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Let's get this party started right. How? By getting fully in character. I don't know about you, but I really didn't adopt Mac OS X fully, because FOR SOME REASON the Mac OS 9 AIM client, while several years old at that point, was a much better choice than the version for Mac OS X. This would be a thing I'd do until the chat died. So, here's my first image to invoke feelings.

Hello, old friend...

That image was something I'd see every single time I'd boot classic. Just for one application that I didn't want to let go of. Yes, I literally emulated Mac OS 9, on a laptop with MAYBE 512MB RAM just for fucking AIM. I know how stupid it was, but there was just something about that client that I was familiar with. Plus, I ran the carbonized version on an old G3 and it would crash, leaving me wanting the older version--even if the app legit runs really well on a G4 system. It was ugly, okay. I'd login with my screenname of choice. Then, this familiar friend showed up.

I can literally hear the sounds...

*Ding!* Then the buddy list popped up. I gave a fuck about that for approximately 40-80 seconds, until I was able to bring up the community chat window. Which I can't show you, since they're FUCKING GONE, so just imagine a window with links to various chats in it. That was what you got. Then we scroll for a bit until we found the link to "Gaming Chat". Or we just clicked it in someone's profile. Then we're presented with this.

Of course, that's an instant click. Or just slamming 'return'.

At this point, you'd wait a few (long) moments until the client processes your request, and you're thrown into the chat room. Usually this is the end of the story. But, what happens if it's busy? Then you get thrown into what is known as another "Instance" of the chat room. Usually "Gaming Chat 1". But some nights it was so busy that you were thrown into "Gaming Chat 2". AND IF YOU WERE UNLUCKY "Gaming Chat 3". None of those were acceptable. You wanted to be in what we called "Gaming Chat Prime", that is instance 0. This is the room we all wanted to be in, and would literally camp in there, waiting for the "pubbies" to leave so we could invite one of our friends. Usually like this.

You'd best click invite super fast.

Then you got in, and everything was good and cool. Unfortunately, this is as far as I can take you in this journey. Even using an old version of AIM, and clicking the proper link, I still get into an empty chat room. Which is SOSAD.

In closing, I hope those images stirred up some feelings in you, because I know they did for me.

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