been gone but now the scent of the ancients brought thalla forth to see them for what seemed like a final time.. long black nails stoked the panthers pelt as she looked up to the old doors.. it was in dire need of remapir yes.. clawed talons reached around the door knob. no luck was it locked or jammed? no need for majic at this point.. no.. she would not alert the world of her pressance.. she jammed her shoulder to the door and though it protested with that type of power it slammed open.. she didnt relizes she had applied that mount of force.. yes dust now fell around her form.. she stepped through the black crature jumped infront of the female in the cloak and bared its oversized pearly daggers the cloaked woman stood there for a moment then proceeded forth her hand falling on the panthers neck only a fleeting shadow of a touch and the creature dropped is hostile front and followed her she kept walking following the scent of the ancients yes.. dauthi was here.. a smile crossed her painted black lips as she pulled down her hood exposeing long raven tressles that fell around her face her red pupils and milky pale face.. black lined eyes looking allureing.. never before had the creature been seen in such makeup and so pale.. yes her hair as well held a strip of yes color.. blood red.. beneath her hood yes and with this she stood infront of dauthi and yes.. she bowed.. showing what was this respect!?:: it has been far to long dauthi..

dantethedark: ::Shadows swam about him as if possessed of their own consciousness, a flimsy veneer, but enough to hide him, inky, like oil might move upon water. His breath was drawn in ragged gasps, blood caked to the floor about him half congealed. It refused to dry, continually flowing from the gaping wound in his chest, the shape of a crucifix plainly evident. Damn the angel that had maimed him, warning off his quarry and dealing such a blow...Bronze eyes fluttered open, and he seemed to squirm in the filth, a sickening smile occasionally tugging full, but cruel lips apart to reveal perfect teeth. The wound was gradually becoming larger, the charred flesh at its edges still smoking, thin wisps of it rising in lazy spirals. How he adored the pain… It was slowly killing him to be sure, but such ecstasy he had not felt in centuries. If he were to live he needed a soul to take, but in such a state he could barely think enough to do more than keep himself propped against the tavern wall. Coppery hair fell lankly over his face, and he peered through the disorganised mass, vision doubled, as he heard the soft movements of another carrying them closer, towards the bar. Squinting, he could make out a small female, a smudge of violet he assumed to be her gown, but his focus was lost too quickly, and a soft groan fled his throat, hips twitching before he managed to calm himself again. Sometimes, it didn't pay to be a masochist. Allowing the shadows to dissipate slowly around him, he tried again to concentrate on the movements, a voice breaking the silence, a name mentioned that was too muffled to hear. The effort it took to drag himself upright was tremendous, but nevertheless, he found himself staggering towards the two misty figures, swaying and unstable, one foot dragging after the other, closing the few metres between them with agonisingly slow progress::

dauthiseraphim: *Looking up a grin spread across her dark crimson lips, her mismatched azure orbs glinting mischievously from beneath the neon green bangs that hung in them. She had sensed Thalla, before the girl had even reached the door, Dau's senses had become so strong, so attuned, it scared her at times. It was how she was so sure neither Akasha nor Lu was dead, somewhere out there, they lingered, their energy was lingering faintly. Softly she spoke, her voice sounding surprizingly youthful, gone was the tone that suggested this tiny woman had the weight of the world upon her shoulders* Hello Thalla, it's good to see a familiar face, I must admit. It's been so long..this place...seems...foreign...*she offered her friend a faint smile. "Friend" she chuckled to herself, thinking of the banter that had occured between the two. There was a time when they had been less then friendly, Dauthi had set her feelings aside at the urging of her sister, and the two had become friends of an odd sort.* No need to bow to me dear...I'm no queen anymore, I'm just a girl, out here alone, trying to come to terns with my past...*patting the bar top beside her she sighed quietly* Join me eh? Tell me what has become of Thalla...Tell me have you heard from anyone? * relaxing once again, she looked to the pale being before her, waiting, hoping*

abigailholgate: *Waking with a start her breath came in short ragged gasps, her chest ached as she clutched it with a milky white hand. Fear flooded her mind and a voice roared forth from her dainty fae form that seemed as if it must surely belong to the most ancient dragon* DANNNNNNNNNNNNTTTTE! *panic flooded her and she sprang to her feet beginning to run through the tower form room to room, looking down, she could see the massive bruise upon her chest darkening and spreading. Coming to the door of Dante's room Abby peeked in, her long red tressed plastered to her face from the water, she pushed them from her eyes. He was not here. Then where!?!?! She yelled at herself. She had been over everyinch of the tower, even places he never went. A loud caw snapped her from her thoughts, and she looked down at the crow at her feet* Where is he? I know you know...* the crow leapt up, flying to perch upon Abby's shoulder, transfering an image to her mind. Closing her eyes she shuddered, then inhaled deeply* The tavern, he's near the tavern...*smiling she stroked the crows head feathers, and the two shimmered slightly, and disappeared. Appearing in the dark cobblestone street out front of the tavern, Abby peered about, surveying the area, then spoke softly* Dante? Can you hear me? * moving, she began to search the shadows for him, knowing he'd avoid the light in this wounded state, her heart pounding in her ears*

dantethedark: ::Confusion reigned supreme in his mind, sluggish movement suddenly a slur of stumbling footfalls before he felt himself lose his balance and drop heavily against a table to his right. Lengthy fingers clawed automatically, trying to steady his body against it, the two women he had been heading toward gone from his line of vision. Utterly disorientated, he slid into a disorganised heap on the floor, legs tangled beneath him, the jar of the impact causing a shudder to run the length of his prominent spine. The sensations were threatening to overwhelm him, his grasp on any reasonable thought loosening...until he heard the familiar voice of Abigail from somewhere close by. Was he still in the tower? He couldn't even remember that now, and began to think he was imagining her presence, despite the fact that he could sense her so strongly:: Abi? ::His velvet tones were husky, lips dry, throat parched... the name was barely recognisable, even to his own ears::

abigailholgate: *Searching the shadows of the ally beside the old stone tavern, Abi heard a clatter from inside the tavern, and made her way to the nearby window. The room she looked in upon was dimly lit, nicotine covering the windows yellowing their panes. Even through the grime there was no mistaking Dante's mammoth form. Sprinting for the door as fast as her slender legs would take her, she fumbled with the door handle, trying to grasp the brass fixture. Finally, grabbing ahold, she swung the rickety oaken door open far enough to slip through and dashed to dante, her bare feet thumping upon the worn wooden floorboards. Hovering over him, she pushed his thick mane back from his face, running her hand over his cheek. He was alive, at least for now, but she would need to find his wounds. Sighing she spoke quietly* Dante, hon, it's me, where are you hurt? Can you talk to me? * her eyes darted about seeing only the two women she yelled over to them* Could one of you please grab me a tankard of water!?!?! He is wounded! *turning her eyes back to Dante, she frowned, waiting to see if he replied*

dauthiseraphim: *Hearing the noise from Dante's fall, Dauthi. pulled the sword the was strapped in a dark sheath upon her back, and arched a brow. Never before had she seen this stranger, nor had she ever seen the young fae that rushed to his side. Staring at her wings and antennae, Dau hesitated to involve herself. At first seeing the demon, followed by the fae, Dau figured perhaps the woman had been the one to wreak havok upon Dante. In a moment it became clear that the woman was attempting to aide him. Walking across the bartop, her trench flowing behind her, sword still in one hand, Dau reached the tap, and grabbing a tankard, filled it with chilled water. Leaping down her raven plumed wings expanded, guiding her to the floor, where she landed silently, walking over, to hand the yound girl water, then returned to her seat*

darrian: ::The shadows coalesced into a writhing mass, bathing the rest of the room in the dim light of the bar. A soft footstep, vague and hollow echoed not in the ears, but the minds of the people there. Darrian slid moments later from the void that Shadow Walking produced. Silent and grim as death, the sculpted, impassive face slid from the tenebrous shadows, wisps of darkness tugging seemingly trying to pull or urge him back inside. Eyes were encased in mirrored black shades that wrapped about his eyes, reflecting the constant soft glow back on him and lighting up his angelic face in a creepy green light. A thick neck gave way to broad shoulders cased in an immaculate black suit, as always. A crimson tie blazed a trail down toward trim, slender hips that comfortable black slacks clung to. The heels on his leather loafers clacked sharply against the worn, stained floor boards, and one slim hand, nails manicured and slightly pointed quietly held a home rolled cigarette, cherry drowned out in the rapidly dispersing void.::

dauthiseraphim: *no sooner had Dauthi sat back in her seat, then her head began to swim as a sense of a strong energy filled her mind* Darri...*the word rolled quietly from her lips and she looked to Thalla, then around, her two-tones sapphire eyes searching the taverns shadows. He was here she knew he was. Finally, a faint smile curled the corners of her mouth as she spotted him, the emerald bangs and shade hiding her gaze* Well well, looked what the cat dragged in...Hello Darri, it seems, today was a good day for my return.

darrian: ::Darrian's head turned slowly to scan the lady who spoke to him, The head shifted up, then down her frame. A soft smile, full lips parting to reveal pearly, even teeth. The glasses looked down into the eyes of the woman who was speaking to him as he took a casual drag of vanilla scented cigarette, and inhaled deeply into dead lungs. A voice, soft as velvet and smoother than liquid silk came forth as he exhaled the white, perfumed cloud.:: It is true, it has been a long, long time since my eyes have last beheld your lovely face. I have missed you. Obviously time has treated you well M'lady. ::A slim hand was offered to her, still with an odd slowness to it.::

dauthiseraphim: *Dau's mirrored gaze met Darri's and she looked over the top of her shades at him tilting her hin down* I'm fine as always Darri, but you don't have to be so formal, after all, you delivered Cheyenne so long ago, You saved my life... You are practically family. *smiling at him warmly Dau pushed the brilliant emerald tresses from her eyes, inhaling the sweet smell of the cigarette. Suddenly, she felt nostalgic longing more than usual to see Lu. Quickly she banished that feeling, not wanting to unleash that string of emotions* You look well as always...where have you been?

darrian: ::Darrian's had remained out to her, as he smiled his soft, polite smile.:: I.. Am not sure how I feel as far as families go dearest Dauthi. Mine, has left me, but such things are to be expected I suppose. I was never much of a family man now was I? ::He took another slow pull from the cigarette the smile rapidly fading. Last he saw her.. Lu.. Family Watchmen.. Tiphareth.. Damien.. He shook his head slightly, his stance hinting only in the faintest that such thoughts were in his head. Sharp pain in what was left of such a chilled heart burned acutely. The shaded orbs pierced the veil as he looked again into her eyes, betraying the pain lying underneath the calm facade.:: Dare I offer you a cigarette? They will be the death of me.

dauthiseraphim: *Dauthi reached for the hand, shaking it all to firmly for a woman of her size, then scolded herself for forgetting to be more lady-like. His words buzzed in her ears and and she sat silent for a moment, choosing her words ever so carefully* I, do understand your situation...After all look around you, Do you see the King of the great Kingdom of Watchman here, or perhaps her majesty, The Queen Of The Damned, my sister? My children are quite grown, and have lives...Due to the rapid aging of Lu's kindred. I, am alone...*choking out the words she fell silent once more, fighting back the tears that burned in her eyes threatening to break free. No, she would not cry over a husband that deserted her. She could only hope the best for her wayward sister, knowing she must think there was danger to stay away so long. She saw her children regularly, but Lu resented his fathers absence, blaming his mother for her departure, and Cheyenne was the leader of a band of mercenaries, they traveled far and wide, and their names were of some great reknown now. No she knew that look upon Darri's face all too well as if was as her own. Shaking her head at the offer of the cigarette, Dau smiled a bit, clacking the piercing in her tongue against her teeth* This place...sure is quiet...But the ghosts that remain, are deafening. *closing her eyes she gave a long drawn out sigh*

darrian: ::Darrian didn't shake her hand instead as was his custom, he bowed slightly bringing the back of her hand to brush across petal soft lips. He straightened as she began talking, the smile fake as it was, slowly fading off his angular face. Replaced by a look of quiet determination.:: Dauthi, I have long known you to be a woman of inner strength and outer beauty. It does me well to hear that Cheyenne is making a name for herself. It is obvious your blood flows in her veins. Little Lu needs to realize everything that is bad in life, isn't your fault, and should grow up, I think he takes after his father. And yes, the ghosts in this room are screaming, and it is time to shut them up. ::One hand slid about her hips, drawing her closer to him, his lean frame, seemingly stripped of all that was unessential, leaving the firmness of his developed chest and upper stomach as a pillow.:: Dauthi.. ::He whispered softly, eyes burning with the need to release bleeding tears..:: You are never alone, because like it or not, you have me to carry your cross when you stumble. I have broad shoulders, and will gladly make your burden mine.

dauthiseraphim: *She stiffened as he pulled her to him, then forced herself to relax returning his embrace in a sisterly fashion. Darri and her had once been close, on the verge of something, but that was long ago, before Tiph, before Kasha, before Lexi, and most of all before Lu. Looking up at him over her shades, she offered him a grateful smile* I'm not sure I even remember how to lean upon another. I have been so self-sufficient for so long that it makes me uneasy to rely upon another. *frowning she gingerly ran her digits over his side, turning her stare back to him* You haven't fed, not in a very long time...*Canting her head, she pulled back the deep violet tresses the tumbled over her shoulders, exposing her pallid neck, jugular pulsing with lifeblood*

trunkusbriefus: ::The young halfling came to a sudden stop in mid air, several hundred feet up, those unbound lavender 'lopears' returned to their faithful positions along the sides of his handsome face, the white aura dispersing. There was just -something- about this area that perked his curiosity..but what was it. Hundreds of small specks of light twinkled below his feet like the newly born stars above his head. He then spoke aloud with a smooth, if a little high-pitched, voice.:: What? Why did I stop here? What could possibl-- ::He then sensed it..there were others..those that were more powerful than your average human. Incredible, how his senses led him here from oh-so-far away. "This might prove to be interesting," he thought to himself, descending towards the ground--more importantly to where these 'signs' were coming from--those 'lopears' once more lifting outwards. "Almost midnight at home," he thought looking towards a wristwatch before folding his arms over his chest, "Plenty of time..". The sight from the ground was almost inspiring..in front of a background of faint light, a being approaching the earth, almost like the deity descending to release the world. Landing with a soft 'thud' Trunks approached the Tavern, somehow this all felt familiar to him; but he shrugged it off. Twisting the doorknob ever-so-gently, as to not rip the door from it's hinges, he opened the door widely and quickly. This was done to quickly illuminate him, his attire, and possibly draw attention. What little light there was almost 'rushed to' the darkness that was his background; outlining his well-defined features first then allowing his outfit to become visible, it was only for a split second though. His thick lavender hair was worn a little bit longer than shoulder-length. The front third of the hair cascaded down the sides of his handsome face, the remaining two thirds was worn to the back, in a very short pony tail. As always two rogue strands of lavender fell over his ice-blue eyes. A thicker-than-normal neck tapered out to broad defined shoulders..easily seen from his black 'wifebeater', which hid most of the definition in his upper body, that was tucked into dark grey slacks. Closing the door behind him, he walked with a soft patter from the soles of his 'ungodly' orange boots, which the slacks were tucked into as well. A nod of 'hello' was offered to anyone he made eye contact with on the way to a table. Finding a spot by a moonlit window he sat, back to the wall; an arm on each leg. He sat in silence, just an observer tonight.::

thalla: ::in all the comotion thalla had not had many seconds to speak and or act.. no she seemed to do nothing more then dissapaite into nothingness.. twin crimson embers burned now within the darkness of that black hood that was pulled over her head again.. she appeared in the support beams above head the black feline creature making itself comphy and of no use in a cornor in the back.. yes once along time ago she and her sister rean had sat in this same place and talked of the elites and their uselessness but that was another time.. another era.. before her poor body was vampiric and her insides angelic.. so much had changed.. she watched though very carefully down below at the others.. she smiled to see dauthi and lu both spoke.. and.. who was this? she blinked to see the new commer.. yes he as well was as gifted as thoes already here.. she seemed to have a well familiar smirk on her black lips as se stood tall nodding a small hello.. she awaited somthing.. not sure yet what it was..::

darrian: ::Darrian spoke in his soft, purring voice as he took her wandering hand into his, a compassionate brotherly gesture.:: Would you allow me to teach you how to rely on another for strength? And yes, my most perceptive dear, I do thirst.. ::The last word rolled off his tongue in a very soft whisper as he pulled her gently closer to him, fitting her to the line of his body snugly. One hand held her at the small of her back, the other trailed along her cheek as razored fangs dropped down into place. He lowered his mouth slowly to her neck, gently puncturing the offered vein.. Darrian's kiss was sheer ecstasy. Emerald eyes slid closed behind those shades, only noted by the tell tale lack of the glow on his face..::

dauthiseraphim: *as Darrian sank his fangs into the supple skin of her neck, Dau did not so much as flinch. After the initial bite, she moved her hand up, to cover his that was stroking her cheek, guiding it to her shoulder, patting it softly. Darri was like a brother to her, and in fact, she detested intimate contact. As her blood flooded Darri's mouth he could taste it's rich nutrients. Dauthi had fed well as of late, she had killed many, young healthy victims. Gently her pallid digits rested on his hips, relaxing a bit as he fed* Take what you need Darri, I have had plenty of late...* her thoughts drifted elsewhere until she was nearly out of her body, looking on*

trunkusbriefus: ::This was amazing, the halfling was here..somehow he felt the newcomer of the occupants here. That was no bother, however...he was quite used to being new wherever he happened to venture--it is a rare thing, after all, to be able to fly almost anywhere one pleases--but the only that that worried Trunks that night was actually being accepted. Part one was over, actually getting to and entering someplace new.. And he had not received any cold stares that could be translated to "get out now" yet, always a plus.:: Simply amazing that I was drawn here.. ::He whispered, while looking about trying to piece together the situation. "Two couples," he thought, "Am I the only single person here tonight?". He only took in each couple's activities for a second or two, any longer would be staring and rude in his book of manners. The first couple he could see from his vantage were Dante and Abigail.. "He's injured," he thought, "I should help out..no..best not to intervene, it looks like she's got it under control..I hope.", it pained him to keep his ground..to only watch. Next were Darrian and Dauthi. "Wow, these two are close..," he once again thought, as he assumed Darrian's 'feeding' was a elongated kiss. Keen senses drew his eyes to the ceiling. He knew there was something up there, his senses never lied to him. But what was up there..? Curious eyes scanned the ceiling for quite some time, he knew it didn't have evil intentions..yet..but he just had to see what was drawing his eyes up there. Alas, even with the acute Saiya-jin vision, he just couldn't find it..it would have to come to him, if anything. Finishing up his survey of the room, he folded his arms over his chest once more, just..drawing in everything that was happening.::

thalla: ::thalla was doing pretty much nothing as of now.. palewhite digits clasped around a small golden locket that was around her neck.. a gift from a stranger long since departed, she had saved his life and he had given her the locket.. he had opened it only one to show her a small show of colored sparks and a sweet song.. but now she dared not to open the gift.. no she stood tall claoked and hidden.. her aura tammed and pushed inwards keeping her idenity unknown to thoes who lurked in the shadows and thoes wo wished her head apon a plate.. it had been long since wolf had sent one of his precious vempire hunters and tried to kill her.. poor thing i wounder if hes still locked in the basement.. thalla shook her frail head laughing lightly to herself as she jumped from the rafters the overpowering blade "bliss".. her wings beneath the black velvet cloak shifting as she hit the ground in a mess of black and red.. the cloak fluttering down around her as she stood the black monstrosity she called a pet was at her side.. thalla stood and smiled as she stepped up to the bar and motioned for the bartender to come closer.. as he leant over thalla not speaking a word he came closer lending his ear closer as if thalla was to wisper.. her lengthy digits clamped without another word at the collar of his shirt and pulled him to her her twin pealy daggers digging into his flesh and imediatly starting to drain his life flow into her mouth.. he struggled to maintain conciousness.. but thalla used no mind easeing tricks to help his suffering.. she did it raw and uneasy.. he flailed but thallas grip was like iron.. soon enough he fell limp and she dropped the soon to be dead body she stood tall again next to the bar no longer leaning and wiped blood from her black lips smiling softly::

dantethedark: ::Dante felt the press of a warm hand against his cheek, but his reactions were so slow that he could not respond as he had intended. He was unaware of whom was close by, the fleeting realisation that Abby had been somewhere near simply becoming another confused thought which he could not untangle from the useless mass of pain wrought delusions. His blurred vision dimmed further still, until only the shine on the curve of the tankard caught his attention. He lashed out at it, infuriated, a low growl sounding in the pit of his oddly exaggerated rib cage, a gleam of bone apparent through the smoking flesh of his wound. He twisted, blackened claws swiping in wide arc until they latched onto something soft. Flesh. His tapering fingers tightened around the arm he had caught, Abby's, though he hadn't a clue whom he had managed to snare::

thalla: ::she lifted herself up on the bar top after the meal and beckoned the purple haired halfing twords her smirking slightly:: dont worry.. i dont bite.. well only when im hungry and as you can see.. ::her hand extended over twords the dead body:: ive already fed

trunkusbriefus: ::He sat there, arms loosening from around his chest, his ice-blue eyes literally grew double their size for an instant. The showcases here were, for a lack of a better word, amazing. He was right about something being in the ceiling, as he watched it drop down..just a blur of black and red.. What was it..? He couldn't tell..until he watched what it did. "A vampire..!", he thought. He was once told they only existed long ago..how that was wrong. He knew it wouldn't right to attack though, so he kept his ground and watched..after all it was the first time he had witnessed such a thing, he didn't want to make it his last. Standing, he answered her beckon, soft pitters from the soles of his boots could be heard until he was standing a few feet from Thalla. Being a kind-natured person by nature, he bowed slightly to her, in a sign of respect.:: Ma'am.. ::He arose from the bow. Fear was not in his nature, and her words of not to worry..he felt they could be trusted.::

thalla: ::she smiled and as he bowed thalla reached out her hand in an attempt to touch his chin.. she brought his face upwards to look at her.. her words echoed not only in the air but in his mind transmitted by touch:: no need to bow.. i may yes be a queen.. but the only ones who need to bow are the ones who are unworthy of standing.. ::she smiled lightly an encourageing gesture for him to be truthful with her:: so.. what brings you here stranger? ::thalla had been visiting here for many years now with demons and witches, angels and mixes of all three and never once had she set eyes apon this creation:: and tell me what is your name?

trunkusbriefus: ::He had been in the presence of a queen the whole time..and everyone else here seemed gifted as well. This was more than coincidence that his senses had drawn him here. Upon her words both aloud and in his mind, he smiled slightly at her. Sitting close to where she was perched upon the bar, he spoke with that smooth, if a bit high-pitched voice.:: What brings me here? Honestly, I was just drawn here by something. ::He pointed towards his head, his finger touching his cheek.:: I can sense things, things that have a great power, from almost anywhere. ::He looked at the occupants once more, slightly motioning to them with his eyes..whispering.:: As probably all of us can sense, all of us here have some 'gift'..I'm drawn to that. As for my name, it's Trunks..Trunks Briefs. ::He didn't finish the rest of his name, it might reveal too much. He didn't want many to know he was half Saiya-jin..let alone the son of the 'King'. After all, it was for his protection too, many despised the Saiya-jin race..:: And your name, ma'am?

darrian: ::Darrian nodded delicately when she told him to take what he needed from her, so as not to tear the holes more than was nessicary and possibly harm one he cared for so. His thumb tenderly caressed her cheek and after possibly thiry seconds of feeding, he slowly reluctantly broke the kiss, sealing her neck with a perfunctory lick and soft kiss. He spoke gently, to her.:: Thank you Dauthi, I needed that more than you know. Anymore I am reluctant to feed, and it weard greatly on me physically. That was all too kind of you, and I am in your debt. ::He gave her another gentle hug, then held her at arm's length, looking quietly into her eyes and smiling his dazzling smile.:: Why have you killed so often my Dear? Please be more careful, I'd hate to see you slip into a moral tailspin like I did so shortly ago.. Killing remorselessly and with abandon. Promise me you will leave a majority.. A vast majority of the kine alive?

thalla: ::her wings beneath the cloak shifted uneasily twitching not wanting to be confined, her black lined eyes followed his as he scanned the occupants:: we all have such a gift.. to sense the others most like us.. not in style or blood but in power.. and as for me..::she drew her hood down and in that she revealed a milky pale femine visage. her pupils were crimson burning with an alien hue.. she smiled softly a well familar smirk laid on her black thin lips.. her bangs and the rest of her hair was straight without body and a raven black.. perfect ebon.. there was one long red streak through the right of her hair and slight red coloring at the tips of her bangs.. her long pale digits drew back and pulled her mid length raven tresses out from the back of the hood now they laid of the velvet she extended her hand.. :: Iam The Daughter of sabazois, Thallin contay'us verdaline.. the matraich of the set clan.. there queen as well ::she was now more proud of her bloodline then ever.. she was yes the queen of the followers of set.. the destroyer of the ravnos.. the arch angel of destruction amesha she was all of this:: but it would please me if you just called me thalla.. thallin if you wish but thalla sounds a bit more friendly.. ::she smirked.. "friendly?" heh she never used to be that.. why start now? because wataru was gone and nathaniel was dead.. thats why:: im pleased to meet you

dauthiseraphim: *Dauthi gave a small sigh then nodded at Darri's words. Dauthi had never hunted before, she had only taken willing donors, these days, that had come to a quick end. Dauthi hunted, and was thrilled by doing so, though she didnt tell Darri this.Suddenly her head snapped around, searching the shadows, her gaze wild* She is here! I know she is Darri! She's here! * she looked at Darrian her eyes wide her mental abilities always having been strong had in fact strengthened recently. Gathering her thoughts she reached out mentally to Akasha, trying not to be overbearing* Sis?

trunkusbriefus: ::He noted the twitching of the back of her cloak, but didn't mention anything; if he was hiding something, then she could as well.:: Now I know why I was-- ::He stopped his speech, watching her draw her hood down, revealing her face to him. Placing his left hand on the back of his neck, under the pony tail, he took in her facial features. Those eyes..he liked those eyes; again it was the first time he had seen crimson eyes before. First for a lot of things tonight, too. The red streak through the otherwise perfect black hair..but it matched her eyes so perfectly, he thought. Noting the she had extended her hand to him, he clasped it gently with his right; listening as she spoke about her heritage. Of course he had inquiries about things she had mentioned, but they would wait until after she had finished.:: I'm pleased to meet you, too, Thalla. ::He was interested in her past, but would understand if she wouldn't speak about it.:: Mind telling me a little more about your past; if you wish to. I'm afraid mine probably won't be as interesting, but..we'll never know..

akasha_romanus: ::Why she felt like an intruder, she could not be sure. After all, hadn't this been her territory for years now? Her killing grounds, her little sanctuary from all that had plagued her in the past? She shuddered, for once feeling as frail as she looked, unwilling to progress any further on her own. Her companion had slipped silently away, and after so many months spent in comfort with him as her confidante, she felt abandoned. A twinge of guilt twisted in her gut like a knife. If she felt this way over losing Armadeo briefly, how must Dauthi have felt about her unexplained departure? A faint breeze lifted her pale hair, playing gently through the gossamer strands like a lover's fingers might in a gentle caress. Preternatural twins flickered, for once emotive, dead blood ran thick and cold in hollow vessels, heartbeat a deafening thump, a drum within her chest. Dauthi's silent, but plaintive call broke the weakened barriers of her mind, and she exhaled quietly, arrogant posture abandoned, shoulders stooped and head bowed. There was no turning back now that she had been detected, and forcing herself into motion, she began to walk the last 100 yards towards the tavern, her answer a simple and barely audible "yes" ::

thalla: ::thalla smiled watching him contently.. as her finers touched his the golden locket beneath her black velvet cloak pulsed.. yes it gained its own auara.. sucha briallant blue.. she smiled softly now aware of the power this man held.. she smirked again shaking his hand and nodding her head slowly:: my past aye? I heir from the egyptian sands.. but there isnt much to tell.. i was born a halfbreed.. of a seprent king and a herim.. ::she tried to keep a striahgt face but couldnt she smiled mocking herself slightly not many knew of her mothers heritage:: i was plotted against and soon well.. an assassain tried to bleed me to death.. but ::she lifted a drink to her lips and took a small sip:: a vampire in the court of set well.. nursed me with his blood.. and now.. well.. much as happened since then.. ive been though hundreds of years of torture and life.. ::she smiled again sipping the drink and looking to him:: i'm glad the years havent made me bitter.. ::she winked and smirked sipping again her drink:: if theres anything in specific you wish to know trunks? ill be happy to tell you.. see in all my millenia of walking this earth there is nothing known to mortals besides the myth of the daughter chaos the curse that killed the preist of set and go down in the books as a simple queen of the set clan.. that is all.. it buts me at ease to know that atleast one person will know the story or at least the truth..

trunkusbriefus: ::He released the soft, for him, grip he had upon her hand; watching her movements, like she was doing with him. It was just 'getting used' to each other, after all. He nodded when she mentioned that she was also a halfbreed; it had been far too long since he had seen one as powerful, and like with him, she was also hunted for being a halfbreed. Moving his left hand from the back of his neck he placed it upon the counter top. Again, he waited until she had finished speaking to speak himself.:: I too know what it's like being hunted and hated for being a halfbreed. I, too, am glad that they years haven't made you bitter..otherwise who would have known what would have happened tonight. ::Chuckling a little, he brought his right hand to his face to brush back one of those rogue lavender strands that fell over his eyes, only to have it fall back into place. A soft crimson blush was now upon his face, he could tell, after all he blushed far too easily especially around females.:: Well, since you have asked, and you've been around to witness most of anything I could have asked about.. ::Leaning back, he placed his right palm atop his left forearm.:: Why don't you tell me about the set clan; I've been wanting to know about it since you mentioned it a little bit ago.

dauthiseraphim: *she waited holding her breath her eyes closed afraid she had imagined the presence with even now became stronger to her. Akasha, this close, had she been hiding from her? Something deep inside her said yes, but why? Why would her sister hide from her, after coming this close? Slowly she exhaled as the mental voice of her sister infiltrated her mind.*kasha...* she answered in kind, even as she once again began the search of the tavern. Shaking her head she strolled to the door, her tiny hand gripping the ancient fixture. It was just outside. Her sister was just outside. Would Kasha want to see her? Without further hesitation she gave the door a tug, wondering what awaited her on the other-side*

darrian: ::Darrian followed Dauthi, one step behind her as she strode almost nervously to the door.. His fists slowly clenches, knuckles popping like firecrackers. Whatever had her scared, would be dealt with most severely if it prooved even the most threatening. His raven tressed head slid outside the door, over her, and those eyes of acidic, glowing emerald peered cautiously into the dark. A slim, aristocratic nose sniffed once, twice, trying to define any scents, but it was fogged by his cigarette smoke, and proved useless..::

akasha_romanus: ::Still some 10 metres from the tavern door, Akasha froze as it swung open, casting a nervous glance over her prominently boned shoulder, silently wishing that Armadeo would be visible somewhere nearby. Dauthi appeared as a shadowy form, her facial features lost as the light shone from behind her, a tall male form lurking protectively at her side, plumes of cigarette smoke giving the air around them a hazy quality. Akasha herself was all but lost in the darkness, only the soft glow of her eyes giving any clue as to her identity as it was cast upon her angular, finely boned features. Her hesitation was only momentary, before she promptly straightened, progressing with characteristic dignity towards the pair, defences raised, waiting for the scorn she had imagined from her sister. Her nerves had fled, an unexplainable feeling of nonchalance replacing it. She could sense the aggression in the male figure, and couldn't help but let a soft smirk ghost across her full lips. If he intended on causing trouble he would be dealt with in her typically efficient, yet dramatic style...The General pressed comfortingly against her thigh as she moved into the light:: Hello Dauthi...

dauthiseraphim: *Dark crimson lips parted gently as she tried to speak to her sister. THe words would not form, it had been so long, so long since Kasha's departure. Standing motionless Dau willed her sister into the light, wanting to see with her own eyes that her sister was well. Then Kasha emerged from the depths of the night, and Dauthi could not hold back not a second longer. She no longer fought the tears of crimson the welled in her eyes, and sobs wracked her dainty body, as she moved with a ligtning quickness and wrapped her soft raven wings about her sister protectively in a hug, whispering to her as she did so: Youre truly alive...and here...I missed you sis...*she choked a bit as a sob broke free between words* I love you...

thalla: ::thalla nolonger look to her companion no she looked to dauthi who yes she had spoken the name akasha:: shh ::she spoke a hushed word becomeing quiet.. could this be the queen yes the queen of the damned had arrived.. aw yes and now thallas eyes were content and a smile on her face.. best not disturb the sisterly runion.. no she smile and nodded her head to trunks:: that there.. that angel is the queen of the damned and the other.. yes thats her sister ::she nodded to the two:: best not disrupt them.. ::she had ordered and now obtained a red drink nodding the the replacement bar tneder who was indeed female.. she sipped her drink:: the set clan aye? ::she placed the drink on the counter and as well wisked a small strand of raven locks from her pale face:: yes the clan was initaly started with my father.. king sabazois.. hes called the serpent "god" or was.. ::she smiled wickedly yes she herself had slain her precious father and now ruled in his place:: well he follows a god named set.. a vampire god you see.. and soon enough he obtained a clan to speak all of worshipers of the same god the usual clan.. all being wither turned vampiric by my father soon enough the clan grew recked ravaged towns in my fathers or the name of there god set.. soon enough the elders wer slain and newer more devopled vampires came in there place.. it was an horron soon to be transformed by my father.. he no longer just bit the newcommers but had the weaker followers bite them ensureing none became as powerful as him.. and that was the reason my father refused to turn me immortal fear that i would yes infact be more powerful then he.. :: her talons fell on the conter and dug her nails in slightly she pulled up her leg the tight black leather heeding her fingers as she pulled it back revealing a tatto.. yes an upside down black cross with a serpent intertwined in the cross:: i was branded with the royal symbol of set you see.. to ensure ones knew or my bloodline and i was never challanged.. ::she smiled and but her heeled foot back down:: i dont supose you are a part of any vampire clan.. unless ive grown dumb in my years id have to say you have little to no tace of vampire in you..

darrian: ::Darrian's strides were more calm than Dauthi's, though his long legs didn't exactly dawdle either on his trek to see Akasha. That smile, soft and pure danced along his lips. The Assassin stopped a yard or two away, to allow the two sisters time alone, so as to not impede upon the tender moment, or shatter the mood. The reflective shades were removed, and the green light came forth, illuminating the scene in an acidic green nimbus, giving it an almost ethereal quality. The cigarette was stubbed out in the palm oh his left hand with not even a flinch.. Akasha was back! Angels sang a chorus in his mind, which floated along somewhere far above them.. He had never dreamed he would see her again.::

trunkusbriefus: ::He had been wondering what the commotion was about.. He too had broke his gaze with Thalla to watch Dauthi and Darrian.. He was going to ask what everything was about, but upon hearing the 'shh', he settled back; learning who the two he now knew as sisters were. He nodded when she said it was best not to disrupt them, he wouldn't have, anyhow.:: I won't interrupt their reunion..from the looks, I'd say it's been quite awhile for the two.. ::Leaning back just a little further than before, he crossed he feet; listening to her story. He could only imagine how long ago this took place, since he had never heard of it to begin with--maybe just undereducated. In his mind he could somewhat picture the towns she spoke of, the people being recruited, so to speak. He too knew the feelings of having a father who was afraid that his child might overpower him, as it took the 'best' of fights for him the be recognized. He watched as she pulled the tight black leather up her leg, revealing the tattoo. "A royal symbol," he thought, "I wonder if father had something like that.." He shook it and the feelings of his long-gone father away. It would have been a good idea, though..like she had said, not to be challenged or to let people know of his heritage. He smiled a little bit hearing her question.:: No, no, you're right, there's no trace of vampire in my family line, or, at least none that I know of..

akasha_romanus: ::Barely able to steady her bare feet in the slick mud beneath her, Akasha wound her slender arms around her sister, finally letting loose a soft sigh of relief, all acts dropped as she relaxed, listening quietly as she spoke:: Dauthi honestly... You'll make me blub in a moment... ::She pulled back just enough to flash her a grin, though it was obvious she was just as happy to see her sibling as the latter was to see her. Akasha wasn't fond of crying in public, or anywhere for that matter, but Dauthi was the perfect catalyst for it sometimes:: You know I love you too... ::She let the grin slip to a lop-sided smile, which looked odd to say the least upon such a feline face. Taking note that Dauthi's companion had also come forward to greet her, she was more than a little surprised to find Darrian before her, shades banished for the moment. It was rare indeed for him to go without hiding his eyes:: Well what have we here? ::She chuckled quietly, peering up at him with one hand raised to shade her eyes from the harsh light in the doorway:: Have you been looking after Dauthi for me young man?

dauthiseraphim: *Dau flashed her sister a brilliant smile as she pulled back, knowing Kasha was on the verge of sobbing as well, and that she hated to cry. Turning partially she looked to Darri, then back to her sister, her gaze roaning over Kasha, scrautanizing her to see if she had been feeding or if she was wounded. seeing now wounds she scoffed hearing kasha's words* Surely you gest..A man, look after me? Hardly...Darrian arrived earlier, and Thalla is inside...Shall we? *slipping past Darri, she opened the door wide, making a deep bow, sweeping with her hand as if ushering them inside*

darrian: ::Darrian laughed in his soft, rich tone and smiled at Akasha.:: I have watched over your sibling for the evening, though I am afraid the fee was a little steep. Ghosts scream loudest of all.. ::He murmured softly, noting Dauthi's attempts to herd Akasha in, he slid along side of them both, his broad back shielding the light from her eyes. One hand slid to her waist, the other took the raised one and he pivoted on one loafer clad heel. She was bend gracefully at the back, Darrian's glowing green eyes bathing her in their soft light, creating eerie shadows that only enhanced her beauty as far as he was concerned. He bent, slowly pressing his lips to her cheek..:: It does my cold heart well to see you both together again Akasha, Dauthi.. May the male population tremble in fear. ::He grinned again, pulling her back to her feet for a tender embrace, and a fake tembolor..::

akasha_romanus: ::With a wry grin as she noted Dauthi's search for wounds, she restrained making a remark about requiring care from the opposite sex. The number of times Lu had saved her skin spoke against her claims, but she knew better than to bring up his name and dampen the atmosphere. Before she was able to do as Dauthi suggested and make her way inside, she found herself dipped gently and a soft kiss pressed to her cheek. She returned the embrace, cold arms snaking about his shoulders lightly, noting how inhuman her marble-like flesh was compared to his own. Darrian was as charming as ever it seemed. Playfully, she snagged the shades from him, testing to see whether he would do them the honour of leaving them aside whilst in their company:: Trembling males hmm? Sounds interesting... ::She shot Dauthi a sly smirk, brow arched before peering inside to see if she could spot Thalla:: Let's go in... I'm tired of standing ankle deep in mud...

dauthiseraphim: *Shooting Kasha a look as her sister thought of Lu, she sighed, then smiled. She would not let this bring her down, that was in the last, a remnant of what once was. She was no longer that girl. Time had passed and Dauthi had learned to face all her problems head on and alone. Stepping inside the neon green bangs caught the light glowing softly in contrast with the waist long violet curls. Dauthi looked younger now than when she and Kasha met, her tiny form very feminine despite her garb of concealing black and dark purple. Glancing at her sister, she stopped for a moment looking back out at the darkness through the open door. There was a familiarity out there, but she could not place it, so she wandered further in, sauntering to her place at the bar, hopping up, seating herself*

darrian: ::Darrian lifted Akasha easily, to spare her having to walk in the filthy ground. Though she had all of eternity stretching before her, he was sure she had better things to do than tromp around in mud. He set her in a stool, flanking Dauthi, and he pulled his stool to sit behind the both of them, distancing himself, and fishing for his shades.. Slim fingers snapped in irritation, but he didn't request them back figuring Akasha had her own reasons for keeping them. He fished out a silver chased onyx cigarette case and tapped out one pre-rolled coffin nail, lighting it with the other end..:: Tell me Akasha.. ::He spoke gently after taking a hit of the vanilla scented smoke.:: Where have you been these nights past? I have missed you so.

akasha_romanus: ::Certainly grateful for being able to avoid the remaining mud, she murmured a quiet thank you before arranging herself on the stool. She had noted Dauthi's glance outside, a vaguely curious expression on her face, and inclined her head slightly towards the doorway:: Armadeo. ::She said quite simply, hoping the name would settle her mind. She didn't want her sister worrying about who might be lurking outside. She twisted a little on her seat to look at Darrian as he spoke, unused to such a narrow perch...A vague flash of nostalgia made her glance towards the back window, beneath which her gargantuan chair had once loomed:: I've been travelling with a friend... It wasn't entirely safe for me here. ::A soft sigh slipped out unheeded as she remembered her flattened palazzo:: Effectively I'm homeless. ::She said this with obvious amusement, for her wealth was substantial enough to build her old home hundreds of times over if she so wished. The artefacts she had so carefully collected within it however, were irreplaceable, and she couldn't help but shift irritably as she remembered the attack, performed purely to anger her and lower her spirits.::

dauthiseraphim: *It had been so long since so many of the "old crew" as Lu would call then, gathered in one place, closing her eyes Dau's body shimmered with an eerie violet glow, and at the back of the room, beneath the window, landed the "throne " that was Kasha's chair. Dauthi had sat in it the day before, on arm broken, the back left leg shorter than the rest causing it to sit lopsided. Opening her eyes, Dau smirked at Kasha: You highness...Your...Throne awaits...*giggling softly Dau waved her boney digit at the chair, then flashed Darri a grin*

darrian: ::Darrian listened to Akasha intently, his eyes hardening, the glow intensifying as he grew more and more angry. Who dared crush her home, and run her off her own land!? Fangs he didn't even realize he had dropped gritted, tongue piercing clacking irritably against pearly and even teeth.:: You and Dauthi are always more than welcome in my home. There is more than adequate room in the Manor for you both.. ::He said after a moment's thought, his voice was softer than usual, a dead giveaway that he was outraged, and ready to go off to rectify the situation in the way he knew best. A knife cutting in blurs of red liquid and black steel.:: Your throne, my dear.. Is lacking.. ::He stated rather dryly, with a half smile.::

akasha_romanus: ::Permitting herself the luxury of a quiet, rather subdued laugh as the chair appeared in it's proper place, Akasha flashed her sister a grateful smile. It didn't matter that it wasn't entire, so to speak. The very fact that Dauthi had managed to drag it from the wreckage in the first place was enough to brighten her attitude a little:: You still surprise me...despite how well I know you. ::She slid down from the stool, mud-smeared feet leaving smudged footprints upon the already tarnished and splintering floorboards. Darrian's anger did not go unnoticed, and she gently lay a hand upon his forearm, giving it a gentle squeeze. Setting his shades down on the bar beside him, figuring he might feel more comfortable with them at this point, she strode over to the chair, eyeing the deep fractures in the fine mahogany with a wistful sigh, and without further hesitation, clambering up to perch upon its broad back, one foot hanging limply. It felt good to be back upon her little watchtower, and she smiled softly, letting one hand stroke gently across the wood fondly:: Don't concern yourself with the attacker Darrian, he's long gone. ::She knew the way his mind worked to know that at present he was contemplating violence::

paulwinchester: ::The tavern loomed at long last before him, it's wooden door still slightly ajar. His step gliding to a halt before it, he paused for a long moment... Almost an eternity again, in and of itself... The inhabitants and their words... They flowed about him, now all but a roar to his sense as he stood, absorbing them... Suddenly, one of the movements caught his attention... And his eyes lost focus as he turned his head the barest of millimeters, seeking the thread that had told him...He had been here, once upon a time... In fact, in a very different time, it seemed, as emissary of another. Back then, the inside of this place had been positively TEEMING with life. Good, bad... Indifferent. The hateful, and the loving... Cherished and loathed... Combat and comradery... All had permeated every corner, every beam... Every speck of dust that existed within these walls... Now, the amounts of all had diminished. But the strengths of them had, if anything grown by leaps and bounds... The words and movements within caused more around him. So much so that his mind screamed with every bump, every word, every tiny twitch of muscle and sinew... And yet at the conscious level, it was as if they were only the softest of whispers in a great, wide, and impossibly enormous hall. Quiet, mute, almost intangible unless you were right on top of it... And there, again, was the one thread that had caught him more than any other... As before, in the plains on the path to this place, he whispered softly to himself such that none could hear...:: Dauthi...? ::...Yet even as his word ASKED, he knew the answer. They had met once, that long time ago... Where and how... Escaped him, presently. He had spent so long at his "Shell" that much had slipped his mind. All to return in time... That was a miracle of the human mind. Things are never truly forgotten. The connections of chemicals and electricity in the mind that contain old information simply lose prominance with time. They are always there, waiting to be revitalized and revived anew... And so now it was... He whispered once more...:: Dauthi...? And Akasha... ::Though he could not recall ever meeting the ancient vampiress, he did know of her, certainly... Though he knew little of the events away from his home, he did know of some, as the ebbing and flowing of this world had brought him from time to time. Some currents were strong enough to last interstellar distances... These were mere eye-blinks away by comparison. So, she had returned... And Dauthi was here.. Evidently among friends, as the currents told him by their lack of rush and violence. At last, with her presence confirmed, he had some idea of what compelled him. But not why... Nothing could push him to do that which he did not wish to do. He had journeyed this far for a reason that had something to do of his own wishes now... What he did not know, exactly... And, he decided, he COULDN'T know if he did not take the next step open to him.. Reaching out with both his mind and his hand, he pressed gently against the door, opening it once more...::

trunkusbriefus: ::He had all but lost himself in watching the three friends reunite..what a joyous feeling it must be. He kept wondering if he'd happen to run into some of his old friends. But then again the one he had met tonight seemed very interesting, indeed. What would he find out about Thalla, and what would she find out about him? Would he become part of this inner-circle? Thoughts like these kept running through his mind until the chime from his wrist watch pierced his thoughts. "What the..?," he thought, "I wore a face watch not a digital.. Oh no! She FOUND IT! DAMN THAT WOMAN! I can't even have one night to myself!" Standing, he faced Thalla, gently taking her hand for a moment.:: A pleasure meeting you tonight, Miss Thalla. I hope to see you again some other time. ::Releasing the gentle grasp, he bowed completely out of respect, even if he did not need to. Hopping from his seat at the bar, he glanced to the table where the trio was located; one day he might know them a bit better, but due to his witch of a mother, and mechanical genius; he was paged. Reaching the door, he didn't wish to look back, knowing that he didn't want to leave. He noticed the door was opening by the time he had reached it. "No way, she's not that fast," he thought, looking at the door, as it slowly creaked open. No, it wasn't her, he could sense it already. It was -someone-.. He had no idea who, but obviously this person was drawn here like he was, there was just -something- about this place. Of course the person was gifted, he could already sense it, as well. Allowing the door to open itself further Trunks took a step away from it, almost parallel with it. His eyes took in this new man who was just making his way in. He bowed his head and allowed this man, Paul, to enter before he exited. He spoke softly, like he had done something wrong.:: Excuse me, good sir; please come through. I apologize for almost running into you. ::Allowing the man to pass, Trunks made his way into the darkness of the night, not before turning around nodding to both Thalla and Paul, who he had almost run into. Softly closing the door behind him, Trunks made his way about thirty feet from the tavern before kicking up his white aura. But, he had placed just a little bit too much power into it, however..for an instant, as he took off, there was a blinding flash of white light. It was much like the scene earlier, except now the half Saiya-jin looked almost like a deity. There was only one place he'd fly off to at top speed..back to his home, to deal with that mother of his...::

thalla: ::thall watched the three.. she thought of her Nathaniel and wataru.. the three of them once being so close.. but they were dead and gone now.. her attention once more was cought by trunks"leaving?" ahh yes his mother.. his thoughts were no longer private these days.. and still he was quite young to out so late.. thalla nodded her head::..i hope we meet again soon.. ::she nodded his head as he bowed and watched him leave.. a new charater walked in as he wanted to depart.. not knowing the strangers name thalla stayed out of it.. she didnt even nod to the stranger but kept her head high.. she had picked up a glass smileing slightly as she sat atop the counter still she called attention to herself without speaking a word:: a toast.. to a new dawn.. and to the days of old and new may we live another hundred years... ::she smiled slightly laghing at herself.. another hundred? we have been around since the almost dawning of time.. and still after the hunters and after the elites and all the other chaos that plauged this small place.. never did one of them perish completely.. no we live still now and strong she thought sipping her red drink in honnor of these (inculding herself) reunited dieties::

dauthiseraphim: *Scolding herself as the crimson tears clouded her vision she watched her sister take perch upon the back of her throne. How often the two had shared the seat back in the days of ol, when people, namely Hawk and Lu, had accused them of being conjoined. Where you found one, you would have surely find the other nearby. A smile touched her lips as she looked at her sister. The time away had suited Kasha well, she looked...well as healthy as one of their kind could. Crossing her legs in front of her, Dau stretched her arms skyward letting loose a cat-like yawn. Relaxed, odd that she should be so, but it was the company. Knowing that at least part of her family was well set her at ease. Closing her eyes she banished the thought the sprung into her mind. No not today, nothing would be allowed to ruin the mood*

paulwinchester: ::In the same instant that he had reached for the door, the rush of a cry was followed VERY shortly by the sound of it from within, and he immediately felt the whirling of a presence headed for the door... Stepping a tiny bit to the side to allow the egress of the one who was to pass, he tensed ever so slightly, prepared. However, there was no tension of the sort that would lead to intentional assault, and as the door swung open and the owner of the strong currents appeared, he relaxed with a nod of his own in answer to the strangers words. In a soft, quiet tone, he answered...:: No need for apology, sir. Comings and goings lead to the more... Interesting meetings. ::And with that, he crosses the threshold of the door as the stranger had bade him, nodding in thanks once more at him and stepping aside to allow his exit... Now inside, he "looked" slowly about, taking a moment to test the eddies about him, the movements of his cloak about him not blocking at all even the tiniest of telling trails, even as it settled to mask his body below his neck entirely... Most seemed to eminate from the bar area, with a few around the somewhat dimly lit main area... The movements of one, raising her glass, caught him for a bare moment, and he listened quietly to her toast as he focused still... Within a moment he knew which way he was to look. Off to his side, but somewhat straight on, was she... Changed in appearance markedly from when they had met those seeming ages ago, he recognized her still, and a smile drifted slowly over his lips with the recognition. It passed quickly, as he was too polite to stare with such a look, lest it invite distrust or displeasure. The recognition in such a look was more than enough. Observing for the merest moment more, he decided that the lady seated in the... Slightly askew throne was to be the lady Akasha... Quite lovely, he thought... But he knew her to be dangerous in a pinch, from all he had heard and felt. This... Was an old soul, indeed. Older than he could fathom, he knew. And close to them... A man he had never met, nor heard of, that he recalled. The power present in his movements told him he'd felt the movements before, but never known of their owner. Another vampire, he guessed... It was the only way to explain such power and what could only be described as deadly grace, as indeed the man seemed highly agitated at present... Feeling the rush of power in the currents that heralded the departure of the one whom he had passed in the doorway, he allowed his eyelids to drift closed, turning inward to focus until the incredibly powerful currents settled. A few moments later he forced them to still on his own. Opening them once more, he allowed the pure black gems that were his eyes to focus on the room once more... Glancing aside, he took note of an empty chair at an empty table near the bar... He had never been one to intrude upon the meetings of others unless invited... And, if indeed Dauthi even remembered who he was, she would doubtless spy him in time... Patience was something he had in abundance. Moving with not the slightest trace of sound, and with precious little motion to accompany, he moved to the table and drew back the chair with an almost imperceptible movement of his hand. With nary a word, he settles himself into it noiselessly to watch, listen, and feel...::

akasha_romanus: ::Still perching quite precariously on the angled back of her chair, Akasha listened to Thalla's speech with a flicker of interest. She supposed it was an appropriate time for such a gesture with so many familiar faces being present, and so with a slow nod she agreed to the toast. To drink to it was quite impossible, for the ancient never consumed liquid of human manufacture. She watched one stranger leave, replaced by another instantaneously, her dark eyes narrowed in scrutiny. She had not paid adequate attention to the halfling that strode out, but this gentleman she would be wary of. He seemed to possess the potential to be dangerous if he so chose to be, though as of yet he had done little to draw attention to himself... It was often in this type of guise that the greatest trouble arrived, but since Dauthi seemed so content now, and Thalla was making no move to bar his progress, she was content to leave him be. Relaxing again, she dared a sideways glance at Darrian, hoping that the subtle hints of anger in his posture and expression would have eased off. It would not do to have him tense for the entire evening. She drew one knee up, folding her arms atop it as a makeshift pillow and resting her head upon them lightly. Perched on high, she was barely more than a silhouette, the light which flooded the window from behind her glinting upon the few accoutrements she wore and providing her with an altogether silvery cast to her pale hair and ivory skin. She let her eyes slide halfway closed, watching the odd couple on the floor, a fae female and a no doubt demonic, but quite beautiful male. It was tempting to aid them... But more tempting to sit and watch him bleed::

abigailholgate: *A quiet sigh was issued forth from Abby's pale lip as Dante snatched up her wrist. His grip was brutal, vice-like and hurt beyond what more could tolerate. Abby however, had grown accustom to these little outbursts from him, and after all, Dante was wounded, and not at all himself. Her burning emerald gaze widened at the cross she could now easily see. The sight horrified her, the flesh around the wound charred beyond looking like anything that resembled skin, the ribs beneath left exposed to the air. Abby winced at the pain Dante must be feeling, even knowing deep in her heart he must also be thoroughly enjoying it. Without another thought, Abby's pallid hand snatched the cross, giving it a hard pull, sliding it from Dante's chest, hoping she wasn't too late, that he wasn't too close to death.*

thalla: ::thallas smile fadded as she looked to the three.. her long pale fingers laced around the hood and drew it up.. a simple snap of her fingers echoing as the over sized black beast stood from its napping place and went to her side.. yes this was all she had left.. the black oversized panther took its sweet time as thalla readjusted her back seath for 'bliss' as she stood for a second there was a pang of somthing deep inside of her.. her fingers laced around the locket around her neck.. she covered it with her fist.. wrapping her fingers tightly around it.. she could feel the heat.. there was somthing wrong.. not here.. ::she didnt even give a farewell.. no she placed the locket beaneath her long black velvet cloak and contuined to walk twords the door.. if she had not killed her gods long ago she would pray to them it was lenore. Hestia lumbered beside her as the door opened itself on her comand though she spoke not a word and didnt gesture anything.. her head was bowed and seemingly as she passed through the door way her and the panther dissapated into nothingness.. she was indeed depressed by watching the three comute.. thala missed the days of old when she had friends.. if they could be called that.. but that seemed to long ago in her mind.. the necklace benath the cloak had gathered it own aura and was giving off a large amount of whet seemed to be black light.. thalla hung her head and dissapeared along with her companion.. it was a long "walk" home..::

darrian: ::Darrian watched the various ongoings of the bar, noting Thalla's hurried departure, the small male's and the entrance of someone else. Darrian's finely featured face bowed slightly as he gave the new gentleman a quiet overview, eyes glowing softer now that he had calmed himself.. He patted his breast pocket and again scowled, as his shades were unusually missing.After releasing the stranger from his 'lets size up the newbie' stare, he turned and moved to Akasha's side and lightly stroked her cheek.:: Tell me my dear.. What has kept you from us for so long? ::Darrian's voice was soft, and he beckoned Dauthi to his side quietly, still observing the newest entry... Darrian wasn't sure what to make of him, and that was potentially dangerous for both parties..::

akasha_romanus: ::Akasha tore her gaze away from the couple she had been so quietly observing as Darrian touched her cheek lightly, and flashed him a typically devilish smile. It was certainly uncharacteristic for her to be so expressive, but tonight she had shed the spareness of personality that was her normal front to the outside world. She peered directly at him for a brief moment, wondering if he was uneasy under her gaze when without his shades, and then pointed with one slender and tapering, armour ring-clad finger to where she had planted them on top of the counter:: Was it really long, considering our span of time? ::She arched a brow before turning her head to look at the newcomer again, profile giving her a regal appearance that could only be described as austerely beautiful. There was nothing girlie or pretty about her...she was classically striking, the quality locked in the bone irrefutably. Her watchful gaze only lingered on the newcomer for a moment before returning to the couple, a look of vague irritation on her face that was by no small means mixed with morbid fascination. So many new people that she had never before encountered, and all seemed to possess a threatening amount of power...::

paulwinchester: ::...And just why were such lables necessary, anyway? He had often wondered that, all those longs times that he had sat, alone with his thoughts, within his home. And as he sat quietly in his seat near the bar this night, the focus of watchful looks, he let the question come to him once more. Why did people constantly feel the need to classify those they came across in some way or another? To give label to anything and anyone? Perhaps, he supposed, it made it easier to think of others by such a label. Easier to catalog the annoyances and the delights, so that the one could be trimmed away while focusing on the other. However... He'd found that such thinking often lead to the unfair exclusion of those who were truly gifts in their own right before they could prove themselves so. The wrong thing said, or the wrong look given at that precious first moment. It was not that EVERYONE could be tolerated and accepted... Some DESERVED to be ignored and some deserved swift and final attention. It was simply that they should each be given a fair chance before such decisions were made. The thought echoed once more in his mind, as it had then, before he turned his attention back to the world around him... As accustomed to having the peace to think and muse on his journeys as he had been, he was here, now, amongst others... And even he was not foolish enough to let his guard down in the presence of strangers... Whether they had earned a title or not The tides of the room brought to him the movements of all inside, each telling their own tale without speaking a single word or writing one letter of script. The woman that had toasted, unknown to him as she was, had taken the moment to depart for whatever reason... Apparantly in pursuit of the one whom he had met in the doorway. Another couple occupied the bar space as well. A... Rather curious being, to say the least, who had had a cross object impaled in his chest, causing some severe damage and pain, leaving bone and muscle exposed to the air and the elements... With barely a thought, he lended some quiet and unintrusive aid to them, helping to contain any vital fluids the man could be losing by bending and shifting the air a bit over the wound, increasing the pressure just enough to hold his life's matters in place. However, the wound being a scorch, there was precious little left to contain as such... Obviously, the man could not be a mere human, as he was himself. Such physical damage would have rendered any mortal being dead, surely. His companion, the woman, seemed very rightly distressed as she wrenched the offending symbol from his chest and then settled a bit to watch and hope. This brought him back to the three that he felt had brought him here... Or rather, the one amongst the three that had had the strongest pull. The other two, he had noted already, were watching him with some concern, apparantly attempting to size him up and decide his disposition, what title he might best fit. Dauthi had as yet not taken notice of him directly, it seemed... Or, perhaps, did not remember him was the proper thought. The woman, whom he had decided MUST be the lady Akasha, and the unknown gentleman had the look of ones who had known all too often betrayal and mistrust, loss and immense sorrow, and the deep, searing pains that came with those... Ages upon ages of that knowledge. With a quiet, inward sigh, he mused that that, too, seemed a part of the nature of this place. No wonder they sought to put him wherever he should fit. Canting his head a bit to the side in silent, however polite, greeting, he regarded the two of them each in turn with an even look that, above all else, attempted to convey his utter lack of threat to them... This was no warrior, and no demon to be feared or fought. True enough, he knew they sensed his ability, as ones of their lineage should. Powerful though his ability was... Certainly more than enough to defend him physically from even them for the most part... He was still as mortal as any man or woman they had slain in their lives, for good or evil. A simple man was all that sat before them this night... Approaching his middle age, with a few gray hairs streaking through the sides of his hair over his ears to prove it::

dantethedark: ::The source of his torment withdrawn, Dante seemed to calm, his forceful grip on Abby's arm loosening until finally his talons uncurled and he released her. With the blistering pain gone, he was at once left with a far more muted, but at the same time far less pleasurable ache. The cross, which had been slowly burning away at his chest, had been impossible for him to remove alone. The gilded metal had charred his hands and automatically dizzied him to the extent that he had spent all his time trying to get himself co-ordinated again, even as the wound spread. Gradually, his vision returned, first in flickers of colour, then it flashes, finally settling until he had what almost resembled his normal clarity. Abby was the first thing he saw, her beautiful face distraught, her vibrant hair damp and clinging to her. She always looked so vulnerable and delicate, that he wondered how he dared touch her sometimes. It was difficult to remember that she was no defenceless little mortal, but in fact a half fae with startling abilities. A dreamy smile parted his lips, and forgetting the wound entirely, he shifted onto his hands and knees on the blood slick floor, crawling towards her a little like a large feline, limbs shaking unsteadily, hands settling on the floor on either side of her knees. His mane of deep auburn, bronze streaked hair fell in a tangled mass about his narrow, sensually featured face, and in a totally inappropriate manner, he purred noisily against her cheek::

abigailholgate: *Abby let out a small sigh of relief seeing Dante looking visibly better. Watching his graceful moments in his weakened state she could not help but smile. This man, this demon, had been on the edge of destruction just moments before and now he was acting almost playful with her. As he purred against her flawless pallid cheek, she twined her fingers into that thick mane of Auburn stroking it lightly.* I was so scared...I thought that this time you had past the point of being helped. Look at you now though, so weak, like a kitten...*closing her emerald eyes she tilted her head slightly, offering up her pale pink lips to him* Take from me, you need your strength, you won't even make it home in this state...

dantethedark: ::Dante took Abby's chin between forefinger and thumb, lightly letting his full lips brush hers before leaning away again. One of his hands found hers, giving it a gentle squeeze of reassurance before he spoke:: Abigail, you know I wouldn't use you in that way. ::His voice seemed too deep for someone so slender and youthful in appearance, smooth and cultured, positively alluring:: And I am not so terribly injured that I won't make it home... ::He didn't seem even vaguely worried about his condition, and casually lifted one sinuous arm for the large black crow sat nearby to perch upon. His familiars never left him alone for too long... Though they seemed content to stay with Abby while he disappeared on brief excursions. His other arm slid around her narrow back, pulling her against him comfortably, apparently unbothered by the gaping, but slowly healing hole in the center of his chest. As long as Abby was with him, he couldn't care less about his own state::

akasha_romanus: ::Watching the couple, Akasha was forced to resist the compulsion to give a rather wistful sigh, and slid from her perch on the back of the enormous chair, landing aphonously on both feet. One hand moved automatically to rid her rather tattered gown of any new crumples, but with a look of distaste at its current state, she decided not to bother:: Excuse me for a moment... ::She gave Dauthi a reassuring smile...letting her know she wasn't about to run off again in a hurry, and nodded to Darrian as she slipped past him, heading for the doorway. Rather than waste any energy on the kind of dramatic exit Thalla had used when departing, Akasha simply opened the door by hand, walking outside with her usual graceful, prowling movements and letting it drift closed behind her. Her eyes reacted to the change in light almost immediately, their luminous glow heightening dramatically. Her sight was improved when in the darkness most certainly, and it didn't take her long to spot the lofty figure of Armadeo approaching slowly. They were barely visible through the clouded, filthy glass of the windowpane, but their stillness was nevertheless disturbing, two silhouettes, one dwarfed by the other, one distinctly masculine and the other effete, two overgrown hounds standing sentinel close by::

abigailholgate: *A frown spread over Abby's lips as Dante refused her offer. Yes she knew why, but she did so hate seeing him like this. The frown soon faded and was replaced by a warm smile as her eyes drifted shut, as she was drawn into the large muscular arms that wrapped about her tiny frame. They looked so odd together, the large roguish man and the frail looking fae. and their looks were the least of their differences. Yet somewhere inside the demons "heart" Abby found a glimmer of compassion. The way Dante treated those that resided in the tower, the way dante had spared her, had surprised her. Leaning her head up, she nuzzled his neck briefly, then rested back against his chest, her hand moving up to stroke the chest of the crow* He found me, told me you were hurt...*falling silent she let out a quiet sigh of relief*

dauthiseraphim: *Eyes moving to Kasha the moment her sister moved, Dau gave the petite ancient a nod of understanding. Dauthi, more than anyone, understood her sister. Coming back would have been hard enough, Kasha no doubt had felt guilt about leaving her, had worried about her reaction. On top of that, Darri had been here, and as much as Dauthi adorned him, thought of him as another sibling, she had views on certain aspects of his life that left her uneasy. Her gaze followed Kasha out the door, before she pulled her knees up to her chest, and rested her forehead upon them. Dauthi found her thoughts pulled to Lu, wondering where he was, and if he was alright. Last she had seen Lu, she had lost her sanity, and pumped him full of a drug she had concocted. The past, they were all haunted by it. Kasha, Darri, Lu, Thalla, ever herself. The past has spared none of them*

lorddrakonis: *The Night is always kind to Her children, giving them places to hide within the darkness. For years, travelers were terrified to travel to travel in the evening hours, and for good reason. A lot of nasty things go bump in the night. Despite this fact, some of the denizens of darkness of darkness want nothing more than to be left alone. Drakonis was one such being. Since he left his manor about four hours ago, he was lucky enough not to run into any creature living or (un)dead. He rather enjoyed his solitude in the beauty of the night. It was almost too long since he allowed his self to bask in the serenity of the night. But alas, all good things eventually come to an end. Drakonis knew sooner or later he's have to deal with others, and it really wasn't a problem. For now though, he was enjoying the peaceful night. He stopped in the open road, and looked to they sky. A slight sigh escaped him as he realized where else he could be right now...( I'm beginning to think I should of stayed at home...*Drakonis sighed again as he raked a gloved hand through his long raven hair before he continued forward on his path. He continued trekking down the road for at least two more hours until he caught something out of the corner of his eye. It appeared to be an old tavern of some sorts, no more than a hundred yards away. Turning abruptly he headed to it. Who knows? Perhaps he could find some form of entertainment to keep himself occupied.*

akasha_romanus: ::After her companion's departure, Akasha made no move to rejoin her friends within, watching him disappear over the ridge with a frown of concern lining her flawless, ivory brow. For a moment it seemed she might follow him, her steps leading her with cold dignity in the same direction, a look of resolve replacing the concern, but the footsteps of someone close by brought her to an abrupt halt. Turning her head in a manner that would not draw attention to herself, she glanced warily in the direction from whence the soft sounds came, and spied the man approaching a mere hundred yards away. With vague irritation at herself for having let someone come so close undetected, she twisted around to get a better view of him. He was oddly familiar... perhaps an old adversary? She narrowed her eyes, silently moving around to flank him, whilst closing in at the same time. Before long his identity was revealed, the pale skin and long raven hair...Drakonis no doubt. Their last meeting had been rather eventful, and she wasn't sure whether he had forgiven her for the unconventional way in which it had ended::

lorddrakonis: *As Drakonis made his way towards the tavern, he noticed that he knew at least on of the bar's occupants, the great vampiress, Akasha. He stopped for a moment and recalled his last meeting with the woman, and couldn't help but chuckle. After all, it was his fault for letting is guard down, and the only thing she really hurt was his pride, and he needed a place to stay for the night. One woman wouldn't stop him from doing so, under any circumstance. As he made his way to the door, he stopped and bowed respectfully to 'Kasha.* Good evenin', Miss... Fairing well, I hope. *The oddest thing was he was sincere in his words.*

akasha_romanus: ::One brow raised in faint surprise at his actions, she returned his gesture with a slight curtsey, nothing flamboyant, which in her opinion would have looked quite distasteful, and rather amusing considering her mud-splattered appearance. After a moment's careful scrutiny, she decided from his manner, that like the other newcomer, he had not come to cause trouble, but merely for some respite from his travels. Pleased at this conclusion, for she did not intend on spending an evening of reunion in random skirmishes, she stepped away from the doorway, so as to not appear to be blocking his entrance:: I am well thank you Drakonis, though I daresay you're looking rather weary. Don't let me keep you if you require rest... ::She gestured with one pale hand towards the door, still slightly ajar from her exit:: You'll find it pleasantly quiet for this time of night. ::She glanced in through the clouded window to where Dauthi and Darrian were sat, and then back at Drakonis. Tonight was indeed full of familiar faces::

darrian: ::Darrian slid out of the tavern after kissing Dauthi on the cheek gently. His long legs quickly brought him to the side of Akasha whom he could pick out with ease due to the absence of his signature shades. His eyes glowed with a cold, feral emerald that casted sinister shadows over a finely boned face.. His hand reached out to gently rub her shoulder as he stood behind her, a foot or so off to the left.:: Akasha.. If that thing is troubling you, I'd gladly remove it. ::Darrian spoke softly, though not so soft as to keep the other from hearing him. His soft, smooth voice had an underlying current of malice to it, easily picked up by those who knew the Master Assassin very well.::

lorddrakonis: I think I will rest... *Drakonis nodded respectfully to both 'Kasha and the new comer before he slipped past the both of them and headed into the tavern. The last thing he wanted to do was cause any trouble, especially in his physically (and spiritually) worn down state. Once in the building, he glanced around perhaps looking for any more familiar faces, be they friend or foe. He didn't remember anyone he saw (which of course wasn't saying much. Drakonis' memory was nothing short of awful.) he headed toward a table in a shadowy corner to rest his feet. Granted, it was a cliqued place for a "dark traveler" to rest, but it allowed him to examine other people from a reasonably safe vintage point. Drakonis pulled out a chair and sat down, throwing his legs out on the table so he could stretch his legs out a bit.*...Yes...*He spoke in a hushed whisper, and closed his sapphire eyes.*...I think I'll rest.

dauthiseraphim: *Sitting on the bar top in her space Dauthi saw all. Watching Darri depart to chase Kasha, like a heart-sick puppy was no huge surprise to Dau, nor was Kasha's retreat. After all, Kasha was never big on huge heartfelt emotions. Dau knew her sister was emotional, and was using Armadeo as an escape. A soft sigh left her lips. Some things never changed, here she was alone again. She shouldn't feel this way, but anymore she had grown accustomed. Stretching Dauthi stood upon the highly polished counter preparing to leave, her glossy raven plumage flapping effortlessly behind her. What was that..she had heard it again...It wasn't someone talking to her mentally...not one of the kids, nor Lu..it was. Well what the hell was it? It was subtle, that was what it was...someone of training..someone like...Blinking her head snapped around to glance at the rather plain looking stranger. Paul..yes, Paul Winchester...She had met him in a forest, years before he was "gifted" and that was why it was so subtle...Grinning she leaped into the air, as if preparing to leave, she headed for the darkness up near the rafters. After but a moment of disappearance, she reappeared with a loud THUNK upon the bar top near Paul in a crouch. Dauthi had the look of an animal sizing up a meal. No, she had no intention of dining upon the one, but she was a very predatory creature, and her actions spoke to this fact loudly. Finally, pushing a shock of neon green from her eyes, she spoke quietly, unsure she would be remembered, especially looking like this.* Well, hello there Paul...I hope you remember me, I remember you...It's been some time now...You're looking well...*Smiling that angelic smile Dauthi was so well known for, and had mastered over the years, she extended her tiny hand to him*

akasha_romanus: ::Akasha nodded, albeit faintly, as Drakonis excused himself and made his way inside, pleased that he had not been offended, or foolish enough to react. More than likely it would have ended unpleasantly if the challenge had been accepted. A tired man had little chance against someone of Darrian's ilk. Capturing the hand Darrian had rested upon one of her shoulders with both of her own, she turned around, the half-smile which came naturally to her when she was in the company of those she cared for, apparent on her pale lips:: There's nothing to fear from Drakonis my dear. He's a good man...And from the look of him this eve, one in need of some rest... ::Her voice trailed off sharply as she noticed Dauthi standing upon the counter, wings spread, obviously on the verge of departing. Had she taken so long that Dauthi doubted her return? A moment later and the vampiress upon the bar had disappeared, leaving Akasha rigid with suppressed tension just outside the door, angry at herself, her grip upon Darrian's hand having increased unintentionally to one that was beyond uncomfortable. The moment she reappeared, she exhaled softly, delicately muscled body relaxing:: I can't help feeling she's lost some degree of trust for me... ::She murmured in her soft, uniquely accented voice, more to herself than anyone else::

darrian: ::Darrian almost winced as she squeezed his hand. He forgot how strong she was sometimes, and it nearly caught him off guard. He placed the hand around her shoulders in a brotherly fashion and led her back into the bar to sit back where they were, momentarily surprised that Dauthi had disappeared. A quick check of the bar found her however, prepared to squash the life out of some gentleman. He must have offended her.. Darrian thought and turned back to the bar, and picked out another cigarette.:: Akasha.. ::He searched desperately for some pearl of wisdom to dispense with to assuage the lady.:: Time slips away. Think of it this way.. You offend me tonight. And as penance on a windy night you place a feather on my doorstep. When I rise in the morning, will the feather be there? It will not. What is done is done, and echoes in eternity. Just like the feather would be gone, so is the time you may have spent with Dauthi. However, there is still eternity for the three of us. Perhaps you can make up for lost time in the span of centuries. SHe has had it rough. More so than I can imagine. However, perhaps all she needs is her mother by her side to aid her in healing the scars of her heart. ::Darrian took a deep breath, lit the cigarette and thought about what he had just said, thinking about his own son, and how poor of a father he had been..::

akasha_romanus: ::Akasha let herself be led back inside, eyes somewhat glassy, vacant even as she slid onto the counter, sitting much as Dauthi tended to, but with her back typically ram-rod straight, hands clasped in what could be thought of as a rather nervous gesture upon her lap. She listened quietly as Darrian spoke, nodding a little, her gaze darting now and then towards Dauthi, rather protective of her, despite knowing full well that she was more than capable of taking care of herself:: You're right of course... ::She forced a reluctant smile, a world-weary sigh following soon after. Make it up over the span of centuries? She had no assurance that she would be around that much longer... But as long as Dauthi were around, she knew she would never stray far... or for long. Noting Darrian's shades on the bar where she had left them, she held them out towards him:: You seem uncomfortable without them... ::She canted her head on one side a little, pressing the soles of her feet to the side of the bar::

paulwinchester: ::Though he knew it had been a matter of a scant few minutes, the flowing of the world around him had made it seem an eternity. His regards to the lady Akasha and the gentleman whom he had yet to identify were eventually apparantly accepted, as they left him to himself to attend their own matters. The gent seemed to turn inward a bit as Akasha excused herself, to step out to meet with an arrival he had only barely felt... And even as she had, the stirrings of a new arrival came to him, gentle as the morning breeze... This was not something that brought concern to him. The movements of the current were quiet and calm, and contained no biting edge. Whoever they brought with them was in no hurry, and bore no malice or ill intent... As he quietly turned to look about him, taking in the bar once more, he realized that things, for the moment, had become quite quiet. Most everyone had been drawn into their own privacy, their thoughts and feelings taking them away for the now... Indeed, for the first time since he had arrived, the room seemed... Almost totally still, with the currents now echoing only the soft breeze outside... And, then... There again... He turned his gaze now to rest on the one soul in the room that seemed to him to be the most silent... The gentleman that had accompanied her and the lady Akasha had strayed now to find the Lady, and all the others in the room seemed preoccupied in conversation or tending to wounds, in the case of the strange gent and his lady companion. But this one, upon whom his gaze now rested... She was alone, it seemed. Dauthi... He remembered her almost vividly, as if it were yesterday, really. The interesting thing about it was that it had been but the one meeting, and they had not really gotten to talk all THAT much. And yet here, in this time and place... She was the only one he knew by sight and the feel of the currents about her. Then, he reminded himself... Currents can change, as a person does... And those about Dauthi had. In some cases, immensely so... And yet even so, it was still undeniably the Dauthi he had met on some level. She was who she was, at heart, even if the intervening years had brought enough pain and misery, sorrow and regret to bury her for an eternity. Dauthi was who she was, or else the "feel" of her would have altered to something wholly new and changed. There was still some part of her that had been... Part of the one he'd met... And the currents about her told him this. The core thread that told of her presence as a whole had not changed, and it was this that he had seized on the previous night in that field so far away. He had turned then, drawn by something so familiar, and seemingly driven by something, or someone, that as yet he did not know. At the very least, he had mused, it would be wonderful to share a moment with a familiar soul. And yet, he had not the faintest idea if she remembered him or not... She had not even, as yet, noticed him apparantly... And it was at that precise moment that her movement stirred him from his thoughts. She had seemed so lost in thought herself... So closed in and quiet. Utterly still... The sudden movement she had made brought a rapid rush of currents once more, and it was the sudden change that reminded him again of her blood, and of the uncanny speed those of her lineage were capable of. She had moved so quickly, and the motions of her wings and the muscles in her legs brought to him the notion that she might be about to leave... When she paused. Looking about, she seemed almost to sniff the air, as if something... Or someone... Had caught her attention. For the barest of moments, her gaze had seemed to flicker to him, lingering for only a moment before the sudden rush of current and the soft flutter of wind at her passing had made her airborne. The briefest moment of doubt crossed his mind as he sensed, rather than saw, her movement... Then, her sudden change in midair told him of her intention, and he turned his head a bit to where he guessed she would land, the currents rushing almost too fast for him to get ahold of... Until the very moment she had landed in her crouch, looking as the tiger that had landed it's catch, even if the catch didn't know it yet. And yet, her bearing and the currents that even now settled about them, closer now as they were, spoke nothing of ill intent... Nothing he should fear from her in the least. Though she regarded him with the look of a hungry tigress, her voice bore with it the recognition he'd hoped they would share, and the care of at least a passing aquaintance... And now, at last, a bit of his smile poked through to greet her as he canted his head ever so slightly to the side... Taking the proferred hand in his as he brought it out from the folds of his cloak, he gave the gentlest of squeezes, allowing the warmth of his touch and the pulse he knew she sensed in it to tell the warmth of his greeting with more meaning than any showy and cliched kiss to the back of that small yet powerful hand would do. At long last, as well, his voice, quiet and dignified, yet with a strength belied by those qualities, sounded... Quiet, even in the quiet tavern:: I most certainly do remember you, lady Dauthi. It's been quite some time, yes... However... It was necessary so that things could quiet down and I could find myself here. I've been wandering for some time now away from my home, learning much of a mere fraction of this world and those in it... When I caught the feeling of someone I consider a friend, even if only in passing... And it lead me here, to find you. You... Do look well, dear lady. Though, I daresay... You have the look of one who has seen many lifetimes of EVERYTHING in the merest fraction of one. I am very glad to see that you are all right and at least able to smile still. ::...His voice trails off a bit on the last words, his smile never quite fading entirely away at the moment, happy to be recognized at long last after so long amongst strangers. He does note the comings and goings of the others, even in the time they spoke... Akasha and the other gentleman chiefly, their currents and movements ebbing about him as they go, and a newcomer whom he had heard nothing of... However, at present, having found the one person he knew of by name and in person, and having no feeling of the biting currents that usually preceeded some sort of danger, he felt at ease enough to relax now, and allowed himself to focus more on Dauthi for the time being...::

akasha_romanus: ::Noting that Dauthi was currently in discussion with the enigmatic gentleman she had seen enter earlier, she slipped down from the bar, landing with the barest of thuds on the half-rotten floorboards and walking towards the pair, an unreadable expression on her face. A public place such as this was not proper for reunions. Apologies and explanations would be better received elsewhere, with fewer distractions. Pausing for the barest of moments to lay her cold palm upon her sister's arm, a small gesture to gain her attention without interrupting their conversation, she continued past them, sending her words telepathically, so that they might not be heard by others:: Dauthi, I am heading home. We should talk elsewhere, when you are ready. ::She turned to peer over her shoulder, just to ensure that her sister had heard her, and that the fragile words had not been lost in the cacophony of noise and soft conversation. It wouldn't do to appear to be running away again, and the last thing she intended was for her sister to panic. A small smile crept upon her lips as she slipped out of the doorway and into the cool night air:: Adieu for now, dear sister. I shall seek you out on the morrow, for now I go with Armadeo.

dauthiseraphim: *Dauthi sat precariously perched upon a gargantuan marble pillar that had once supported the grand staircase at Watchman Palace. The sun shown brightly, beating down upon the diminutive vampiress’ cool pallid flesh. Raybans hid her gaze from the light. Even After all these centuries the ancient’s eyes were still sensitive to light. Cire had come back. Dauthi could not help but smile faintly at that thought. What did that mean to her? It gave her a shoulder to cry upon, but what of Cire? He should not be subjected to her fits of rage, or long bouts of depression. After all, Cire himself had just had a loss of his own. What right did Dau have to whine and complain? Surely his loss was every bit as painful to him, as hers was. Letting her two-toned gaze wander the landscape, she searched as if the land itself might speak to her, give her some answer. This place, the place that was Lu’s kingdom, had become her home. Even if Lu had rarely been there Dau had raised her children here. She had given birth to them almost directly below her perch. She had, done things here to be proud of. Saving Severoth, being a queen, being a mom, but she had committed acts in these walls which she could also never undo. She had nearly killed her own child, tortured her sister, nearly killed Lu. Was it really a wonder they were all gone? Dau hadn’t even seen her sister since the night of her return. Her crimson lips parting, Dauthi let out a sigh of near defeat. What was to become of her life? She had always seen that so clearly, and now the answer eluded her*

There is a really awesome couple of easter eggs hidden in the source. But this is the entirety of the AIM RP community on LJ. Forever preserved in chatlog format. I hope you liked reading it. I still have a 1 on 1 to transcribe. This will tide you over for now.

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