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Let's Write!

Please note, this is fanfac about my Trunks. During the finals for the Realm's First Annual Tournament; after meeding Dakuri, but before the strange meeting with Thalla. I've had this idea floating around in my head for a bit, and will probably be the "official" way my Trunks hits SSJ2 Rage. In chatlog format, because fuck it. (And this lets me write and relive a good time. And, who knows, I might revive Trunks. Also, I'm doing online dice rolls for the actual rolls.)

You have just entered room "Waterford's Arena."

Exalted Trunks: ::He was proud of his work on the arena, and it showed. What had began life as a dirty field with a huge boulder in it was transformed into an official sparring ground, nearly single-handedly by the lavender-haired youth--with special help from his mother and her capsules that could hold anything. Four towering white stone pillars marked the boundaries of the arena, the floor made from the same white colored stone--cut from a boulder about a month or two back. Flanking the arena was limited enclosed seating, for no more than a hundred or so. But, the hundred that could sit, would sit like kings. Enclosed, meaning that weather would not be an issue, nor would any stray projectiles, dust, etc.. Finally, all of this is surrounded by an iron gate; its significance unknown. Less than four hundred feet away lies an old inn for not only Trunks to live in, but room for others to stay if need-be. Further down that small rocky path are what used to be guard's barracks; these house the combatants for the tournament--otherwise unused. The two friendly rivals, Trunks and Draco, stare each other down. This was it, the final round. The round who would finally determine who was the superior fighter: The Pure Black Wizard, or The Last Hero.::

Announcer WF: ::The man stood, garbed in a black suit, white shirt and black tie. Black right-parted hair adorned the top of his head, black shades hid his eyes. Looking like a stereotypical "Man In Black", he would be the one who would judge the match. Raising his right hand, the crowded arena quieted down. Speaking into a microphone, his words echoed.:: Heeeeeeeerrreeee we are, folks! THE FINAL ROUND! ::He paused for a moment, letting the crowd cheer. Closing his right hand, pulling it back down to his side, they calmed once more. Motioning to his left side, he spoke again.:: On my left, a very powerful fighter! Capable of overcoming almost everything in his way, even while rocking purple hair! TRUNKS BRIEFS! ::The crowd cheered and applauded quite loudly upon hearing Trunks' name.::

Dakuri Tsumari: :She made her way through the crowded stands, fumbling with her camera bags. Trunks had told her about this and to watch for him and that she would have special seating since she was his guest. She missed the prior matches on his instructions. He had told her that they'd be over too quick and that she'd get no useable footage for her paper. He promised her that the championship bout would be much better. A man's voice caught her off guard.: Are you looking for someone? :She blinked shaking her head her chocolate tresses bouncing.: No..well, yes..kinda of.. :Her voice trailed off at the announcer saying Trunks' name.: I'm his guest. I should have a special spot. :Huffing audibly she put her hands on her hips. The man led her to the reserved seating.: Thank you.. :She dismissed the man, waving down to Trunks before getting her gear ready.:

Exalted Trunks: ::It was finally time. The loud crowd didn't even faze him. He stood at attention, staring down his long-time friendly rival Draco. Ice blue eyes never blinking. Taking in the other's movement; sizing up what he might open up with. A slight wind caught his loose lavender 'lopears', rustling his shoulder-length hair encasing an angular emotionless face. A strong wide neck tapered into wide, muscular shoulders. A trim, well-defined body was hidden under his standard clothing--a black tanktop, dark grey slacks and golden boots. His eyes shot to the stands momentarily, and it was there he saw her--Dakuri, the woman whom he had rescued. 'Draco,' he pondered, 'no hard feelings, but, I have to win this thing this time.'. Returning his gaze to Draco, he remained emotionless. Waiting for the match to commence.::

Announcer WF: ::Raising his right hand once more, the crowd settled down. Motioning to his right, he spoke once more.:: And on my right, a powerful Black Wizard! Which is good, since he's so wispy! DRACO MALFOY! ::The crowd erupted once again.::

Draco Malfoy HP: ::Unlike Trunks, he ate up the crowd's applause and cheers. Turing to face part of the crowd he raised both hands, cheering himself on. A black cloak followed the movements of his arms, the Slytherin crest on his left side of his chest. Under the cloak, he wore the standard Hogwarts uniform. Finally facing Trunks again, he grinned at his opponent's gaze.:: Let's play a game Trunks. It's called "I win". I'm sure you've played it with me before... ::Grinning, he drew his wand, ready for this intense battle.::

Announcer WF: ::He turned to face the two men, this time speaking to them.:: Gentlemen, to KO ((100)). Otherwise, everything is fair game. ::He paused:: EXCEPT leaving the arena! ::Reaching into his right pocket he pulled out a shiny coin. Showing it to each contestant, to prove it was a two-sided coin, he spoke again this time addressing the audience as well as the combatants.:: This coin will determine who goes first, which could be a HUGE advantage! As Trunks has home-field advantage, Draco will call. ::Turing to Draco he held the mic to him, awaiting a response.::

Draco Malfoy HP: ::Mocking Trunks' style, he brushed at his blonde hair before speaking to the announcer.:: Tails!

Announcer WF: ::Turning again, to face between each fighter, he flipped the coin.:: Tails Draco opens! Heads, Trunks does! ((Heads=1 Tails=2))

OnlineHost: Announcer WF rolled 1 2-sided die: 2

Announcer WF: TAILS! Draco goes first! ::Holding his arm outstretched between the two he spoke to both of them one last time:: ...Try not to destroy anything. ::Stepping back, he raised the outstretched arm signaling the start of the match.::

Draco Malfoy HP: ::His cloaks started to change colors, from his favorite black, to red, and back to black, the colors kept changing as his hand was still raised to the sky as the clouds started to dissipate. He then brought his other hand down, as his cloak automatically hemmed itself up, being automatically repaired as his new color was black, he has achived the first step to his metamorphosis, The Masked Mage, much more powerful then the last. Looking to Trunks he spoke.:: Is this familiar, huh?

Draco Malfoy HP: []6d49 for 9 more rounds[]

Exalted Trunks: ::Without flinching, he watched Draco's transformation. 'You tried this once.' he thought, 'And it didn't work well.'. No movement at all came from Trunks. In a slow blink, he had transformed. His once white aura was now a golden fire. Ice blue eyes were now an eccentric shade of aquamarine. Once lavender hair was transformed into a golden-white color, his 'lopears' were spiking, yet still weighed down by gravity and still center-parted. What was tied back still remained down, except for the little ponytail which was also trying to point upward. Dispersing the golden aura, he spoke with a deeper confident voice:: Is this?

Exalted Trunks: [Trunks is now a 6d57 for 11 more rounds.]

Dakuri Tsumari: :Having set up her cameras in the first row she sat smiling at Trunks. She knew this cold emotionless man was only a facade. She started watching the announcer through her viewfinder. Taking picture after picture of what's going on, she'd find the best one after they were done. Pausing, she smiled again. He had promised to teach her how to fly after this was all done. He had told her that anyone could do it. Changing rolls she was momentarily breathless at Draco's trick--however her picture finger was still going. Trunks paused. She changed rolls. Her eye was trained to his aura. Picture after picture while she was breathless. She had never seen something like this before. She could almost feel that he was more than physically different. *Trunks, what are you? What is he?* The words echoed in her mind, as she continued to take pictures.:

Dakuri Tsumari: (Pictures and awe for now.)

Draco Malfoy HP: ::Stopping laughing, he finally spoke to Trunks.:: Oh yeah that "super awesome" power of yours. I'm real scared! ::Sticking his tongue out she started waving his wand about.:: DIAMOND RUSH! ::A huge shard of diamond appeared from nothing, its target Trunks.::

OnlineHost: Draco Malfoy HP rolled 6 49-sided dice: 14 11 2 7 9 12

Announcer WF: (0)

Draco Malfoy HP: []blah[]

Exalted Trunks: [XD]

Exalted Trunks: ::Hopping back a few meters he knew this move. As Draco's diamond was forming, he stood clenching his fists. As Draco yelled, his aura kicked up in a flash of gold, letting dust fly around him. As the dust cleared, holding the diamond, his aura settled down. Holding the diamond above his head in his left hand he yelled to Draco.:: Excuse me! Is this yours? ::Without waiting for a response he flung the diamond back at Draco. His own magical spell would not hurt him, but knock him back.::

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 6 57-sided dice: 50 2 11 44 20 19

Announcer WF: (17. 8 rounds for Draco, 10 for Trunks)

Draco Malfoy HP: ::Hit by the diamond Draco flew into the nearby pillar, the diamond actually scratching through his clothes cutting his wand arm. Winded he stood.:: ..Trunks.. ::Waving his wand, a blue trail followed its movements. A jagged ice cloud formed shortly after.:: I think that it's time that you..CHILL! ::Swinging his wand like bat he fired the cloud to Trunks.::

OnlineHost: Draco Malfoy HP rolled 6 49-sided dice: 49 32 20 15 4 25

Announcer WF: (17)

Draco Malfoy HP: []O.O[]

Exalted Trunks: ::He underestimated the cloud, as it approached it became more and more solid and quicker. A quick ki blast was shot at the quickly approaching wall, shattering it. However, he underestimated the magical nature of the ice. In a split second, hundreds of shards pelted him--some were sharp enough to cut his skin, mainly on his arms. Crossing his arms, the left over the right, he stared down Draco. Quickly, he changed the arms so the right was over the left. Opening his hands as he lunged his arms forward, his thumbs and forfingers met. Lurching his hands back, a golden ki ball was shot right at Draco. 'Burning Attack +2'::

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 6 57-sided dice: 57 45 51 40 7 25

Exalted Trunks: [¬.¬;;]

Iczer Three: ((OMFG))

Shoshuro Akuma: ((Damn!))

Hosaka Jenitsu: ((Draco gonna get knocked out!))

Announcer WF: (33. Draco - 50 dmg / Trunks - 17 dmg. 7 rounds Draco, 9 Trunks)

Nikyob de Goblin: ((Remind me to not fight Trunks.))

Nevyn Galrion: ((...))

Draco Malfoy HP: [];.;[]

Draco Malfoy HP: ::Bracing for impact, the best he could, the attack hit him right in his right arm a shroud of dust flew up. As the dust cleared it was revealed that he had a damaged right arm and tattered clothing. He glared at Trunks waving his wand, black trailing it.:: CRUCIO!! ::He spat as a black bolt sailed towards Trunks, upon impact would put him in tremendous pain +1::

OnlineHost: Draco Malfoy HP rolled 6 49-sided dice: 23 24 17 49 1 7

Announcer WF: (13)

Omega Incarnate: ::Dark clouds collided as he hovered over the arena, blocking out the sun. A strange figure was adorned in what could be described as casual clothing. He wore black boots, blue jeans a white t-shirt and a black button-up shirt unbuttoned. He observed the two fighters below with his brown eyes, ear-length brown hair being teased by the wind.. This is the best the realm has to offer? Fucking LOL! Turning his connection to gravity back on momentarily, he somersaulted to the ground landing and then crouching to one knee as Draco's attack passed by him.:: Heh.. ::Raising he outstretched his arms, palms facing both fighters. Black started to form in both hands.::

Hosaka Jenitsu: ((the fuck))

Iczer Three: ((WTF))

Shoshuro Akuma: ((wtf))

Exalted Trunks: [SL stuff. You guys should maybe get your characters out of the arena..]

Draco Malfoy HP: []yea. we talked about it if we reached the finals. its cool.[]

Iczer Three: ((Noted. ::Staying:: ))

Nevyn Galrion has left the room.

Nikyob de Goblin has left the room.

Exalted Trunks: ::He noticed the clouds darkening instead of Draco shouting his attack. He watched this mysterious figure literally fall out of the sky and land. He couldn't sense it, which means that the being was one of the realm's dreaded Godly Incarnates. 'What is it doing here?' he questioned himself watching the figue raise, a hand pointed at him. Draco's attack finally hit him, causing him to scream and writhe for a few moments before regaining his composure.::

Dakuri Tsumari: :She had been diligently taking pictures of both Trunks and Draco's moves throughout the battle. Taken aback by the black figure that had landed she focused on it. Holding her breath she awaited everyone's next move.:

Omega Incarnate: ::Grinning, he shot both clouds of black energy at the two fighters. Right after launching the attack he snapped his fingers, enclosing the arena in a strange black field.:: No one in, boys. You and I.

Omega Incarnate: [[SA. First Trunks then Draco. Anything rolled over an 80 is instant KO. Anything under is no damage, you resisted.]]

OnlineHost: Omega Incarnate rolled 2 100-sided dice: 59 55

OnlineHost: Omega Incarnate rolled 2 100-sided dice: 98 100

Draco Malfoy HP: []PHUCKLE!!![]

Exalted Trunks: [Damn!]

Omega Incarnate: ::Looking towards Draco, he laughed.:: Whoops. :He knew what he had done. He wanted a fight with the stronger of the two, whom he sensed was the man dressed casually.:: Now that THAT'S out of the way...come at me with that ridiculous hair.

Announcer WF: ((Uh, do I still tally you two))

Exalted Trunks: [Yes.]

Draco Malfoy HP: []yea[]

Omega Incarnate: [[Please.]]

Draco Malfoy HP: ::The blackness was too much, he couldn't resist. Staggering, he could only speak to Trunks.:: ...Get him. ::With those two words, he collapsed onto the ground.::

Exalted Trunks: ::Flaring up his golden aura was enough to repel the dark nature of this attack. Watching Draco fall, he growled--he could feel himself slowly slipping.:: You..you..MONSTER! ::Aquamarine eyes darted to Dakuri for a long couple moments before looking at the Incarnate.:: What do you want! We're no threat to you!

Omega Incarnate: ::He watched Trunks' eyes, noting who he paused at: the woman with the long dark brown hair. Smirking he addressed Trunks, quickly eyeing Dakuri.:: Correction. HE is no longer a threat to me. You on the other hand.. YOU might just be a threat. Let's ask her shall we. ::Snapping his fingers right at Dakuri, he attempted to control her mind, bringing her freely into the ring.:: [[I'll roll a 100 sided dice, then you. If my roll is higher, I control you long enough to get down here. 100 wins no matter what.]]

Dakuri Tsumari: (Fair.)

OnlineHost: Omega Incarnate rolled 1 100-sided die: 63

OnlineHost: Dakuri Tsumari rolled 1 100-sided die: 54

Omega Incarnate: [[GET OVER HERE!]]

Dakuri Tsumari: (-.-)

Draco Malfoy HP: []LOL[]

Hosaka Jenitsu: ((XD))

Exalted Trunks: [¬.¬;;]

Dakuri Tsumari: :She caught Trunks' worried gaze. For a split second she felt like she should get out of this place as fast as possible. For a moment she shivered, feeling another set of eyes on her. *Yes, 'Kuri, it's time to go!* With that thought, she heard a fingersnap. The next thing she knew, she was standing on the side of the arena.:

Omega Incarnate: So, sweetheart.. ::He took a step towards the entranced woman.:: ..Is HE a threat!

Exalted Trunks: ::He stood mortified, unable to move as he watched Dakuri walk to the arena. He could feel himself slipping even more. He wouldn't be able to control himself shortly. Staring towards the two, he screamed at the Incarnate his voice filled with malice.:: DON'T! YOU! DARE!

Dakuri Tsumari: :She kept quiet, refusing to look at this man clad in black. *Trunks..please..* With that thought, she could hear yelling. Deep, scary yelling. Looking towards the source of it, it was Trunks on a death march towards the man. She shuddered as she had never seen Trunks like this. He was completely different when he was angry and protective.:

Omega Incarnate: ::Perfect! He thought to himself, chuckling. He held a hand up at Trunks, telling him to stop.:: If you value her life..you will listen to me. Period. ::Grinning at the blonde man he spoke again, his voice filled with glee.:: I want you to hit me..as hard as you can. But wait! You might not have understood me. ::Crossing his arms, he spoke again.:: Not half as hard. Or 75 percent as hard. Or some other meaningless arbitrary number. I want you. To hit me. As hard. As you. Can! ::He stood there, laughing, awaiting Trunks' attack.::

Exalted Trunks: ::To the untrained eye, nothing was changing. But, to those that could sense powers, his was skyrocketing. Stopping when the man raised his hand, it finally took over. This was too much. Throughout his speech, Trunks finally slipped. His hair had changed again; golden white became a dark gold, the spikes very defined, and a bit longer now and not weighed down by anything. His head became a mass of golden spikes. His muscle mass increased slightly, adding even more definition to his frame. Blue bolts of pure power danced over his body and through his aura. Glaring at the man's mockery he blurred.::

Exalted Trunks: [12d57 as a SSJ2. 5 Turns.]

Omega Incarnate: [[Sweet! Also, really, paste in a 12d57 roll. Act like it was legit, doubles and all... Announcer, to 1000.]]

Exalted Trunks: [Uh, I only have 910 HP..]

Omega Incarnate: [[You better win, then.]]

Draco Malfoy HP: []12d57.. O.O;;;;;;;;;;[]

Iczer Three: ((Dayumn!))

Hosaka Jenitsu: ((Hosaka and Trunks need to spar at this level!))

Exalted Trunks: ::Blurring again, he appeared crouched down before the man in black, quickly uppercutting at him in an attempt to launch him into the sky.::

Exalted Trunks: Exalted Trunks rolled 12 57-sided dice: 57 57 57 57 57 57 57 57 57 57 57 57

Announcer WF: (108!)

Omega Incarnate: ::He flew up into the air, smiling the whole time. Finally, a worthy opponent.. He almost knew where this was going to go.::

Draco Malfoy HP: []O.O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;[]

Iczer Three: ((Trunks can be a monster!))

Shoshuro Akuma: ((Goddamn!))

Hosaka Jenitsu: ((Fuck yes!))

Exalted Trunks: [Omega, doubles as all 57s, too?]

Omega Incarnate: [[I wouldn't have it any other way. "As hard. As you. Can!" after all.]]

Exalted Trunks: [And then again after that..like legit doubles? Three turns in one round? Max damage?]

Omega Incarnate: [[Yup.]]

Exalted Trunks: ::He blurred again reappearing at the intersection point. Bringing back a powerful fist, he punched at the right moment to send the Incarnate flying horizontally.::

Exalted Trunks: Exalted Trunks rolled 12 57-sided dice: 57 57 57 57 57 57 57 57 57 57 57 57

Announcer WF: (108. 216 so far.)

Omega Incarnate: ::Yup. Typical. One more hit. And I know where it's going. Colliding with Trunks' fist, his body did as it was willed to do, flying horizontally. The odd thing was, right now, gravity was not affecting him.:: Haaaaaa... ::His voice trailed as he flew.::

Exalted Trunks: ::He blurred one last time, this time a bit above the Incarnate's path. At the right moment, he launched a downward kick aimed square at the Incarnate's back--the intent to launch him right back to the ground.::

Exalted Trunks: Exalted Trunks rolled 12 57-sided dice: 57 57 57 57 57 57 57 57 57 57 57 57

Announcer WF: (108. 324 for the turn. 676 left for Omega.)

Draco Malfoy HP: []O.O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; HOLY SHIT[]

Iczer Three: ((FUCKING FUCK!))

Dakuri Tsumari: (Kick his ass! ^.^)

Hosaka Jenitsu: ((Gonna fight that Trunks. ::Oh yes, he would.:: ))

Shoshuro Akuma: ((x.x; Damn! ::dies:: ))

Omega Incarnate: ::He took the powerful kick to the back, flying downwards on Trunks' intended path. A moment before impact he simply stopped, hovering a mere inch from the ground, laughing loudly for a good minute.::

Exalted Trunks: ::He watched as the man sailed to the ground, eyes going wide as he stopped before impact. Glaring at the man's laughter he blurred to the ground facing the man, keeping himself stationed between Dakuri and the Incarnate. Arms spread, primal urges told him to protect Dakuri at all costs. Blue bolts still flickered and danced over his body.:: What's so funny? ::He spoke, malice dripping off of his deep voice. Still glaring, he awaited the answer.::

Dakuri Tsumari: :She watched in a mixture of shock and fright at what was happening before her. The kind, gentle man who she loved had not only physically transformed--twice, even--but also mentally transformed. It was evident that he was still in there, fighting this man to protect her, but she couldn't help but be frightened at this display. *Is this what you meant by "Strange and bizarre circumstances", Trunks?* She stayed right behind him knowing that he wouldn't hurt her and they could try to talk about this later.: Trunks... :She mouthed.:

Omega Incarnate: ::He clapped at the being in front of him.:: I asked you for as hard as you can, and you delivered! And for that, I thank you. It's been so long since I had someone hit me and I felt it! But now.. ::He grinned, snapping his fingers. Above his left hand, an onyx dagger appeared in in a digital blur. Above the right, a translucent great sword phased in. Grabbing them, he smiled. Showing the dagger to Trunks, it was engraved with "のアルファ".:: Alpha.. ::Showing the great sword, it was engraved with "まあ".:: ..Et OMEGA! This one's named after me! ::He quickly flashed a grin to Trunks.::

Exalted Trunks: ::A low growl escaped his lips, blue bolts flickered more intensely. This being was mocking him. Golden fire flared higher the same blue bolts dancing around the aura. Eyes in a perpetual glare, he spoke again in a deep voice.:: The incarnation of the realm's WEAPONs needs.. ::He spat the next word.:: ..Weapons to fight?

Omega Incarnate: ::He placed the dagger, "Alpha", into a boot sheath. Laughing, he slammed the great sword into the arena's white tile. Blackness escaped from the cracks, engulfing the lower half of the blade.:: I don't know. Do you, ::He motioned towards Trunks and his flashy transformation.:: need to LITERALLY quadruple your base power in that overly dramatic "Super" Saiyan..2..thing?

Exalted Trunks: ::Watching the sword destroy his hard work he spoke, still forming a barrier between the Incarnate and Dakuri.:: To deal with threats like you.

Omega Incarnate: ::Throwing his head back, he laughed loudly for a solid minute before returning his gaze to Trunks.:: Threat? ::His speech was very bouncy as he paced around "Omega" gesticulating with his every word and step.:: My dear boy, if I were a Threat as you say. Then I would have vaporized both your bleach blonde ass, and the natural blonde..and, fuck it, everyone here. Then I'd fly off, bored. Or I'd..well.. ::He formed a black portal a little bit below shoulder-level on his right. The very same portal silently opened on Trunks' left side. Pausing all movement, he spoke again. This time, his voice serious.:: ..I'd do something.. ::He threw a powerful punch into the portal, his fist would fly out and connect with Trunks' left shoulder, if successful.::

OnlineHost: Omega Incarnate rolled 4 100-sided dice: 97 89 92 92

Draco Malfoy HP: []x.x;;;;[]

Exalted Trunks: [He hit me, Noel... Not you...]

Announcer WF: (74. Doubles.)

Exalted Trunks: ::He watched Omega punch at what appeared to be thin air. As his fist disappeared, his eyes shot wide open for a brief second. In that short amount of time, he was struck by a powerful punch. In the classic anime pose he clutched his left shoulder, stunned for several long seconds.::

Omega Incarnate: ::Stepping towards Trunks, he effortlessly lifted him by his belt one-handed. He then flung Trunks right towards the furthest away pillar at a high speed.::

OnlineHost: Omega Incarnate rolled 4 100-sided dice: 100 97 97 92

Hosaka Jenitsu: ((Dayumn!))

Announcer WF: (90. 164. Doubles.)

Draco Malfoy HP: []O.O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; x.x;[]

Iczer Three: ((Trunks then emerges from the Trunks-shaped dent in the pillar.))

Hosaka Jenitsu: ((XD))

Draco Malfoy HP: []LOL[]

Omega Incarnate: [[lololol]]

Exalted Trunks: [Heh.]

Dakuri Tsumari: (hehe)

Exalted Trunks: ::He flew straight to the pillar. He could feel it, he'd hit head first if he couldn't change his angle in time. In the last precious second, he was able to rotate so he was appearing to stand in mid-air--while flying right into the pillar. Amazingly, he was still awake for all of this, his still dark golden hair signified this. Stunned, it looked like he was hugging the pillar.::

Omega Incarnate: ::Casually, he walked towards Trunks, who was holding the pillar a little too nicely. Whistling, he was having fun doing this. Reaching out, he grabbed Trunks by the leg simply slamming him down onto the arena's floor.::

OnlineHost: Omega Incarnate rolled 4 100-sided dice: 100 100 80 99

Announcer WF: (91. 255.)

Omega Incarnate: ..Sneaky. ::He grinned, mischievously. Eyes shooting to Dakuri he still grinned.::

Dakuri Tsumari: :The man's laughter chilled her to the bone. She could somehow tell that Trunks was giving his all and this being was laughing at it, like it was nothing at all. Powerlessly, she shuddered at the being's "Speech". She could believe every word that it said, as it didn't even flinch at Trunks' power. She saw the portal form. Trying to warn Trunks, she screams; yet nothing escape from her lips.:

Omega Incarnate: ::Seeing Trunks fall, he turned slowly walking towards Draco.::

Draco Malfoy HP: []o.o; what[]

Omega Incarnate: [[You're still knocked out, but in teh ring..remember?]]

Exalted Trunks: ::He landed with a bounce, his vision blurred. He could see the incarnate walk away from him, thinking he was defeated. He could see another figure moving towards him, vision clearing he could tell that it was Dakuri. Stretching his arm out, he tried to signal her to stop.::

Dakuri Tsumari: :Watching Trunks fly she started running to his side. Freezing in her tracks she started to tremble as the being slowly approached her--not knowing that he was actually after the other man.:

Omega Incarnate: ::Whistling while he walked, he saw that girl running. Catching her gaze, she stopped. He laughed. Taking a few more steps, he paused, reaching to his boot. Turning, he tossed "Alpha" the ghostly blade at her shoulder.::

Omega Incarnate: [[Just like last time. Roll a 1d100. Highest wins. 100 is an instant win. The dagger does no damage, only paralyzes her.]]

Dakuri Tsumari: (Okie.)

OnlineHost: Omega Incarnate rolled 1 100-sided die: 74

OnlineHost: Dakuri Tsumari rolled 1 100-sided die: 7

Dakuri Tsumari: (u.u)

Dakuri Tsumari: :She felt something hit her in her left shoulder. Suddenly, she fell to her knees unable to move. Tears formed in her eyes, running down her cheeks. With all of her energy, she reached out towards Trunks. Her eyes almost pleading with him to do something about the being.:

Exalted Trunks: ::Struggling, he arose to a kneel. Right hand on his knee, his left supporting him, hair still dark gold and spiky he watched everything unfold in slow motion as he started slipping again. 'I can't do this, I can't defeat him.' Blue bolts flickered. He could see Dakuri running to him, was he really that beat-up? 'But if I don't..if I don't then he'll..he'll..' Balling his left hand into a fist, he watched Dakuri freeze for a moment; those blue bolts becoming more and more frequent. 'He'll kill her and mother and everyone!' Raising his left arm, it looked like he was readying a punch. His golden aura was flaring rapidly, blue particles gathering in it. 'I..I' Dakuri fell. He snapped. Slamming his left fist into the white stone tile, it shattered, shockwaves flew across the arena; black flaring up as they hit the artificial wall. He stood, balling both fists, flexing his arms back--powering up. Screaming, a gyser of golden energy erupted from his very being, engulfing him. Piercing the artificial barrier, it shattered the entire thing. Inside the golden pillar, Trunks continued to scream, the blue particles gathered more and more. In a brief blink his muscle mass expanded hugely before returning to what it should be. Anger..rage..fueled him. As he stopped screaming, the golden piller dispersed, finally revealing the transformed Trunks. His golden aura was full of dense blue particles, his eyes were white, no irises. Stepping towards the incarnate, he angrily spat.:: YOU...YOU... ::With each step the floor of the arena cracked and broke. Trunks was on a death march towards Omega.::

Exalted Trunks: [SSJ2 Rage. 15d57, +10 damage. 3 turns.]

Draco Malfoy HP: []so beautiful![]

Dakuri Tsumari: (Dat was vury nice.)

Hosaka Jenitsu: ((>D fuck him up!))

Shoshuro Akuma: ((O.O; Damn Trunks!))

Draco Malfoy HP: []also 15d57 O.O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;[]

Iczer Three: ((Making up SSJ levels now, are we? ¬.¬ S'okay, it was so nice.))

Exalted Trunks: [Not like I'm gonna use it every fight. T'would be unfair. ¬.¬;;]

Exalted Trunks: [Hell, I barely bust out SSJ, let along the more powerful levels.]

Iczer Three: ((::Giving Drew shit.:: ))

Exalted Trunks: [::Takes shit.::]

Omega Incarnate: ::He turned not expecting to feel anything from Trunks, only to witness a huge spectacle. Impressive. You broke through an Incarnate's barrier. That takes some power, boy. Facing the T-1000 on its death march he stood still, spreading his arms. Grinning, he spoke.:: Come on, boy, show me what else you can do.

Dakuri Tsumari: :She could feel vibrations from the ground. *What is it? An earthquake?* No, they were too steady for that. It felt like someone was walking. Straining to look up she saw Trunks engulfed in blue heading to what she assumed must be the Incarnate.:

Exalted Trunks: ::Springing off of one foot he flew towards the Incarnate who was welcoming the attack. Extending his right arms, the hand was balled into a fist, the speeding punch aimed right at the Incarnate's gut.::

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 15 57-sided dice: 44 49 36 27 9 45 37 8 38 39 13 12 29 28 27

Announcer WF: (52 +10 damage. Doubles. 62)

Exalted Trunks: ::Pushing the Incarnate along with his fist, he balled his left hand into a fist, pulling the arm back. Bending his right arm some, it drew the Incarnate closer because of the physics behind speed. Another powerful punch was aimed at the Incarnate's gut with his left fist.::

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 15 57-sided dice: 42 40 50 15 42 6 42 49 4 22 15 46 48 26 30

Draco Malfoy HP: []double doubles ^.^[]

Announcer WF: (64 +10 damage. Doubles. 136. 460 to Incarnate, fyi.)

Omega Incarnate: [[-.-;]]

Exalted Trunks: ::The moment his left fist made contact with the Incarnate, Trunks stopped his flight letting the Incarnate fly off into the distance. Crossing his arms over his chest he began to channel ki. After a few short seconds the channeling had been completed. Tossing his hands behind his head, a strange blue aura surrounded the youth. The very same aura then found its way into a small sphere between his hands. Allowing this sphere to grow about 10 times in size, the youth just smirked, tossing the huge blue sphere of ki at the Incarnate. "Finishing Buster +3"::

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 15 57-sided dice: 54 53 56 9 52 25 47 18 29 30 52 7 23 20 13

Iczer Three: ((Triple doubles! O.O))

Hosaka Jenitsu: ((>D you fucked him up Andrew!))

Shoshuro Akuma: ((Good name.))

Draco Malfoy HP: []lol[]

Announcer WF: (63 +10 damage. 73. 209 for the turn. Incarnate 533. Two turns of SSJ2R left.)

Exalted Trunks: [Yatta!]

Omega Incarnate: ::Arms spread, he watched the golden haired one rocket to him. This should be fun! Bending around Trunks' hit, he flew with the man, slowly being brought to him. A quick grin was replaced with a frown as he took another punch and watched as Trunks seemed to get smaller. His vision was filled with blue as the ki ball approached him. Crossing his arms, he stopped his momentum bracing for impact. The sphere started bending around him, his crossed arms taking the brunt of the damage. Finally the sphere split, flying off. Landing, he shook his finger at Trunks; allowing him to see the damage done.:: Truly impressive, boy. While not the strongest in this realm, you do manage to put up a spectacular show when you're angry. But, that's all it is, boy. A show. Allow me to show you real power! ::Snapping a finger, "Omega" the greatsword appeared in his right hand. Leaping into the air, he swung the sword down at Trunks with both hands, it's goal to bisect the kid. He knew what Trunks would do, though..::

OnlineHost: Omega Incarnate rolled 4 100-sided dice: 69 1 18 56

Omega Incarnate: [[Hi, and welcome to "Pissed off WEAPON" mode!]]

Announcer WF: (21. 276 DMG total to Trunks)

Hosaka Jenitsu: ((WEAPONs ain't shit. Fucking NOEL could probably defeat one..))

Shoshuro Akuma: ((LOL))

Draco Malfoy HP: []<^>[]

Exalted Trunks: ::Again, this being was -mocking- him. Glaring at the incarnate, he watched as it lept into the air holding the sword it had summoned to itself. Canting his head upward, he stood motionless, only his aura, lightning and unknown blue particles moved. On the downswing, he cupped his hands into a 'V' shape, catching the sword in a clap. Not without its consequences though. The force of the swing brought him down to a knee, hard. Shiny red trails trickled down his arms from the newfound gashes his hands had. Flaring up his golden fire to a comically large size he slowly stood, showing no emotion to the weapon.:: Real power? ::Still holding the sword, he kept it at arm's length stepping back.:: No. Allow me to show you "Real Power". ::Wasting no time he pushed the sword, and by poxy Omega, backward. The youth ran to the Incarnate, quickly turning so his left side was facing Omega. For the last foot or so, the youth brought up his left elbow, holding the entire arm still with his right hand...he slid at Omega, his elbow would hopefully connect to the Incarnate's head at full speed.::::

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 15 57-sided dice: 24 45 35 23 17 44 35 37 42 44 31 41 3 29 57

Announcer WF: (67 +10 damage. Doubles. 77)

Exalted Trunks: [Care for a quick response post before I go again, Omega?]

Omega Incarnate: [[Sure. Gimme a minute.]]

Draco Malfoy HP: []damn double machine andrew[]

Iczer Three: ((IKR?))

Exalted Trunks: [This will never happen again, yanno?]

Omega Incarnate: ::Trunks caught the sword, liek he thought. However, he wasn't prepared for the kid to stand up still holding the sword.:: Damn.. ::He muttered under his breath, seeing eye to eye with the Saiyan. As Trunks pushed the sword, he fumbled for just a quick second. It was long enough, though, he shortly took a very powerful elbow to the face.::

Omega Incarnate: [[like*]]

Exalted Trunks: ::Taking the chance as the Incarnate jolted he then spun around on his right foot, to face the Incarnate. A small, sinister smile came about his face as he spun around once more, bringing his left leg up, kicking at the Incarnate's head with an extreme speed, again in hopes of hitting the man's head.::

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 15 57-sided dice: 7 55 7 4 40 55 52 13 51 25 40 44 17 30 19

Announcer WF: (61 +10 damage. Doubles. 148.)

Omega Incarnate: ::In mere seconds, he went from seeing an elbow to seeing the sky. Fumbling back from the kick a few steps, he reeled..staggered once more.::

Exalted Trunks: ::The kid was on a roll, landing two very successful hits on the Incarnate, he then went for broke. Bringing his left leg down slowly, the youth bent at the knees and arched his back slightly. He tilted his head back, his mouth wide open screaming something in the Saiya-jin language, he bent his right arm so his fist was level with his shoulder. Clenching his left fist, he shot it upwards in an uppercut fasion aimed for Omega's jaw, a small blue trail following the fist.::

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 15 57-sided dice: 55 19 38 19 25 54 23 7 17 55 55 6 11 36 7

Draco Malfoy HP: []more damn doubles x.x;[]

Announcer WF: (54 +10 damage. 212 for the turn. 745 to Incarnate. One turn of SSJ2R left.)

Iczer Three: ((If I mathed right, that's 411..IN TWO TROUNDS.))

Iczer Three: ((*ROUNDS.))

Hosaka Jenitsu: ((Fo sho. 745 in 3. Gonna fight that Trunks, for real.))

Exalted Trunks: [You guys know that 411 is less than HALF of what I could do..]

Draco Malfoy HP: []less than half?! O.O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;[]

Exalted Trunks: [A total of 870, had I hit straight 55s and above.]

Draco Malfoy HP: []holy fuck[]

Omega Incarnate: ::He was launched into the air a few feet above his standing height. Landing straight on his back, he just laughed.:: [[Please, respond.]]

Exalted Trunks: ::Hearing laughter from Omega, he glared that Super Saiya-jin glare at him.:: What's so funny..weapon. You seem to be on your last..

Omega Incarnate: ::Arising from his landing, he wiped away a little blood.:: I just LOVE that glare, makes me feel like I'm pissing you off. As for what's so funny..? ::He grinned a dark grin, white teeth showing, almost sparkling.:: You are. I know you're getting tried, boy. You can't keep that power up forever. In fact, if I were to guess, you've almost over-exerted yourself and need to "power down". What happens then? ::He smirked with the question.::

Exalted Trunks: ::He kept glaring.:: I keep going, and defeat you. ::His voice was deep and gravely. Completely serious.:: Why is this even a question..?

Omega Incarnate: Because, as I'm sure you're familiar with.. ::He snapped his fingers at Trunks, in an attempt to keep him frozen in place for two minutes.:: [[Usual gig, 1d100. I roll first, highest wins.]]

OnlineHost: Omega Incarnate rolled 1 100-sided die: 69

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 1 100-sided die: 27

Omega Incarnate: ..Oh, how is it they say it? ::As he spoke, he made his way over to Dakuri.:: That's it, I remember. ::Kneeling down, he ripped the ghostly dagger, "Alpha" from her shoulder. She wasn't wounded from this, he just wanted the knife; it was the key. Standing, he made his way over to Trunks, still froze for roughly another minute.:: [[Go ahead. I'm sure Trunks is PISSED!]]

Exalted Trunks: ::The fingersnap somehow just echoed. The world just seemed to pause. He could watch Omega move to Dakuri, but do nothing. Every single ounce of anger, rage and hate poured into moving and it was meaningless. Omega had powers in the Dark Arts that Trunks couldn't fight with just physical power. He could only helpless watch as Omega approached him. What are you muttering about? he thought, remaining silent.::

Omega Incarnate: As you people like to say, ::As he spoke, he turned the dagger away from Trunks to face himself.:: this isn't even my final form. ::With those words, he plunged "Alpha" straight into where his stomach should be. Instead of being wounded, his body absorbed the dagger. A violent black aura surrounded his body, mimicking the very same aura that Trunks had. His brown hair had turned black as night, spiked straight up. Again, mimicking Trunks. In a final insult, his brown eyes had turned red. A smirk basically said "Look at me, daddy, I can transform, too.". Another result of the transformation was a 10% HP heal (100 in this case), like all beings who transform get.::

Draco Malfoy HP: []wft[]

Shoshuro Akuma: ((Gayer than AIDS.))

Hosaka Jenitsu: ((Fuck that.))

Iczer Three: ((Healing's allowed? -.-))

Exalted Trunks: [Completely viable one-time in this fight. Trunks was healed from Draco's damage when he went SSJ2 to fight the weapon, or else I'd be over 300 damage right now. Omega, do you want a response from Trunks before you attack? Also, can Trunks talk? Also, also, how much time until Trunks can move since the transformation?]

Announcer WF: (Weapon 645 damage now.)

Omega Incarnate: [[Yes to both..roughly 45 in-game seconds until Trunks is free. People who aren't Trunks..chill..look for a theme.]]

Exalted Trunks: ::Again, the being was mocking him. It was time to find out why.:: Why? Why do you mock everything that I do?

Omega Incarnate: I'm not mocking you, boy. Not anymore. Now it's time for me to get serious. ::He stalled, clenching his right fist--black energy growing around it.:: I haven't had to do this in, well, ever. I wasn't even sure it was going to work. But now, ::He brought back his fist, clenching it hard enough to dig into his skin. A deft punch aimed right at Trunks' gut was delivered the instant his spell had dissolved.::

OnlineHost: Omega Incarnate rolled 8 100-sided dice: 33 84 41 91 10 14 73 98

Omega Incarnate: [[I really was hoping for doubles with the post split.]]

Announcer WF: (77. 353 to Trunks. Omega, how many turns of transformation left?)

Omega Incarnate: [[Mastered. It doesn't run out.]]

Iczer Three: ((That seems excessive. ¬.¬))

Omega Incarnate: [[Yet, fully learnable. Only 21,000 ABP. If Trunks can hit me for over 250 this round the transformation will end.]]

Exalted Trunks: ::Trunks staggered backwards, winded. He didn't feel any weaker, however. Now was as good of a time as any to test out a theory about this power. Standing fully upright, Trunks stuck out his right arm, his hand looked like it was grasping something, but nothing at the same time. This better work, for everyone's sake. Closing his eyes, Trunks tried to meditate on his newfound energy. The blue particles of energy began to move to his right hand. In his mind's eye, his emotions..anger..rage..hate..would form it, it would be a tool to defeat this foe. The particles moved faster, all of them had made their way into his hand by now. The vision was even more clear. The particles formed a "sword" of pure energy, fueled by the same thing as this transformation. Opening his eyes, he looked to Omega. The Incarnate would appreciate the irony of this gesture.::

Omega Incarnate: ::He clapped a few times at the spectale, the irony was not lost on him.:: Truly, you beings are impressive when pushed. And now, I suppose that it's time for you to be.. ::He sneered.:: ..a big goddamn hero.

Dakuri Tsumari: :She watched, firstly in terror of the Incarnate heading to her and the ghastly transformation. She wanted to shake, but still couldn't. It was almost like her body had shut down and was unwilling to listen. The corner of her vision caught Trunks and his very blue beam forming. *What is going on here?* she thought, hoping for the best.:

Exalted Trunks: ::He smirked at the words. Taking a couple steps closer to Omega, he turned his hand and bent his arm, so that the "sword" was diagonal. He readied a slash.:: No, not a big hero. ::He paused.:: The last hero. ::With those words, he slashed the "sword" downwards to the right towards Omega's midsection, a faint blue trail followed the "sword".::

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 15 57-sided dice: 53 19 13 1 41 46 16 40 31 23 3 16 4 21 20

Announcer WF: (40. +10 damage. 50. Doubles. Again. 40/250)

Draco Malfoy HP: []nice site name callout[]

Exalted Trunks: [How in the seven hells? Also, Omega, the damage is not physical. I liked it, Noel.]

Omega Incarnate: [[Gotcha.]]

Exalted Trunks: ::As the energy blade passed through Omega, he paused; just long enough to change the grip on his "sword". He turned his hand so the "sword" was horizontal. Another slash, this time to the left, was aimed towards Omega's midsection.::

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 15 57-sided dice: 23 55 41 51 52 35 56 40 57 32 31 49 13 47 57

Draco Malfoy HP: []O.O;;;;;;;;;;; HOW[]

Announcer WF: (93. +10 damage. 103. Doubles. Again. 143/250)

Exalted Trunks: ::Following the flow of the last slash, Trunks simply angled the "Sword" diagonally downwards by twisting his wrist. A speedy slash aimed upwards to the right was delivered at Omega.:: [I'll post again before you take your hits.]

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 15 57-sided dice: 52 12 23 30 51 44 11 37 23 55 12 14 33 27 2

Omega Incarnate: [[Right.]]

Announcer WF: (51. +10 damage. 61. 204/250. 849 to Omega.)

Shoshuro Akuma: ((Max anime, Trunks.))

Draco Malfoy HP: []lol[]

Hosaka Jenitsu: ((XD))

Exalted Trunks. ::Omega was right earlier, however. The transformations were too much. His body could no longer keep up, his energy reserves were nearly gone. Exhaling, the dark golden mass fell as it returned to its now inches longer lavender state. Well, here we go.. he thought, preparing for Omega's attack the best he can.::

Exalted Trunks: [Why not? We might as well get flashy for that attack. ¬.¬;;]

Dakuri Tsumari: (Vury nice! ^.^)

Omega Incarnate: ::He winced. Those slashes hurt his being, but nary a scratch was found. Every slash felt like it was searing the inside of his body, and he was helpless throughout the barrage. However, he noticed it. Trunks' hair. It was...lavender. Laughing, he spoke.:: I never knew you guys had any colors besides black! You're telling me I've been fighting a lavender-haired pansy this ENTIRE TIME! ::He grinned.:: Okay, purple drink, I'll tell you what. No more powers. You. Me. Pattycake. ::Without waiting for a response, he simply threw a right hook at Trunks..half power.::

OnlineHost: Omega Incarnate rolled 4 100-sided dice: 26 39 57 76

Announcer WF: (30. 383 to Trunks.)

Shoshuro Akuma: ((Purple drink. lol))

Hosaka Jenitsu: ((>D "Lavender-haired pansy". XD I like this guy. XD))

Exalted Trunks: ::Enough was enough. He ignored Omega's comments, except for "no powers". Before he could speak, he found himself hit. Staggering back, he lunged forward, a left hook aimed for Omega.:: No powers.

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 3 57-sided dice: 10 10 22

Announcer WF: (Two. Doubles.)

Omega Incarnate: [[Aw, a love tap! ...With doubles.]]

Shoshuro Akuma: ((ROFL))

Draco Malfoy HP: []XD[]

Hosaka Jenitsu: ((>D XDXD))

Exalted Trunks: ::Perhaps this fight had taken more out of him than he thought. The only follow up he could think of is a more powerful right hook.::

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 3 57-sided dice: 22 48 16

Omega Incarnate: [[-.-;]]

Announcer WF: (10. 12 for the turn. 861 to Omega.)

Omega Incarnate: ::Trunks' first punch was easily telegraphed, dodging to his left, the fist hit his ear. Grining, he didn't notice the other half of the one-two combo, hitting him square in his jaw. A speedy left jab was sent towards Trunks' chest.::

OnlineHost: Omega Incarnate rolled 4 100-sided dice: 93 86 1 60

Announcer WF: (44. 427 to Trunks.)

Exalted Trunks: ::The jab sent him on a quarter turn to the right. It hurt, but he had to go on. Fighting the urge to transform, he kept the momentum, spinning, delivering a kick aimed to Omega's midsection with his left leg.::

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 3 57-sided dice: 26 22 40

Announcer WF: (11. 872 to Omega.)

Omega Incarnate: ::Jarred to the side, he quickly grabbed Trunks' leg with his left hand.:: What's wrong, boy? Don't have what it takes to take on a god and win? Give up now, and that's it. All that's hurt is your pride. ::He elbowed straight down onto Trunks' leg.:: And leg.

OnlineHost: Omega Incarnate rolled 4 100-sided dice: 66 16 27 28

Announcer WF: (18. 445 to Trunks.)

Exalted Trunks: ::Pain shot through his left leg. He was losing, he knew it. The Incarnate was just a little too much. He'd never admit it, however.:: A god? You may be powerful, but a god..you are not. ::He kicked up with his left leg, a painful mistake for sure, but he had to get back on both feet.::

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 3 57-sided dice: 50 3 3

Announcer WF: (8. Doubles.)

Exalted Trunks: ::He followed the kick with a speedy jab aimed towards Omega's right shoulder, his foot would be freed if the punch connects hard enough.:: Besides, where I come from..giving up is NEVER an option!

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 3 57-sided dice: 30 24 41

Announcer WF: (12. 20 for the turn. 892 to Omega.)

Omega Incarnate: ::Trunks' kick and followup punch caused him to flinch his arm just enough to lose the grip he had.:: Where you come from.. ::He paused, fine tuning his senses onto Trunks. What does he mean by..ahhh! He understood. Trunks wasn't from here originally.:: ..Interesting. ::He crossed his arms over his chest.:: Do you want to go back?

Exalted Trunks: ::He lowered his guard, fists still clenched. Omega paused, for a little too long. The question threw him for a loop.:: Go back? ::He had to play dumb, as he hadn't told anyone of this yet--how could Omega know.:: Where, exactly would you send me to?

Omega Incarnate: Don't play dumb. I know what belongs in this universe. ::Uncrossing his arms, he pointed his right pointer at Trunks.:: You're very close. Very. Close. ::Waggling his finger, he kept speaking.:: However. You're just a little..off. I can.. ::He gestured with is left hand.:: ..Send you back.

Exalted Trunks: ::He was shocked. How could he know?:: Let's suppose you're right; I don't belong here. ::He raised his arms, only to fling his right arm wide, motioning "far away".:: How do I go back?

Omega Incarnate: ::He grinned.:: I'll make you a deal, boy. I win--you go home. I don't mean back to where you think you "live". I mean back to where you belong.

Exalted Trunks: ::He sneered, this was too easy and gracious of a deal.:: What's the catch?

Omega Incarnate: ::Still grinning, he motioned to Dakuri and Draco.:: Their bodies. I need backups, as you've done a number to this one. More than a number, actually. ::Almost knowing what Trunks would say, he started flexing the muscles in his leg. Before the Saiyan could answer, he snap kicked at his head.::

OnlineHost: Omega Incarnate rolled 4 100-sided dice: 51 3 14 4

Announcer WF: (8. 453 to Trunks.)

Exalted Trunks: ::Bringing up his left arm, he blocked the kick with his forearm, leaving a huge bruise on it.:: Why would you want their bodies? ::His arm slowly shook from the force of Omega's kick.:: Neither of them are powerful enough for you! ::Quickly ducking, lavender hair following, he quickly swept at Omega's feet in an attempt to trip him.::

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 3 57-sided dice: 38 4 4

Announcer WF: (5. Doubles.)

Hosaka Jenitsu: (("Neither of them are powerful enough for you!" XD Burn!))

Shoshuro Akuma: ((XD))

Draco Malfoy HP: []<^>[]

Dakuri Tsumari: (u.u)

Exalted Trunks: ::Before Omega could even react to the sweep, Trunks lunged up, an uppercut aimed directly at Omega's Chin.::

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 3 57-sided dice: 30 33 30

Announcer WF: (12. Doubles.)

Exalted Trunks: ::Still with his arm raised, Trunks delivered a speedy powerful right jab aimed directly at Omega's face.::

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 3 57-sided dice: 55 41 52

Announcer WF: (23. 40 for the turn. 932 to Omega.)

Shoshuro Akuma: ((Damn, Trunks.))

Exalted Trunks: [That went better than expected.]

Omega Incarnate: ::Trunks raised a good point. Before he could respond, he felt himself start to fall. Quickly stopped by an uppercut, he tried to regain composure, but a fist to the face knocked him back. Wiping a blood trail off of his mouth with his thumb, he finally spoke.:: You have a point, boy. ::Anger fueled his next movement. Bringing his right fist behind his head, he arched it first over his head, then wildly down at Trunks.::

OnlineHost: Omega Incarnate rolled 4 100-sided dice: 5 30 46 64

Announcer WF: (21. 474 to Trunks.)

Exalted Trunks: ::He quickly dodged right. But not quick enough. A powerful blow hit his left shoulder, nearly dislocating it.:: I do have a point. What good is a woman and wizard that can't even resist your tricks? Meanwhile.. ::While he was talking, his right fist balled tight. A deft punch was aimed right at Omega's gut, near where he thought the being had "stabbed" itself.::

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 3 57-sided dice: 1 25 25

Announcer WF: (6. Doubles.)

Exalted Trunks: ::Quickly moving his right fist, Trunks kneed straight up, again aimed right at Omega's gut.:: ..I'm still fighting.

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 3 57-sided dice: 3 3 25

Announcer WF: (3. Doubles.)

Exalted Trunks: ::Without waiting for a response, Trunks held his fist in one hand, hammering down at Omega.::

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 3 57-sided dice: 56 51 53

Announcer WF: (25. 34 for the turn. 966 to Omega.)

Draco Malfoy HP: []its happening![]

Draco Malfoy HP: []also fuck you andrew[]

Hosaka Jenitsu: ((>D Kick his ass!))

Exalted Trunks: [It's not over yet. That's still 34 damage left.]

Shoshuro Akuma: ((Motherfucker, you just did 34!))

Dakuri Tsumari: (Yay Dewy! ^.^)

Iczer Three: ((But, Omega can hit hard, if the dice gods allow. Drew's right, it's not over.))

Omega Incarnate: ::He was brought to he knees from Trunks' assault. Coughing, he spat out blood. Standing, he addressed Trunks.:: ..Ive noticed.. ::Cracking his knuckles, he spoke again.:: Deal's off. You're pretty powerful. Pretty powerful.. ::He paused, smirking.:: ..for a Saiyan. ::With that word 'Saiyan', a powerful right hook was aimed at Trunks' jaw.:: You'll make a fine host!

OnlineHost: Omega Incarnate rolled 4 100-sided dice: 21 98 8 34

Announcer WF: (30. 504 to Trunks.)

Exalted Trunks: ::He saw the blow coming. He didn't even attempt a dodge. Instead, he stood his ground, delivering a right hook to Omega's jaw at the same time as Omega threw his.::

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 3 57-sided dice: 7 26 3

Announcer WF: (3. 969 to Omega.)

Omega Incarnate: ::He was the obvious victor of that little struggle. Ducking, he delivered a sweeping kick to Trunks' feet, trying to knock him over.::

OnlineHost: Omega Incarnate rolled 4 100-sided dice: 55 31 49 45

Announcer WF: (27. 531 to Trunks.)

Exalted Trunks: ::Omega's kick hit his feet. He fell, landing hard on his back. The battle was starting to take it out of him, but he had to win, too many lives were at stake. Stiffening his legs, he braced himself with his arms. In a display of athleticism, he shot his legs up at Omega's gut, using his very own arms as a brace and lifter.::

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 3 57-sided dice: 27 29 37

Announcer WF: (11. 980 to Omega.)

Omega Incarnate: ::He reeled back from the kick, but not before catching Trunks's legs.:: What's wrong, boy? Cat got your tongue? Here, let's loosten it! ::He lifted Trunks by the legs for a moment, before slamming him back into the ground. Trunks was really in an impractical place right now, and he'd use it to his advantage.::

OnlineHost: Omega Incarnate rolled 4 100-sided dice: 26 19 55 77

Announcer WF: (26. 557 to Trunks.)

Exalted Trunks: ::He hit the ground hard. Bouncing once, he landed hard on his back again. Omega was still holding on to his feet for dear life; he'd use this to his advantage. Lifting his legs, he bended his knees, like he was doing a squat. Quickly, he slammed his legs as horizontal as possible, bringing Omega down with them.::

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 3 57-sided dice: 25 35 17

Announcer WF: (9. 989 to Omega.)

Omega Incarnate: Keeping quiet boy? Getting scared? ::He kept hold of Trunks' legs. He began to spin. Building up momentum, he released Trunks in hope of him hitting one of the arena's pillars.::

OnlineHost: Omega Incarnate rolled 4 100-sided dice: 49 64 54 46

Announcer WF: (32. 589 to Trunks.)

Exalted Trunks: ::Trunks flew with his back towards the pillar. He collieded at nearly full speed with the pillar, cracking it. He slid down the pillar, before slowly standing. He glared, before running straight to Omega. Roughly one meter before the Incarnate, he stuck out his right arm in an attempt to clothesline him.::

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 3 57-sided dice: 38 43 45

Announcer WF: (18. 1007 to Omega. VICTORY to Trunks!)

Hosaka Jenitsu: ((When the fuck did this become a wrestling match?))

Shoshuro Akuma: ((XD))

Iczer Three: ((The thought of Trunks clotheslining someone, though.))

Draco Malfoy HP: []XD[]

Dakuri Tsumari: (They did say no powers)

Iczer Three: ((I was waiting for Omega to break that rule.))

Hosaka Jenitsu: ((Me too.))

Shoshuro Akuma: ((Yup.))

Exalted Trunks: [Did you guys not watch the same DBZ I did? Namek was nothing but a wrestling match for the Ginyu force.]

Announcer WF: ((Waiting for Omega's honor strike before I determine XP.))

Omega Incarnate: ::He grinned as Trunks hit the pillar hard. It was the second time he had done this. He wasn't prepared for what he saw next. The lavender-haired pansy started running at him. What is he doing? Is he dumb? Is that..? With the last thought, he watched Trunks' arm go up. There wasn't enough time to react. He was hit hard across the chest, the speed of Trunks forcing him off of his feet. He landed on his head hard, it bouncing a couple times, before he lay motionless..the world growing black. As a sign of being KO'd, his transformation broke; "Alpha" at his side.. All spells had been broken at this point.::

Omega Incarnate: [[No honor strike, it was never stated. How do we want to score this? Also, fuck you guys thinking i'd cheat. I didn't even use 8d100 after I found out Trunks was a lavender-haired pansy.]]

Exalted Trunks: [I would have had Trunks go SSJ if Omega broke the rule. Also, there's more. So stay put.]

Exalted Trunks: [To score it? Good question. It was more than a spar. But less than a death match. Had the battle gone the other way, say Trunks hit 700 damage, Omega would have told him to transform again.]

Draco Malfoy HP: []we made this to introduce uh..[]

Omega Incarnate: [[Slave matches. Had Trunks lost, Omega would have defeated Draco in a seperate match. A Slave Match, as Trunks would have been an unwilling host until he could somehow break free. Hence the line "You'll make a fine host!".]]

Exalted Trunks: [SM it is. This might be the first recorded SM on AIM..]

Omega Incarnate: [[Glat to be a part of it! ^.^;]]

Omega Incarnate: [[*Glad]]

Exalted Trunks: [SMs are 10x Margin of Victory is EXP and 15 times MoV for GP.]

Announcer WF: (Got it. 1007-589=418 Margin of victory. 418X10=4180 XP and 418x15=6270 GP. ABP=5)

Draco Malfoy HP: []4180 XP!?! O.O[]

Exalted Trunks: [I had 8546 EXP before this. 8546+4180=12726. Making me a.. WOW! 3d62 now.. Five levels from one fight. Now for HP..]

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 1 57-sided die: 40

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 1 58-sided die: 48

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 1 59-sided dice: 51

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 1 60-sided dice: 56

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 1 61-sided dice: 17

Exalted Trunks: [910+40+48+51+51+56+56+17+17=1246 total HP.]

Exalted Trunks: [I want to test roll these new guys before we go on.]

Omega Incarnate: [[You earned them, have fun.]]

Hosaka Jenitsu: ((I want to see this!))

Iczer Three: ((You're like the most powerful thing on AIM, Drew.))

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 3 62-sided dice: 30 32 2

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 6 62-sided dice: 38 26 17 27 48 59

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 12 62-sided dice: 10 58 42 49 13 23 42 58 52 5 19 53

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 15 62-sided dice: 9 55 61 35 29 60 1 39 35 16 44 58 43 11 57

Exalted Trunks: [Not according to those rolls, Grypho..]

Exalted Trunks: [Good match, Omega. You had a hell of a comeback there. And probably would have won if it weren't for my luck with doubles.]

Omega Incarnate: [[You too, man. I might have gotten cocky at the beginning with "As hard as you can". Max power SSJ2 is fuckin huge damage. Then, for you to bust out another level on top of that...? Fuck, full power that would have won the match before "No powers'.]]

Exalted Trunks: ::Contact. He felt contact. Stopping after a few steps, he witnessed Omega falling, his head bouncing. Even if he couldn't sense the being's power, he somehow knew it was done. The biggest hint was the fact the being had changed to his pre-transformation appearance. With a limp, he made his way over to where Dakuri was; she was slowly stirring awake..she was his highest importance. Kneeling down by her, he stretched out his hand. He spoke, his voice once again soft and gentle towards her.:: Hey.. ::He quickly smiled, hiding his pain.:: Are you alright? Did he hurt you!?

Dakuri Tsumari: :It had been quiet. She could hear them fighting, but it wasn't like it was before. She watched as the being finally fell, transforming back again. At the same time, should could feel again. Looking towards Trunks, she saw him coming her way. Limping; battered. She smiled as he knelt down. Grasping his hand, she spoke; her voice still trembling.: Trunks..I'm okay, I think. But, you, you're hurt! :She wrapped her free arm around his waist, her head on his chest; trying not to sob.: What was that? What did you do? :She whispered the next words.: You got really scary.

Exalted Trunks: ::He was relieved to hear that she wasn't hurt.:: Don't worry about me, Dak. I'll heal and grow stronger. ::He softly hugged back.:: That..that was something that thought it was a god. I don't know why it came here. ::He paused.:: I think it wanted to enslave us.. ::He trailed off, her last question was a doozy. Sighing, he spoke in a whisper.:: I transformed, Dak. The first one you saw..with the wizard? I can control that one. The others..the others I will tell you about later. I'm sorry that I scared you. :He kept quiet for a few precious seconds, enjoying the moment. He, once again, broke the silence.:: Can you stand?

Dakuri Tsumari: :She took in his words, feeling his vibrations as he spoke. *Something that could enslave us,* she thought *what's going on here?* Hearing his sigh, she knew that he seemed to be very nervous explaining this all to her, and for a moment she felt regret for inquiring. She took comfort in the fact that he was willing to explain this all to her, even if it wasn't right now. Trunks' voice broke the moment.: Yes. I think I can. Since you've been here by me, I feel better.

Exalted Trunks: ::He smiled at her words, slowly standing with her. As they got to their feet, he saw a familiar figure heading their way.::

Draco Malfoy HP: ::He came to. The last thing he remembered was a person shot black energy at him. Now that same person is on the ground, not moving.:: What happened? ::Struggling to get to his feet he saw Trunks limp away from the person towards someone else..away from him.:: Ugh.. ::He started walking towards Trunks and the other person who he could now see was a woman. For once he kept quiet simply holding up his right fist a few feet before passing Trunks. He knew that Trunks had done this seemingly saved them all.::

Draco Malfoy HP: []no one help me or anything[]

Hosaka Jenitsu: ((XD!))

Iczer Three: ((Draco casted a growth spell on Iczer's boobs and grabbed them, she's staying put.))

Hosaka Jenitsu: ((XDXD!))

Omega Incarnate: [[LOL, what?!]]

Shoshuro Akuma: ((XD))

Draco Malfoy HP: []rofl you know you liked it![]

Iczer Three: ((No, she didn't.))

Exalted Trunks: ::He noted Draco's gesture, and returned the fist bump as the wizard walked by.:: We'll finish this later, Draco. ::He spoke aloud as the man passed.::

Exalted Trunks: [I almost forgot about that! Wasn't that the time you KO'd Draco with double 20's?]

Iczer Three: ((Yup! ^.^))

Draco Malfoy HP: []-.-[]

Announcer WF: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! ::He spoke loudly into his microphone.:: It would seem that our, uh, unannounced battle has a victor! ::Making his way past Draco, he grabbed and raised Trunks' right arm.:: Trunks Briefs! Capable of overcoming..EVERYthing in his way! ::What was left of the crowd erupted in cheers and yelling.:: We will continue this as soon as we can. Once we can, uh, figure out how to fix the damage! ::With that, he let go of Trunks' arm, walking away.::

Omega Incarnate: ::The body twitched. It would appear that he wasn't done yet. "Alpha" and "Omega" vanished in the same digital blur that they appeared in. Slowly and sickly, the body arose. In the same manner, it faced Trunks.:: BOY!

Draco Malfoy HP: ::He heard it speak and spun around on his heel. Whatever happened next he was ready for.::

Exalted Trunks: ::The yell rang out clearly. He instructed Dakuri to get behind him. Once she was safe, he formed a protective barrier between her and Omega. A quick blink and he was back in his Super Saiyan transformation.::

Dakuri Tsumari: :The shout broke the comfortable silence she had. Sure, the crowd was going wild, but it didn't matter. This, however, did. The voice made her tremble. Trunks told her to hide behind him. Squatting down, she hugged her knees, Trunks was blonde again; but he would protect her from that thing.::

Omega Incarnate: ::The body smirked. A black digital presence could be seen over its head.:: Calm down, boy. This shell is spent, it can't do anything to you.

Exalted Trunks: ::He interrupted the being's speech, his voice deep and gravely.:: What do you want?!

Omega Incarnate: ::The grasp he had on the body was fading, he had to be quick.:: Let it be known, you fighters have the attention of those infinitely your superior. ::The body slowly started to go limp, from the feet up.::

Exalted Trunks: Yeah? You think we're helpless? You're wrong! We will train. We will become more powerful. We will find you and we will defeat you! ::Sure, it was the Super Saiyan powers fueling this speech, but it was right to say. He would not let a rogue Godly Incarnate threaten him and his friends and equals.:: All it takes is one victory to prove to those "infinitely our superior" that we mean business. ::He glared that Super Saiyan glare.:: I proved it today.

Dakuri Tsumari: :*Trunks, what are you doing?* she thought.:

Draco Malfoy HP: ::He nodded along with Trunks speech.:: WEAPONs are nothing! ::He crossed his arms and smirked.::

Iczer Three: ((Wait? Does this mean?))

Exalted Trunks: [Kinda..maybe..dice wars against the WEAPONs..?]

Hosaka Jenitsu: ((Fuck yes! Gonna murder us some WEAPONs!))

Omega Incarnate: [[Let's not "war", let's "dispute". The Incarnates think they own the Realm, you guys would show them that you're more than ants. They respect power, in most cases. But, yes, it's be long battles like this one, up to maybe 5000 damage to a WEAPON Incarnate (not just the SN). With maybe even death! You non-dicers, don't worry. If these guys are ants, you're cells.]]

Hosaka Jenitsu: ((Fuck yes!))

Shoshuro Akuma: ((I'm down once my weak ass gets strong.))

Iczer Three: ((Me too, I think. S'might be fun.))

Omega Incarnate: ::The body just laughed until it had finally gone limp, falling to the ground in an unnatural "pile".::

Omega Incarnate: [[With that, Omega out! Train well, kids! IM me with any questions, as I've already added you 5 to my Buddy List. Trunks, once again, good fight.]]

Hosaka Jenitsu: ((Later, Omega.))

Shoshuro Akuma: ((Later, man.))

Iczer Three: ((*Waves*))

Draco Malfoy HP: []lates[]

Exalted Trunks: [We'll all talk more later, Omega. Good match.]

Omega Incarnate has left the room.

Exalted Trunks: ::Seeing the Incarnate's body crumple, he powered down. Turning around, he offered his hand to Dakuri.:: Come on, I have some explaining to do and this isn't the place for it.

Draco Malfoy HP: ::The person fell after laughing. He was going to talk to Trunks but it seemed he was busy with the woman. He spun on his heal heading for the nearest exit.::

Draco Malfoy HP: []::pops the bubble::[]

Draco Malfoy HP: seeya guys

Draco Malfoy HP has left the room.

Hosaka Jenitsu: ((I'm out, too. Andrew, we need to spar at that level! >D))

Exalted Trunks: [I agree, Jeff. See you later, man.]

Dakuri Tsumari: ((Bye, Jeffy!))

Shoshuro Akuma: ((Later Jeff. I'm gonna go too. Awesome fight, Trunks.))

Hosaka Jenitsu: ((Later Casey.))

Exalted Trunks: [Thanks, Neon. Later.]

Hosaka Jenitsu has left the room.

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Iczer Three: ((*Waves* Me next!))

Exalted Trunks: [See you, Grypho.]

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Dakuri Tsumari: :She grasped his hand, still holding it even as she stood.: No it's not, let's go.

Exalted Trunks: ::Hand in hand, he lifted off with Dakuri; white aura ablaze. He'd fly the two of them to the only safe place he could think to explain. And maybe, just maybe teach her how to fly.::