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Zif Malxein

Full name: Zif Renthro Malxein. His last name is derived from Latin . "Mal" is shortened from "maleficent", Latin for "evil". "Xen" means "alien" or "outsider". "Zif, the ominous/ambiguously threatening stranger." would be a pretty accurate translation of his name.

Age: At 19, Zif is fresh out of maturity, but can still learn a few things.

Brief History: Zif was originally from another realm, where he grew up on the run. Being constantly on the run, he never learned too many social skills, which made him an utmost failure at friendships. But he didn't care, he was always improving his sword skills. The young man was considered an expert at the tender age of 14. He never knew his real parents, but instead he was raised by the group of rouges he ran with. This leader, Ransom Brisbane, realized the boy had this natural gift and raised him as a special knight of the realm. Four years later, Ransom passed away and gave Zif the sacred blade Andson. At the age of 18 Zif, while exploring, found a strange portal. Breaking ranks he explored this portal. Little did he know where it led. Crash landing in the current realm he found himself alone in a peaceful world. Going undercover, he was fine and dandy until recent, when he noticed his skill diminishing slightly. He decided that it'd be the best time to go back to training.

Hobbies: Zif has no real hobbies, considering he was constantly on the run. But it'd be swordplay.

Abilities: As stated, Zif is an excellent swordfighter. His skills with the sword are undocumented, and unshared. When fighting he scores a +1 to Evil Creatures and a +1 to Demonic. Unknown to Zif, that deep inside he has magical powers that have never been seen but once before on his realm, which led to destruction. Will Zif be in complete control of this awesome ability, or will it prove to be his ultimate demise?

Appearance/Attire: Zif is neither handsome nor ugly. He stands a good 5'11", or higher he truly doesn't know or care. He stole his outfit off a dead man, but not without checking it first. Covering his feet are white 'ankle biter' socks covered by brown leather sandals. Light Khaki slacks cover his legs and come up perfectly to his waist. His upper torso was lean, but not over-muscled, well toned would be a perfect phrase to describe it. He wears a white tanktop tucked into his khaki pants, this tanktop fit pretty well, a little loose all around. Covering that tanktop was a longsleeve white button-down shit, which he wears unbuttoned, with the sleeves rolled up to a few inches below his elbow. He will always remove this top when fighting, as it hinders his speed. Tightly held in his right hand was the Andson, a truly powerful blade, indeed. Not a flaw was found on his somewhat rounded face. Thin lips were always closed tight, in a somewhat frown, never showing emotion. His deep brown eyes sparkle with a strange aura of kindness, despite his actions. Covering his forehead was a small white bandana, tied under his brown hair. The hair was thick, and perfectly center-parted, which is now down below his eyes.

Weapon: The Andson. This sword is very special, indeed. Once belonging to his instructor, Ransom it was passed to Zif. The sword, in his old realm, was prized by all; for it was told that if in the right hands, the sword can awaken some awesome innate power. The blade is crafted from pure silver and 10 karat gold, the sheen on it, was blinding. Many a soul has been slain by the blade, and it's said that the sword was produced by two spirits long ago that craved for immortality and power. Forming themselves into a sword, they gained their wishes; the side of silver-immortality, the side of gold-power..or so the legend goes. If worst comes to worst, Zif is also versed in the art of physical combat.

Theme: The first 1:59 of Johnny Hates Jazz's Shattered Dreams-12" Mix. There are absolutely no spoken words to it, but the notes and rhythms say more then any word could.

Status: Zif is going to stay single. Sorry in advance.

'Occupation': Although he does not know it yet, Zif is destened to be a Crusader. A Crusader is a holy warrior that after a certain level, they'll unlock their innate powers. Zif was born with these powers, unknowng that he truly got them from his father--an immortial Crusader gone bad, who, ironcally, the group Zif was in was tryng to stop.

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