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Spar types.

First here's some ground rules. State your dice before a match. You will use the dice you have earned. So if you see a 4d40, and you're a 2d20; don't challenge it for you will surely lose. Five EXP are awarded to the loser of any fight. EXP and G is calcuated using the list below.


One-On-One Spars are fought between friends to earn exps and usually have no end consequences. Before the fight both competitors must agree to fight to a specified amount of points ... to the discretion of the fighters, but usually to 40. Formulas for figuring the exps and gpts (gold points) are calculated as such:

5 x the margin of victory = exps
10 x the margin of victory = gpts


Honor Matches are generally fought when a conflict arises between two parties, and individual honor is in question. The HM has consequences for the loser, these terms must be stated before the fight begins and may include such consequences as, banishment from a tavern for a length of time, an apology, or a restraining order. HM's MUST be fought using the same dice, no SIDs, no mods, no healing!!

10 x the margin of victory= exps
15 x the margin of victory= gpts


Slave Matches are fought the same as the HM, however the loser of the fight serves a term of slavery to the winner. The term of service may be up life but no shorter than one week. The "duties" of the slave or types of "duties" are to be agreed upon by both parties and must be within reason.

10 x the margin of victory= exps
15 x the margin of victory= gpts


Release Matches are fought for the freedom of the slave in question. Both parties may fight in accordance to the rules of an HM ~or~ fight for an agreed number of rounds from as few as 3 to as many as 10.

10 x the margin of victory= exps
15 x the margin of victory=gpts


The Death Match is the most serious of all fights. It is the final conclusion of a dispute that could not be decided with an Honor Match. If Honorable, the loser should DELETE their SN. Any one character may be rezzed the number of dices sides he or she carries. If the loser does not delete, then the match will be considered an HM and exps shall be calculated as such for the winner.

25 x the margin of victory= exps
25 x the margin of victory=gpts PLUS all of the losers gold


Mass Spars are similar to a One-On-One spar, however it is a fight between three or more people. The goal is to inflict 40 hit points of damage on each player, knocking them out of the MS. Last person standing in the MS is considered the winner and earns exps as follows:

(Number of people fighting) x 5 x (Number of sides of highest fighters dice)

Team MS's

Team Mass Spars are fought the same as regular MS's. But they are scored a little differently.

(Number of fighters) x 5 x (Number of sides of highest fighters dice) divided by (Number of people on winning team)
Then add 100 exps bonus for the last person standing on the winning team.

As always keep a working log of the spars and other matches.

Next page, those pesky Sayia-jin's explained.