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Apparently, chatlogs can be 31337.

Okay. This is a copy paste of Trunks' and Thalla's 1 on 1 session after the two of them had left the "elite community". The logs are presented as is, with no corrections and only minor formatting changes (to make it appear more like a chatlog).

You have just entered room "Capsule Corp."

trunkusbriefus: ::His rate of speed for flying home was astonishing. Never before had he traveled this fast, but there was a pretty good reason to; that mother of his. About halfway into the flight he had encountered a thunderstorm. It's quite a sight to travel through a storm cloud..he was able to see tiny bolts of lightning, that may or may not make it to the earth; naturally, this wasn't too safe, but the resistance of a Saiya-jin is quite amazing. But when one thinks of how much stress their body goes through during a transformation; a simple electric discharge is almost nothing. Cold rains and hash winds tried to deter him for the ultimate goal of reaching Capsule corp in an hour. In fact, he had no idea if he was even headed in the CORRECT direction, that's how angry he was at his mother. "It's not right of her," he thought, being pelted by cold rain, "to page me like that. Did she rig everything in the home like that? Only one way to find out.." He kicked up the aura once more, enlarging the size to about double. It was a sight to be seen from the ground; through a storm cloud which lightning was already visible through, a large white oval speeded through it, a faint trail following its every movement. Clearing the cloud he stopped, and looked towards the watch. It wasn't even 3 AM yet, and she was paging..he was going to find a way to get rid of the pager in the watch, even if it took him the rest of the night. But, upon pressing a button on the watch a holographic map popped up showing his current location--far off course.:: You're the greatest Gramps! ::He spoke aloud, but nothing could hear him..he was several hundred feet up. Maybe he could get his grandfather to help him. He'd deal with it in the morning. Correcting his course, he sped off.. Only time would tell how long it would take him to get home..he was several hundred miles off course... To make time pass he started talking aloud, almost at a scream, to compensate for his 100+ MPH speed.:: Man, that was pretty neat tonight, meeting Thalla and seeing some new people that seemed close-knit. Maybe I'll be able to join up with them..seems like they have some stories to tell. Might be able to do some type of adventure too. Heh, who am I kidding, people don't go on adventures anymore... ::He sailed through the night like this. Luckily, for his mother, it was calming him down too. Nearly two hours later he found himself at his home, Capsule Corp.:: INCREDIBLE , I can still partially sense them.. I couldn't before though... Were my senses heightened just being there..? ::He shrugged it off, and slipped in through his open third-story window. His mother was nowhere to be found, he hoped she had just went to sleep..for both their sakes. A Saiya-jin's temper is not all that long, and they're even WORSE when they're angry..::

trunkusbriefus: ::The morning light had made its way into his third-story room..this had signified that it was maybe around 10 AM. He had fallen asleep, and not even realized it. Groggily he brought his left wrist near his half opened ice-blue eyes. Blinking at the watch's face a few times, reluctantly he almost slammed his left arm down upon his soft be, the arm bouncing a couple times before everything had stabilized.:: Ungh, 10:15..I suppose I should drag myself out of bed. That man..I remember now, he had said something before I had completely left.. ::He could only partially recall it, since, at the time, he has keeping every urge of rocketing straight home in the 'golden' form and having a 'chat' with his mother, suppressed.:: Something about..interesting meetings were 'spawned' from from such occurances..I can't fully remember..thanks to mother. ::Twisting at his waist, he sat up on his bed just staring at his room. He knew it was a LONG time since he had slept in this late; it did feel good, however. There were several things he would have to accomplish today, before revisiting the tavern tonight..yes he was going to revisit it; there was no doubt. Standing, there was an object mounted on his wall that had not been used in quite sometime..:: The sword... ::It looked like a simple broadsword, sheathed in a 'modern' looking sheath. How that was quite wrong. Inside the simple looking orange and silver sheath was an amazing blade..so light blue in color, it had appeared to be sterling silver. The hilt was golden, but wrapped in a black material, for better grip. A unique weapon Trunks possessed, it's name was quite dull, however..Tapion's Sword.:: ..I'll take it with me tonight, it seemed a few of them had a weapon as well..and I don't wish to seem ill-equipped incase of some battle. ::Reaching out for the sheath, he grabbed it, turning it over..a belt was on the opposite side. Un-clasping the belt, he held one end of the belt in place over is right shoulder, his left hand drawing it around his body..finally clasping it over his chest. Having the sheath on his back was done more for looks than actual function, besides he was quick enough to grab it if need be. With that done, he headed out of his room, to see the one man who could help him with his mother..his grandfather...::

thalla: ::thalls frail form appeared soon enough.. much like a ghost.. within the fog her form was only a silohute.. not even that.. slowly her form came in as if she was only a hologram.."a ghost in the fog" the graceful beast beside her just as black as her cloak matching with a well groomed coat.. it had been raining and both were drenched from the walk.. water in rivers ran over the both of there black pelts so to speak.. they both approached the gothic building.. nathaniel had been far to kind to find her a new estate.. she walked up the stairs and walked to the door that too opened as soon as she was in range.. there were no servants to coem wait on the sopping wet creature.. the panther shook herself dry then contuined inwark into the mannor.. it looked more then centuries old.. she had slept here for over a year now and still it didnt feel like home.. lenore had never been inside this manor though thalla had made sure nathaniel had his men but her room upstairs like she liked.. thalla stopped thinking and just un hooked the latch on her long black cloak still rivers of flushed maddness ran down her cloak.. she dropped the cloak to the floor and exposed a beatiful frame.. demonic wings unfurling to massive heights.. black demonic leather no veins appearent... her attire was nothing more then what it had always been.. her golden tank top the sides open only held together by criss crossing red cords.. the bottom of the tank top stopping well over her navel.. the front of the shirt was open in a V form red cords again three of altering sizes hanging donw on her stomach.. her pants as always had been the tight black leather.. and of corse no one would forget the highheels.. black ones she kept on almost always.. she contuined walking leaving her cloak in a wet clump on the floor.. the locket was brighten then ever but for reasons unknown tallas heart had sunk to far in her chest to even notice.. hestia had already made her way to the top of the stairs and had pawed open lenores door and was apon the bed curling into a ball.. she wished violently that she had never let wataru purifyi her he called it.. for ever and a day thalla had been dead and gone.. and in that time logan ruled the set and lenore.. she had just left.. so said nathaniel.. though she didnt always trust his word.. thallas door was opened so it mattered not.. she just walked in pushing it open slightly.. though most thought one of her blood would sleep in a coffin.. she slept yes in a bed.. she feared not the sunlight like fledglings.. she was born and raised a halfbreed under desert suns.. thalla looked to her room and didnt even bother to unseath her sord.. the smell of flesh was there someone had been there.. a letter on her bed stand.. it was a pretty front that whoever wrote in.. she opened up the letter and began to read.. dear nan.. thallas heart sank.. nan a pet for thalla lanore used to say when she was to little to say her full name.. thalla didnt sit on the bed as most would do.. no she stood and read the letter.. tears didnt well in her eyes.. no she just read the letter and then smiled.. she was yes alive and well.. she was in some far off place.. with Nikolas.. thalla crumpled up the paper and threw it o the ground.. it burst into flame apon contact a small fire that didnt catch anywhere.. leaving a scorch on the cement floor.. thalla knew now yes where her daughter was.. and now she knew that, that low life Nikolas sakura was with her.. she walked to the pair of long window doors that lead to the balcony.. thalla pushed them open and walked through the pale white curtains.. she jumped up on the balcony the long blade bliss still strapped to her wretchedly skinny form.. she closed her eyes doing so her glowing embers were shaded and her face no longer looked as demonic as before.. the locket that laid flat to her chest began to glow again.. this time the light was bigger.. the aura stronger.. what was thalla searching for? who was she calling to? what was she asking for? all questions would be awnsered in time.. thall let go of the balcony and sprung upwards.. massive angelic apendages stayed open and she was gone.. into the black night. the witching hour would be soon and by then she would be where she was heading.. her wings were an amazing thing.. they were a mix of her emotions.. and when her souls shifted so did thoes apendages.. as she contuined to soar the black leather suddenlt went into flames.. though flames at this speed were almost unthinkable.. her cloths didnt scorch and she didnt scream in terror but no the fire kept burning and her speed only seemed to increase as she headed straight where her mind was directing her.. as she came closer the lockets auara grew heavier and brighter.. she didnt look to be herself as she travled.. the image of another slightly overlaid hers flickering over hers as she contuine to soar higher and faster.. looking much like amesha.. yes the image of her other half blinked in and out.. yes her hair now looked like a bloody waterfall.. her clothing were covered by thick metal armour that covered her full body even her face.. the images of amesha blicked like a hologram shifting and becomeing nothing more then a hulicination as she stopped suddenly and looked down to the capsule corp. building she had been compelled to go to.. he was here she was sure.. here it was alot brighter she had no sense of time.. it must be almost noon here.. judgeing by the sun.. the flames sunk and withered away.. now her wings were left angelic.. another side effect oh useing ameshas soul to speed up her body.. she was hungry and weak.. it had been weeks and still she refused to feed.. if it wasnt for the boost from ameshas soul she could have never made it.. it was hard to admit such but it was the truth... with angelic wings were now feathered and bright crimson.. her mind reached out replaying the message in his mind easily finding him.. ~*third story window.. i'll give you two minuets.. if your not there.. i shall depart~* she darted down quickly.. taceing him easily and finding his window.. she didnt enter.. she simply stood on teh edge looking in perched there for a second.. he was only a chlyd if he mother knew that he was asociating with the queen of a blood thirsty clan she might not be to impressed.. thalla thought for a second about helping the boy and killing the mom.. but dismissed the thought imediatly.. she blinked she knew two minuets.. and she waited for just that::

trunkusbriefus: ::He had made it to his grandfather's lab, greeting the man as always. Barely even handing over the watch, and giving him the instructions of removing his mother's little 'pager', he froze. He could feel it now, something was here. Able to hear the words of beckoning in his mind, he answered with his own thoughts, "Two minutes..it might take a little bit longer than that, please just wait a little bit longer." His grandfather's words snapped into his thoughts..:: Oh, I'm fine Granddad, now if you'll excuse me..there is something I must attend to. ::With those words he nodded to the man, leaving the room. He had to meet whoever was there outside..not through his window. The seconds passed, it was amazing that he couldn't find an exit yet..it seemed when they weren't needed they were plentiful. A full minute later he found one..leaving through it, he didn't even bother to shut it..someone else could. Springing off of one foot he made to the air..if he didn't have a 'beacon' drawing him, the little task might have proved difficult. Careening over the 'main' building he still couldn't figure out who it was..he had an idea, but..the feeling was somehow different.. "Hang on, just a bit longer..," he thought hoping the words would make it in time. About another minute later, the figure came into sight, but from the way it was perched, he couldn't make out out..yet. Slowing his flight, he eventually came to a stop, perfectly level with his own windowsill, hovering perfectly in mid air. The figure was familiar to him.. It was dressed different than the night previous..but his senses were true.. He was still in the same attire as the night past, save for the swore strapped to his back. Folding his arms over his chest he spoke out.:: Thalla..? ::He wanted to reach out, but decided against it..::

thalla: ::thall turned after hearing his messages she stayed just as long as he wanted her too.. she turned mid air her heeled foot touching the window sill but it in all reality wouldnt be able to hold a human.. but she was more then that weighing not even over 100 pounds she was light as a feathers.. especially with her wings she stood there her hands drawn behind her back looking up to him for a minuete:: yes? ::she looked to him still not surw what else to say... she should explain herself:: i couldnt stand to be in the manor any longer.. so i decided to seek you out.. ::she nodded her pale head.. she was weakening she could feel it.. ameshas soul could only produce so muhc and she refused to let trunks know she was in such a state she looked to him with her crimson depthless embers for a second more:: was i wrong in finding you?

trunkusbriefus: ::He shook his head slowly, of course it was alright that she was here.:: No, no, it's alright for you to find me. I, too, know what it's like to be cooped up somewhere..and need to be away.. ::Bring his arms from his chest, he placed a thumb in each pocket; nodding. He couldn't help but notice something was a bit off about her..but what was it. Ice-blue eyes looked her over once.. The Saiya-jin senses couldn't lie. Much like he felt when his friends of old were fighting for their lives--this one was weakening. But he also noticed she was trying to keep it 'away' from him, she nary a ward would be spoke about it... Her senses must have been as good as his to bring her this far.:: So, um.. ::He tried to not let it be obvious that he knew that she was weakening.:: ..you came all this way. Would you mind coming in, or would you want to go elsewhere..? ::It was odd for him to have a guest, so he really didn't know what, exactly, to do..::

thalla: ::thall looked to him.. was she read that easily? she nodded her head to his question:: will it cause a comotion? ::she was refearing to her being a stranger.. in a house of a chyld and not even being invited.. her wings were unfurled and were perched high on her back.. she dropped t the ground without trying landing perfectly:: i presume were not going in through the window? ::she smiled slightly she would have to feed again today.. she had a wuick though about feeding off his bothersome mother but sheilded such thoughts from trunks:: if it pleases you after this encounter.. i can give you a so to speak.. map.. to get to my mannor.. ::she smiled with the thought.. a map? how useless she would give him somthing much better::

trunkusbriefus: ::Shaking his head once more, he knew it wouldn't cause too much of a commotion; everyone was doing something, his grandfather..removing his mother's pager..his mother, trying to prefect another invention.:: No, it won't cause a commotion, it seems I'm the only one not doing anything today.. ::His descent was a few seconds after her own.:: We probably could have gone through the window, but I'm not sure they'd fit. ::He was, of course referring to the wings on her back.:: A map, you say..sounds like a deal. ::He started forward, passing her on the way to the building's door.:: Follow me. ::Opening the door, he stood parallel to it, awaiting Thalla to pass through it.:: We'll have to make our way back up to the third floor--but, the entire floor's mine, so to speak.. She'll only come up when she wants me to do something.. ::He nodded at his own speech, hoping she had enough energy--enough strength to make it..he couldn't accurately gauge how much strength she had left, as he had never known it as full.::

thalla: ::thalla nodded her head the wings closeing around her.. she had enver before saught a person out just because there pressance enthralled her.. she always let ones like this come to her.. as her wings began to close up the feathers seemed to meerly melt away benath them was the same old black leather vampire wings she was given at birth.. they closed up around her laying flat like simple silk material.. she was being caddy.. she nodded her head and followed him.. yes letting the feahers dissapte meant that she wasnt relying on ameshas soul any longer.. but she took that chance.. she followed him up the stairs.. it wasnt as hard as he thought it would be on her she looked around:: are you sure your allowed to have women in your room? ::she refrained from useing the word girls.. she hated such she was much older then that.. she elt as if she was a cradle robber for even visiting a boy of his age.. she spoke very few words until they were at the top level she smiled slightly:: you never did have a chance to tell me about your past and your father.. ::she was hinting at his royal blood she wasnt an idiot she knew alot of things in alot of diffrent realms::

trunkusbriefus: ::He kept his senses 'tuned' to Thalla; making sure she'd be able to make it. Somehow, during leading her, he knew she'd be fine. The rooms, the halls..everything was sparsely decored, after all, this was a place of business as well. He chuckled slightly at her question.:: Of course I can have women in my room. My 'mother', ::How the tone was heavy on that word.:: just thinks she can rule my life since I get free room and board here. In fact, I'm probably a little too old to be living at home, still. ::The third level was different than the rest of the building. Noted before, this was -his- part of the building. From the off-white halls of the rest of the building, this levels were dark, and only naturally lighted.. His room was the only light emitting from near the end of the hall. The rest of the rooms were used for his training, things like that; their conditions, much worse. His room, was much like the rest of the building, scarcely decorated..no little personal effects, nothing at all.. Just his bed, a desk, a chair, and a closet to hold his clothing.:: Er, this is mine..sorry it's so un-appealing, it mainly just used for sleeping. ::He motioned in to the room.:: Please enter, sit down if you wish. ::Following behind her, he opted to stand, for now; arms once again folded at his chest.:: You're right, I never did get to tell you of my past and my family.. ::He looked upwards for a second..:: This may sound far-fetched, but, please believe me that it's true. ::He awaited a sign from her that she'd believe the story, before he'd continue..::

thalla: ::thall looked to the room the others passing.. she seemed intrested.. her eyes cought a trainging room but she followed him she would ask later.. she stood leaning against the wall smileing softly:: if you just get free boarding why do you run when she comes calling? ::thalla was just playing around.. her wings twitched uneasily as she blinked astonished tht she had actually shivered.. she fought the immortal hunger and winced as she swallowed the pressing feeling.. she looked to him:: i do believe you'.. you have no reason to lie.. and if you do.. dont forget when you lie your body temature rises slightly.. and can read such without effort.. ::she didnt mention his thoughts if not sheilded against very well she would be able to read them without working magick.. the locket still glowed.. begging thalla to call on somthing to make her stronger she was in the pressence of a man and she was not sheilding herself.. she stood there her wings drapped around her shoulders as she listened::

trunkusbriefus: ::He chuckled before starting his story, she'd actually be the second person, aside from himself, to know of his heritage. Of course he too had to joke a little about his mother.:: Well, because when she gets angry, well, you saw what happened last night. I think she's just over-protective of me, is all.. ::Again he kept his senses on her..making sure she kept her strength up. Nodding at what she had said about changes in lying, he knew he wouldn't lie:: I promise I won't like, I feel as through I can trust you.. ::He nodded, lowering his head down to 'normal', and began to speak.:: As you can probably sense, I'm not originally from this realm. My harmonics, that is the 'waves' emitting from my being are a bit off from everything in this known realm. I'm from another realm VERY similar to this one.. But there's a small catch to this.. I won't be born for another..three years. ::That was right, the 'average' looking male before her was a time-traveler, from another realm to boot..:: My natural mother, a human woman, is still very much alive in that realm, my father, however, was killed when I was very young, maybe five or six years from now. That man, was rather arrogant; he had reason to be, though.. Besides being one of the strongest beings of that realm, he's also the king of a long forgotten race, which I am now the last of; the Saiya-jin.. ::He knew there were many races that despised the Saiya-jin, and what they did.:: I, as the son of Vegeta, am the Prince of the race. It's from him that I get all of my abilities, from something as simple as flight, to my very strength; which I'm sure you're well aware of.. ::He took a few steps away from her, his hands now behind his back, still speaking all the while.:: I grew up in that realm; and watched every one of it's strongest fighters easily killed by a great force, save for my instructor, and best friend. He took me in, and trained me.. For seven long years I was under his teachings, until one day, he too was slain before my eyes.. That event, awakened my true power, which I have built upon since.. A few years later, I was barely 17, and my mother presented me with an offer..to go back 20 years to this realm and stop the force before it got started. Of course I jumped at it.. ::He turned to face Thalla.:: ..Arriving here, I was able to see my long-lost friends, and my father. It took three long years, but we managed to complete the task. I had to return to my home though, there were things to take care of there. By that time, I was much stronger than they were..an easy victory.. ::He sighed softly, this was probably quite boring to her..nothing but fighting and getting better..how he used to be.:: After that, I returned here; to the present; 23 years in the past for me.. Since then, I've lived here; with that witch of a woman..who, in a year or so, will meet the Vegeta of this realm.. I apologize if the story seems to be a little confusing, with the realm and time hopping all over; but that is my life so far..

thalla: ::thalla looked to him as he contuined to speak his tale and stoery.. she smiled watching but her strength was deminishing:: i have heard of such traveling through time.. i know such who once experinced such.. other sie known as my daughter.. lenore.. ::her words were heavy with greif.. she spoke sighing at the end of her speech: his words had commenced and he was done his story:: i do believe you trunks and there is no need for me to trespass in your mind.. ::thalla grew weak and her hand falling aginst the wall and then she seemed to slip.. as if sudeenly her knees gave out and she fell into a clump into his bedroom floor.. hopeing she could pull herself up she tried with no prevail she couched and shuddered it seemed as if she was sick.. she was on her hands and knees her wings limp around her like a wet cloth draped on her shoulders.. her form blinked as she held back and swallowed the power trying desperatly not to call apon ameshas soul infront of trunks.. she wouldnt be able to controle it at this point she couldnt hold amesha back much longer:: trunks.. i need to feed.. ::her breathing was slightly iregular.. a form overlaped hers.. it was a hologram looking ghostly thing.. wings like the red feathers she came in it seemed the hologram was covered in armor.. she was ashamed of herself.. she hated to be like this.. but for his own safety she fought against the power source and fought for the hunger::

trunkusbriefus: ::She had believed his story, but..that was not the most important thing. His senses were going off like crazy.. She was weak, and it didn't take a genius to figure it out. Watching as she fell, he rushed over; kneeling down beside her. He had noticed the almost 'holographic double' of hers.."A transformation..?," he thought. But that was not the most important manner at hand. She was weakening by the second, and seemed to be fighting something internally. Upon hearing her words..he knew what he had to do..:: Me then.. I know you wouldn't kill me. Besides, I can withstand so much more than an average human..due to the Saiya-jin heritage.. ::It was the first idea he could think of, but, his words were truthful, he had been sent to the dead and revived before, a year or so back..so with his new found power, he could take anything, or so he believed. And besides, whatever doesn't kill him, does, in fact, make him grow stronger..::

thalla: ::thalla looked to him as he ran to her side.. she thought about telling him of a wounded prey approach most vampires used.. like the cat seeing a wounded bird and hunting for it.. vampires too played the weaklings for humans to aid them then they strike.. her pale hand fell on his shoulders she looked to him and it was her eyes looking to him.. amesha was surpressed with him being right there.. it was to dangerous to see this boy when she was in a feeding frenzy.. she cursed herself nodding her pale face:: it wont hurt.. i promise.. ::she tried to force a friendly smil regaining a little strenght to pull herself to him.. she was easy and patient with him unlike the rest of her prey.. but he wasnt that he was a willing donnor.. she would make it painless.. her hand brushed back his hair and her lips found his neck.. her mind reached out trying desperatly to use the oldest trick in the book.. as her twin dagger fangs fell into place and punctured his pallid flesh her auara covered him.. the black wildfire seen only by other vampires blanketed him the bite was nothing more then a tingle.. it was like floating in estacy when vampires willed it so.. and she did.. she was holding him still.. as she took the thick crimson fluid ino her mouth her strength regained.. ameshas soul was satisfyied and thalla was in contole.. hopefully he wouldnt pass out.. many did.. so she was ready to catch him if so he decided to give up in the middle of the feeding.. she would draw to much blood.. just a little to satisfy the hunger.. yes this was plently.. she held him for a second longer letting her fangs slip back into her mouth as she moved her lips from his neck the wounds healed.. they seemed to be nothing more then scars over 10 years old.. she could take and give much like a god would.. but she was nothing like a god.. she was just a vampress::.. that was a very dangerous thing you just did trunk.. what if i was playing a wounded innocent? ::she stood before he had a chance to respond her wings looked better as well unfurling lightly as she reached down to his hand:: then youd be dead.. ::she laughed slightly pulling him to his feet:: i thank you.. and you deserve to know a bit more about my past... ::she was speaking of amesha.. shed confess it here and now::

trunkusbriefus: ::It was as he seen the night before, except this time; the approach..everything was different..yes, gentle, he'd venture to think.:: I hope not. ::She was correct, though.. If it were not for the first tingle he probably would not have known she had started. For less than a moment, though his right hand had shot up a couple inches, to the hilt of his sword..a natural reaction; luckily he had calmed himself and froze the offending hand where it was. It was amazing..the entire experience..like nothing he had ever felt before..he had completely calmed during the process.. But he had to close his eyes..no not a black-out..just..tiredness. She was finished, he could tell, she felt much stronger than before. Taking her hand he stood, rather woozy.:: Then, I would have died for doing..what I believe in. ::His speech was slower, but not slurred. He was tired from it, to say the least. After all, it was the first time it had happened to him, and even Saiya-jin cells need their time to regenerate. In a few hours, he'd probably be fine, but for now..he'd have to lean against his wall. Leaning back some, he crossed his arms over his chest, but not without feeling over his neck once.. Nary an excess of his blood was present...amazing beings. Hopefully, she got her fill from it.:: It was..no problem. Now please go on, I'll try my best to pay attention.. ::His words were true, but there's a slight chance that he'd fall asleep leaning against the wall.::

thalla: ::thall pressed her hand to his And motioned him to the bed:: strong as you may be it is best to rest... ill stay here and tell you about the angel... ill tell you and make sure you stay well no need to worry.. ::she tried to help him to the bed without acting as if she was mothering him as he settled either sitting or laying on the bed.. thalla leant against the wall her wings draped around her still tasteing the sweet blood.. she watched him contently:: a long time ago I captured an angel, an angel Born of Amarathelia the blood angel and the ArchAngel of destruction otherwise know as the fiend of the weilding spear.. Amesha was sent to destroy me.. i had heard of his powers.. greedy i killed the angel and stole his soul.. i ripped off his wings and burned the wings to ahses.. ::she sighed her chest heaving as she contuined the story.. she blinked her crimson embers:: with his oul in me.. i was torn.. i couldnt handle the powers of an angel.. my body and soul was of both orgins.. and it was a constant power struggle.. soon enough my body and mind would give way and i would become somthing i cant deny.. i would become Amesha.. and i would take back seat in my own body and become an angel.. but one who was set on revenge against everything and anything.. because the angel thought in my body it was safe from sin and it was safe from eternal damnation.. and now after so many battles after so many atempts to free myself i finally did it.. but feeling tht i was now weak without the power.. i saught him out and destroyed him again stealing his soul.. soon enough i learned to crntrole it.. but when i get weak from hunger sometimes i slip.. and call on him to aid me if i grow weak sometimes i even dare enough to let the angelic soul take over.. and mend the both of is.. its dangerous but i like the power.. ::she looked down slightly ashamed:: dont speak of this to any of the elders.. not to the anceints that dwelled in the tavern or anyone else in this realm or any other.. no one whould know the truth of the ArchAngels demise.. i took Ameshas title oh the ArchAngel of destruction as it is custom when you kill one like him.. ::she looked to him watching him breath her eyes meeting his as she watching tring to smile:: no one is to know.. promise me..

trunkusbriefus: ::Maybe she was right, maybe he should be off of his feet.:: I..oh, alright. ::He reluctantly laid himself down; truth be told, he was actually enjoying this--being cared for, worried about.:: An angel, it's been a long time since I heard about an angel.. ::He had mumbled that bit, not sure if she'd hear it or no. Listening to her story, he knew not of the names she had mentioned, but figured it must have been in the long gone past. The struggle she described within her..how she was 'consumed' during it all..it sounds like what happens whenever he was in the 'golden' form. From what she had said, what he was able to take in..it was something..different when she hungered, as he had almost seen earlier. But this time, he had a hand placed over his stomach, the other lay flat atop the bed; his breathing starting to slow a little..relaxation, it seemed.:: No one will know, I promise; it'll never leave this room. ::By this time, his ice-blue eyes were about half shut, a small smile was upon his face.:: Besides, Thalla, I trust you with my background as well..there are those that'd kill me if they knew what exactly I was. We seem very similar, you and I.. ::The words trailed off to a small yawn,a small blush found its way to his face from it..he didn't want Thalla to think she had bored him.:: Oh, excuse that; I'm just kind of tired.

thalla: ::thalla smiled and watched him as he yawned she had seen his breathing regulate and had seen the stary look in his eyes.. she knew he wouldnt fully comprehend what was happening.. what had happened but she had faith in his ability to one day fully understand all of this.. she watched him slip and fall into a light sleep.. his chest heaving as he yawned.. she had nodded her head and spoke lightly:: i trust you.. otherwise you would be dead by now.. i have already decided your trust worthy.. ::she didnt tap his shoulder or touch him.. she simply placed the object on the desk underneath the small lamp.. she smiled:: goodnight tunks.. ::the window opeed and without hesitation her shadowy wings unfurled and the creature was gone.. the object left in his room shimmered.. it was a ring yes for his thumb it seemed the outside was of a unknown metal there was no way to trace it.. the inneards of the ring was red liquid *you can find me always.. the ring will lead you to me..* her words echoed in his mind hers had reached out as she soared throughout the skies of this realm and returning to hers.. yaru if not fed would start eating the servants.. there was no more then four left.. *tomorrow morning.. be tere early i have a lesson to teach you..* her words were more of a comand.. she turned on her back as she contuined to speed up and further reach her maximum speed.. the ring began to glow her mind still reaching to him *if your in trouble.. of if i need you the ring will pulse like this..* the black auara grew pulseing like a heartbeat.. if she had one... *and yes trunks thats my blood in the ring..* you could hear her small laugh and know that her smile was wide though the telepathic link the link shut.. he would have to be there very early to catch her lesson.. she arrived home within the hour.. the witching hour was over the the moon began to drop low in the dark sky.. she landed in the same place she had depearted hours ago.. she could hear the wolves cry there sweet song calling her.. she smiled and fell into the room the window curtains falling like fog around her.. the windows shut behind her and from there on there was nothing more to know.. by morning she would prepare him the best she could.. he knew nothing of this world.. not of the demons and the leeches that would kill without mercy.. she favored this one.. not knowing why.. she would in the morning she would be up before the sun.. and she would teac him a few tricks to keep him alive.. she couldnt baby him..::

trunkusbriefus: ::He shot awake, almost instantly, using his arms to prop him up, he did fall asleep on his guest.:: Oh, man! I'm sorr--.. ::He looked around, a blank expression on his face, there was no one in his room, it was how he had left it the night before..he hadn't even noticed the ring on his desk yet. There were no more large powers present, only those of who lived and worked in the Capsule Corp. building. Had he dreamed it all..? No..it was far too real to be a dream, he knew it. Judging by the night sky, it couldn't have been too late, so, obviously, the day had to have passed.:: I know that wasn't a dream..but where'd she disappear off to.. And didn't she say something about leaving a map of sorts.. ::Finally, the simmering ring she had left had drawn his attention.:: What the..? ::He hopped out of his bed, feeling better than normal..everything had regenerated, and then some..that Saiya-jin heritage had once again come in handy. Now, he just needed a way to test out his new, if strangely gotten, power. At the desk he picked the ring up thinking and examining it closely.:: It looks too big for my other fingers, maybe for my thumb. ::Holding it carefully with his left thumb and fore finger, he slipped it onto his thumb. Everything she had telepathically told him..came rushing back at once; yes, it was perfectly clear. He knew where he had to be, what was on the inside of the ring, everything that he needed to know, had all came back. A simple thought, more like an answer to what she had said, was offered, hoping she could hear.."I understand, Thalla..". But something else had hit him at that time, too.:: I..I'm hungry.. ::It was a lot of work for his body to regenerate; plus he did not eat the day before. Heading downstairs, he raided the kitchen..nothing leftover from dinner, as usual.. An apple would have to tide him over until he got the chance to return to the tavern.::

Something else, too.. ::Taking a bite of the apple he headed to his Grandfather's lab, to retrieve the watch he left there before the day's events had began. Of course, by the time he got there, the apple was gone. He had a small talk with the man before taking the watch back. Now back up in his room he had time to kill before following the ring. The best way to kill time, for Trunks, was to stare at the stars. But not without getting his sword again, he had taken it off before laying down. There was something he had to attach to it, first..he had a long black bandanna..he never wore; finding it he tied it to the end of the hilt, giving the thing 'tails' so to speak. Clasping the buckle, that was attached to the sheath, securely over his chest; he'd probably be ready for the morn. Slipping out the window, he hovered in mid air..:: Hm, I wonder what she's going to teach me.. Whatever it will be, it'll be worthwhile..

You have just entered room "Thalla's Domain."

trunkusbriefus: ::He had lost himself in thought, until he happened to notice the moon..it was getting low. "Time to go," he thought flaring up up his white aura, heading where the ring was 'telling' him to..:: I wonder how much further, it's nearing the morn.. ::A small sliver of green was making itself known in the sky, the moon still refusing to let its grip go. Almost an hour of flight he just stopped, not to wonder, but he felt he had to. This, it seemed was where he had to be; the appointment was on schedule, more than likely. Not a word was spoke aloud, or a thought slipped into his mind..he had just hovered..awaiting Thalla. She'd be able to sense him, as he has been sensing her.::

thalla: ::thalla had been awake for hours he was here yes she could feel it.. the golden locket beneath her black cloak had a large glow of black thalla kept walking twords trunks her form becomming suddenly vully visible as she was rather close... as if from nowhere.. she nodded her head the black beast beside her sat bearing its pearly daggers in a primal attempt to warn him.. thalla didnt need to move or glance at the pahterand its mouth was shut and it became domestic she smiled and nodded to trunks:: i see my ring was worthy enough to bring you here? ::she smiled slightly bneath the shadow of her hood it was cold and her eing a vampire there was little to no way to ever be warmed.. she had a back seath steardy.. though never before in the tavern or at his place had she ever needed a sword.. why was today diffrent:: im going to teach you a thing or two about vampires.. ::she turned on her heel and began to walk through the shroud of marning fog and contuine her way to the gothic cathedral.. it didnt take long at all a minuete or so?? she stepped up the stairs not worried.. hed follow.. the black cat looking beast lumbered at her side feline tail swining side to side a sign of enjoment.. of corse it was enjoying itself.. her mistress had finally returned to the mannor.. the twin wooden doors were massive in height and width.. they slowly opened as if men behind the wooden planks pushed as if there lives depended on it.. there was no men behind the anceint doors.. just thallas mind.. she stepped through he would follow, she knew so.. she stepped into the ancient building and stopped urning around to face him:: this is the verdaline mannor.. well the one of this era.. you are welcome at anytime.. the door will open as it did for me if your wearing that ring.. ::she nodded to his thumb the pahter still at her side sat not moving as if it was life and death:: now.. to commune with such ancients you have to know there breed.. :::she used the term lightly seeing as she meant more of species:: i dont want you killed when im not there to protect you.. your sword show it to me.. ::she was more commanding now.. he had to know what he was doing.. yes he was a rpince and long ago she was a princess and she was killed.. so it means nothing to be corwned it means somthing to surive::

trunkusbriefus: ::He remained aloft until Thalla had appeared. No, not because of fear of the black-panther-like-beast, but..it wouldn't be a very good idea to have been seen evading it or going at it..no, not a very good idea. It ws a rather chilly morning, it'd stay like that for quite a few hours; he had almost cursed himself for not wearing his long-sleeve half-jacket thing..but it had been ages since he wore it last, it probably wouldn't fit too well.:: Yes, yes, it was. ::Noting the panther's expression had changed, he landed softly, to not disturb either. A small chilly breeze caught one of the two rogue lavender strands in front of his eyes. It seemed like a strange pause before she had spoke once more.. So today, he learned, he'd learn about vampires..a good idea; save for the one man he met at the door, everyone at that tavern had an eerie feel to them. He nodded as she was pivoting around. Following up the steps, he paused watching as the doors opened; he fully expected there to be someone or something opening, but there was none..she had all did it telekinetically, he assumed. Following her in, he paused when she did. Nodding at what she had said he had to interject for a moment.:: I doubt the ring will be coming off.. ::Not even by the time he had his arms folded she had spoke again.. He knew nothing of the 'breeds' as she called them..and of course, he had to figure most weren't as kind as she had..shown.:: My sword huh..? ::He had almost forgotten he had the thing on his back until she had said something. Unfolding his arms, the left found its way to his side, the right making its way up the hilt of the sword. Pulling down, slightly, on the hilt he unsheathed it; it was a better angle like this. The blade was nothing spectacular, to the untrained, in fact, it looked like a normal broadsword; but in the hands of trunks, it was already slightly transparent, and a light blue in color..a sign of inner power, to say the least. Holding the weapon in one hand, he allowed the arm to rest at his side, the blade at a different angle, where it could be seen; the tip was barely off the ground..::

thalla: ::Thalla stood and looked to the blade:: its nice.. looks like a toy.. im glad your somewhat prepared for an attack of any sort.. in this place it would be wise to always have a weapon.. ::she smiled and reached an ivory skinned hand behind her head and unseathed a sword looking overpowering not to mention as oversized.. it resmbled clouds sword from final fantasy 7.. the blade was betifully crafted.. it once was a blade of selene one of the first vampires but no longer.. she exposed the blade it was nicely crafted the words 'bliss' were engraved in the blade in jap. letterings.. she smiled slightly:: this is not a toy.. ::she smiled and placex the tip on the ground and then leaned on it the cloak dropped to the ground fluttering around her massive scaley wings shooting out from the binds:: lesson one.. not all vampires have wings.. ::she smiled slightly:: they can look and act anyway they want they can trick and decive most anybody.. and just because they say there not a vampire.. if you really want to know.. you could always badger them to the point they will attack and try to bite but otherwise.. ::she shifted her wings and paused:: lets cut to the chase.. trunks i want to offer you somthing.. ::her tone had slightly changed:: let me teach you all about this.. ::she meant vampires and such:: if you are willing to learn i can teach you.. ::she looked to him.. would she ever have the guts to change him if he asked? many times before one would beg at her feet to be a fledgling and under her wing.. could she even.. she shook the thought from her mind and then thought more realistically.. what if he refused her offer?::

trunkusbriefus: ::He chuckled some; there was more to the weapon then he had let on, much like himself.:: Only looks a toy, mind you. Yeah, rough waters in THIS land, I learned that a year back. ::Glancing to her, whe watched as she drew her weapon..how he had not noticed it before had escaped him, maybe it was the cloak she wore. He was able to read the symbols on the sword--barely, he had only recently been learning the language, more towards the speaking end then the writing and reading end. Again he chuckled.:: Nice blade.. ::He watched as her cloak had fallen to the ground, must be constricting for battles, he assumed as wh watched her wings 'shoot' out from their binds. Not all have wings, eh..they can take any form they wish..? ::He shifted his weight for a second; still in the same pose as before, as he got the response to his on question.:: Offer me..? I thought this was the offer.. ::He noted the way her tone changed, but that was the only thing he could pick up, his sense were limited to strength only. Maybe she meant something different, something the she didn't really want to discuss..maybe that was the reason for it.:: I'm game, for now.. ::After all, what he would learn would be the truth, rather than the fairy tales and books that made false assumptions and accusations.. Besides, this was the first vampire he had ever seen, and she was much different from the stories of old.::

thalla: ::she smiled and nodded her head happy that finally she had found something worthy of teaching besides nathaniel.. oh her brother dearest.. she missed him more then anything.. she fought the memory.. yes the trainging:: you cant become what iam by being just bitten obviously.. and once youve drank enough of a vampires blod you become one of them.. but theres a catch.. if you only have small amounts of there blood you simply grow slightly stronger you wont thirst or grow fangs.. but for a little while you will be stronger.. ::she hoped he was catching this she spoke again now a slightly more serious tone:: and now with that ring vampires will be able to smell my blood and wont touch you.. ::her black lips were painted with a small smirk:: unless they want to suffer dire consiquences.. see most vampires are part of a clan be it set ravnos or even darkhaven now a days families of vampires become clans.. and they are very powerful ::she was rambleing.. she shook her head for a second and stood with teh sword in hand swinging it over her head and resting it on the back of her shoulders:: shall we contuine in a slightly more apporiate space.. talking in the middle of my cathedral may bring visitors.. ::she started walking twords the back of the giant hall and took him into a beaitful room.. the room was covered in books from side to side there was little light she dropped the sword onto a large black oak table.. she flung open the long long drapes letting in sunlight:: and dont think for a second a holy objest or water or sunlight kills all vampires.. ::im sorry for rambleing.. is there anything you wnt to know in specific?

trunkusbriefus: ::Bending his wrist a little, the tip of the blade had almost touched the ground; but only for a split second. When she spoke again, it finally put to rest a question in his mind that he was worried about since the day before. He was safe, everything the books of old said were untrue; this calmed him, he didn't have to worry about being 'transformed'..even if it was slightly immature for him to worry. Noting the change in her tone, he knew that the powers of the ring were true. Glancing down at it for a moment, it was amazing that the little band of metal that contained her blood had so much depth to it. He had to smile a little when she mention that he wouldn't..or..shouldn't be harmed by another vampire while wearing the ring. He had to wonder if the clans were like the family name divisions present almost everywhere--including the Saiya-jin.:: Yeah, we should; we wouldn't want to be interrupted. ::He followed, having not bothered to sheath his word yet. This new room was simply amazing, never before had he seen so many books..but what of? History? Journals? He could only guess, but he had a feeling that one day they'd provide answers as well as Thalla.. Watching as she had opened the drapes; another myth had been dissolved.:: Oh, ah, just go on as you were..I don't think there are specifics for me to know yet. ::With a small hand movement and a flick of the wrist, he had Tapion's Sword resting across his back, it still had not found its way back to the sheath yet, however.::

thalla: all of you assumptions are true.. ::she waved her hand around the books and such that covered two of the walls:: they are journals of dead vampires, angels, so on so forth.. ones that i have recovered from thoes the set have destroyed or i myself.. i got all i could from all of these.. the scrolls as well from anastasia and the other revardays.. a family once here.. a fledgling of akasha.. ::she looked the the desk where her sword was settled she smiled and went to the desk:: i dont know where to start.. what is your knowladge of our race?

trunkusbriefus: ::He took in the walls of books upon books, the must have taken quite sometime to amass, from how she said she had obtained them..even longer to read, he could only guess. That kind of time, he just didn't have..he'd just have to get the quick lesson. Akasha..he had heard that name the night at the tavern, that one must have had to been around for quite sometime, too.. In fact, the other two he got the eerie sense from, they must have been around for that long as well. Watching her movements, he figured it was time for him to stand at the desk, until instructed different. A perfect cadence had lead him to the desk where he placed his blade, and leaned down, using his hands for support; even if they weren't needed.:: Well, honestly, all I know is from books of old..so-called horror stories.. But, from what I've amassed through the last few nights is..your race is strong, very strong..and it seems as though, if properly 'nourished'.. ::He paused at the word..it sounded awkward, but it would have to do.:: ..they're also very long lived. Other than that, I can say I know nothing..

thalla: well.. ::she opened a oversized book on the desk where he was.,. she smiled and flipped through the pages:: vampires can create and destroy.. with only useing there mind.. well some kind.. just remember that EVERY breed is diffrent.. and every vampire has its own weaknesses.. ::she had flipped through the paged and came to a well screatched pictures aof a giant vampire looming over another Kain in gothic lettersings over his head:: most say kain created vampires.. ::she flipped over another page a giant man with the hood of a snake behind his ears dressed in egyptian grab:: others set.. and still more think a million other things.. ::she looked to him knowning hed want an awnser:: nobody knows where vampires came from originally.. we all just know our fathers and mothers and not much more.. ::she smiled slightly and went to the giant wall.. she pulled her hand up and a book came to her fingers without a single word or thought really.. thalla could call on most any objectr without really trying.. she sauntered back to the table and placed the book down:: this is a good place to start.. especially because so many of them lurk around us.. ::the large book was black the cover reading 'Ahhara':: not many familes curvive in these parts.. a family appears.. and with them a new brand of vampire hunters.. they all get wiped out in one big battle and in 20 years the cycle starts over.. ::she opened the book to one of the first pages:: there isnt much you need to know just to be aware of some of these vampires that are infact inhabiting the tavern.. and be aware of the ancients of these lands.. most are inviting when in public.. but alone if your not invited.. you will be killed.. call it a hunch.. :: she smiled slightly and went through the pages... she placed a long glass nailed finger on another picture a woman with long golden curls and large black wings:: Desta Darkhaven im sure youve heard of her.. shes a kind ancient soul.. but very powerful and very protective of her kin.. which she has more then enough of.. ::she flipped the pages again:: as you can see this is Anastasias book.. she cept drawings of these ancient creatures and took down all she could from asking and talking to anyone.. this is Dauthi seraphim.. you saw her in the tavern did you not? ::the elegant creature was not dressed as she was now.. but before then.. a cowboy hat hidding her loose ebon curls.. a chainmail top and chaps to complete the outfit.. twin black vampiric wings unlike the ones she had now:: she is a troubled soul.. there is no daught about it.. she has been an angel, a killer, a queen, a mother and a wife.. and so much more through he day.. and still time has not made her bitter.. but there is one rule to dauthi.. never harm or speak a word harmful of akasha.. ::she laughed again flipping the page to the picture of the deathly pale akasha in her throne.:: the last time someone did that they had there heart ripped from there chest and aten right there infront of them.. ::she looked to him..:: am i boreing you yet?

trunkusbriefus: :He looked to the book as she spoke.. Some could create and destroy using their mind alone..how far could the ability extend..? Life itself? Or just simple matter..? He somehow knew that one day he'd see this in action..or so he had hoped. Something else he would have to look out for in his travels..and that was just a few of the breeds.. Almost lost in the very notion he had to snap out of that thought..who was this? A man called Kain; simply amazing how, if true, an entire race could be conceived by one being. But then again, noticing she changed the page, it could have been Set. At that point he wondered if they could be traced back, to a single point of origin. Looking up he watched as she went to the wall and pulled out another book, this time with her mind..telekinesis, it must be a wonderful thing to be 'blessed' with..but he thought, the price was a bit too high for him to have that power. Shaking the thought out of his head, she was back with the book. His senses were confirmed when she had said many are around..he had felt many strange senses that night at the tavern. Hunters, the very word caused his hand to clench up into a fist..how he hated the hunters, and now knew he wasn't the only being in the realm hunted for being different..but, his hunters..they've been long gone for quite awhile now, and they haven't been replaced. He kept quiet still, as she spoke. He was now more than aware of what those beings were; but their breed..was another story indeed.. Inviting in public..he kept a chuckle in his throat..he had seen that, and he considered himself lucky he wasn't..well, dead or turned by now. Who was this..? Desta.. While she was changing pages she spoke, softly.:: I've heard the name yes, just through rumors though. ::He looked to the book once more. This one he had seen before, if only that night. From the drawing..it must have had been some time ago..yes..dressed different..just seemed different around. Had she changed..? Entered another stage..? Evolved..? Too many loose thoughts from what he had to learn. He was..relieved to hear time had not made that one bitter either..maybe an introduction would have to take place..next time. Akasha.. He remembered how she said that Dauthi and her were related..or something like that.. So much new knowledge had been placed upon him the past couple days. The rule she mentioned was a simple one..don't mess with Akasha or get messed with..the same probably applied to Dauthi through Akasha. He cringed slightly at the example she had provided..and decided it was a good idea not to. He looked up from the book to Thalla.:: No, no, not at all.. There's just..so many free thoughts in my mind, I'm sure you've picked them up.. ::He sighed softly.:: I just hope I can remember all of this..and not end up finished due to a simple mistake..

thalla: ::she smiled and was reading his thoughts as he contuined:: it only extends to matter for most of us.. others can create life.. vampires are diffrent.. ::she thought of her last fledgling she couldnt even remember her name! it had been so long.. and now she took on a young on again to teach.. yes the others downfall was her thinking she was a god.. how wrong she was.. nathaniel had showed her..she smiled slightly reminissing..:: vampires ahve diffrent weaknesses most its the hunger.. others light and holy objects.. ::a black glassy nail touched the paper and swirled in an inresting fashion as she spoke:: others its fire.. ::as she spoke the words fire a flame appeared.. nothing much.. the flame flickered not scroching the books or anything else.. it gave off heat like any other flame though.. the flame semed to take the form of a small womana nd began to dance.. she smiled slightly the trick was amuseing to most.. Aearis had showed her years back how to create such things:: vampires can controle the things they create.. most of the time.. ::the flame kept dancing and she didnt even need to watch but she did:: unless the creation gets to big.. and gets a mind of its own.. alot of vampires will have signature moves.. singature powers consisting of one element.. or just white or black.. some vampires work with demons.. others with an army of there children.. most of us were born somthing special before we because vampires.. well most of us ancients.. ::she let then small creation dance and awatied another responce::.. you carry a power like a vampire would.. well in a way ::her hand touched his cheek:: you are very powerfull for one of your race i must admit.. im sure you too can demonstrate an ability.. im very intrested in your breed as well..

trunkusbriefus: ::He sighed once more.. Some of them hadn't reached a deity status, in fact most, if he took her words in right. Glancing to her for a second, he had to wonder what the smile was about, but she'd eventually tell him, in due time..some things couldn't be rushed. A slight smirk crossed his face when she had mentioned hunger as a weakness..that and holy objects.:: I've seen the hunger bit, and I thought light and holy objects were just a myth.. ::Watching once more, she'd mentioned the word fire..it got him to think of what he'd be aligned to, if anything. The thought stopped as soon as the small flame appeared. A simple fire spell, he thought..but..it wasn't damaging anything.. She must have created it to do so, like a trick.. He'd noticed it had changed form.. It got him wondering what else she could 'summon' like that..the very depths of her power. Like every creation..like she said about the ones vampires had created...would get out of hand once it got it's own mind..that was a simple fact of nature. As she spoke of vampire's powers and moves..it sounded exactly the same as the Saiya-jin..each had something that was unique to them.:: This..it all sounds like my race. ::Whad had she meant that he carried a power like a vampire..? Because of his innate powers, abilities..? But as he thought, she had answered..must have read his thoughts.:: Well, I've several abilities, but most are saved for battles or serious fights..but I won't disappoint .. ::What exactly could he do? He didn't want to go to his powerful 'golden' form..no, not here, not yet..even if there were three stages to it, and the first was the 'least' powerful of the three. Well, she had shown him a little trick, she he'd have to show a little trick in return. Closing his eyes he brought his hand up, level with his face, his pointer finger the only one sticking up. From the tip of the finger he produced a little ball, light blue in color, comprised of nothing but his ki..his power, very little at that. Opening his eyes once more he spoke.:: This..this is from within, it may appear very small..but only because I allow it to be.. But.. ::He trailed the word off and continued, allowing more of his ki to 'power' the small ball, which had now expanded to the size of a baseball, emitting its own faint light. This was nothing to him, it wasn't destructive..yet.:: As you can see..most of my abilities are derived from within..the basis of my abilities, my signature style, everything comes from the power within.. Most everything I can produce is somehow destructive, so I have to be careful when demonstrating. ::He moved his finger, the ball following its movement..he had only recently learned to control a 'free' power, so he had to be cautious.:: There's more, I'm sure you can tell, but I wouldn't want to damage anything in here..

thalla: ::thalla watched in amazement.. she had seen such forces long long ago.. but nothing to this date:: vampires use the same energy.. we dont all call it ki though.. but its all the same.. ::thalla dissapeared from sight and with that so did the libary it was like pasing out as if dealt a powerful blow the weightlessness the dark and the slight feeling as if you cant breathe.. and the walls melted around them they appeared in a desolate place.. looking like a wasteland.. skeletal frames of trees reaching for a clouded sun.. nothing much showed through sunlight wise:: transform fully.. ::she had her sword in hand.. in his in the other.. she was quick about things like this.. testing and such.. her frail form flung the sword perfectly in his direction in a nonthreatening manor.. it would reach him without trouble and hit his hand perfectly:: you show me yours.. ill show you mine.. ::she crossed her hands beneath her chest smileing slightly.. black lips in a painted smile.. her cloak was back on again and the hood drawn::

trunkusbriefus: Yeah, it's the same..the same inner force that drives everything, just few can harness it. ::He froze, as he watched the the library disappear..what was happening..? His 'wish' granted..? Finally it stopped, but..everything had changed. No walls, nothing to possibly destroy, simply amazing. Had she done the change with her mind, or was it just a teleportation. The answers escaped him. Her words caught him off guard..she wanted him to unleash his powers fully? In a battle..when it took over, his normal demeanor was no longer in control, and she wanted to just 'see' it..?:: Well, alright, I guess.. But, my sword first. ::Catching the weapon, he nodded once. He didn't much like using the form, unless it was needed..but in this case..it was needed. He wouldn't do the whole 'screaming' bit..it really wasn't needed after the power had been obtained. A slight smirk had crossed his face, a sort of signal asking "You ready?". Of course -she- was, she had asked to see the transformation. Clenching his one open fist, the other wrapping tighter around the hilt of the sword, a massive power was being awakened inside of him, so to speak. The results of which could be seen almost at once, the two lavender 'lop ears' of his started wildly flying around, loose debris started hovering about from the power. Not even a charge was needed anymore. He simply nodded and it had finally taken over, his 'golden' form, the innate power know to his race as just 'Super'. The once lavender hair had now been changed to a golden mass, the two 'lop ears' were sticking out, perpendicular to his head, the very tips of which had bent sky-ward, the small pony-tail was also pointing sky-ward. The once ice blue eyes had been change to an eccentric shade of aquamarine, almost devoid of life. Around his body was an aura, this time it was golden in color, and was used for defensive purposes. Having completed the transformation he released the tension on his fist placing his arms at his sides. Finally he spoke, his voice was now deeper..gruff sounding to say the least.:: Your turn. ::His ability was flashy, yes..but even with the increase in power and speed; it took strain upon his body every moment he was in it.. It couldn't keep up for longer than..maybe a few hours, half a day at MOST, but in most cases, that was all that was needed..::

thalla: ::thalla nodded her frail face.. the milky white skin hidden beneath the black hood.. her foot hit the ground now.. slowly yes she descended slowly.. to the ground the black leather like a second skin but never had it enabled her to act without thinking she had never had a problem with her attire comming in the way.. he was so sure of this golden form.. it made her happy to see such.. she stood there.. she didnt move.. never needed to.. it started without her even having to call for the power.. slowly.. yes much slower then his the matter was tiny slowly the obs appeared red cirmson beatiful.. they swirled around her.. next came her wings.. the unfurled her embers hidden beneath her lids as her eyes fluttered close.. the orbs spun around her and she broke her stance.. she clentched her fist.. as if she was overgoing some deal of pain.. the wings yes the vampiric appendages ebon coal.. they set to flame the entire things though her fist clentched such caused her little pain.. she contuined.. to change and transform.. calling on more orbs to swirl around her.. her raven locks twisted rising as if cought in some small breeze.. her form emitted a light glow yes.. crimson yes red.. the color that ssemed to be hers inside.. she gave off a that deep red glow.. the ground beneath her was in a swirl of red now glowing on the ground was a large pentacle a star with a circle around it she was in teh center.. it was a amazing sight the glowing embers gave off.. the change contuined and now from her skin armour shifed.. a sickening sight to behold.. yes from her skin grew armour ripping the flesha nd sinews to vcovered her full body.. it was an amazing act apon her part.. but she clentched her fist and shed not a tear as it happened.. the last to conforrm to her frame was her face plate.. the thing was pointed at the bottom.. there she stood.. the flameing wings and all.. she was Amesah in this suit.. she was his flesh and his bone.. his soul but her mind.. the wind shifted again and rose up around her and clouded her no longer was she seen.. it fell to its place on the ground the large pentacle benath her.. but this creature ehre looked nothing like what was just shown.. no the angelic like thin was in a long dress looing much like deep red velvet.. her sword in hand.. long raven tressles mixed with crimson locks that was in a tight bun high on the back of her head.. a few loose bangs falling into ehr face.. tehre was no flamming wings.. no just angelic wings that were cirmson beatiful:: what if i told you this was my highest form? ::she smiled:: i simply prefer this to metal..

trunkusbriefus: ::As he stood awaiting her transformation, the aura of 'golden fire' still ablaze, he had to wonder why she wanted to see this.. Did she know from the start that he was capable of this? Or was it transmitted from when she had fed? The answer he did not know, but one thing was for sure, she knew it existed now. He brought his blade in front of him, the tip barely hovering above the ground..lit too had changed, instead of a faint ble, the sword this time DID look like a toy.. The blade itself had become a highly translucent blue, outlined in a golden color, the metal of the sword had actually changed due to his hear power alone..the thing was a work of art in this phase, very beautiful and highly prized by Trunks. Finally it had began, he could sense it before he could see it. Those orbs..they must assist somehow, or maybe it was for show, at the time, he couldn't tell. Watching still, he was amazed by it, like looking from the outside for a change.. A flame, a blaze, an actual flame, or something from the transformation..? He noticed it didn't seem to cause her pain, it must had been part of the transformation. She glowed as well..it must be a universal thing during transformations, even if all he had witnessed were those of his own race. He had to bring an arm to his face, the breeze..it had kicked up some astray dust. He couldn't believe his own eyes at what had then happened..the sign..the pentacle on the groud..it was calling something..but, that wasn't all..watching in what could almost be described as horror, the armor had ripped through her own flesh.. Probably quite painful for your average mortal, but she was neither..he had to remember that much. "A kinght," he thought, "it looks like a knight.." A clatter had drawn him out of thought..the armor was on the ground..where was she at..? His senses drew him to the being that was now before him..it was beautiful, he thought..an angel, a perfect angel. Hearing that it was her highest form, he smirked; just like his father would. Was it the truth, he couldn't tell..the depths of the power were amazing, probably much better than his at his current form. That 'classic' smirk still upon his face, he nodded.:: I could see why..that looked a little extreme there. ::It still lingered in the back of his mind..would he have to hit the second form, the deity-ish form before the day was through..? He had hoped not, the true depths of his powers were barely touched right now, though.. Looking from side to side, his head appearing non-moving, he sized up the area, it was a great place to train..:: So...here we stand, both in powerful forms.. ::That smirk was still upon his face..but his speech was a bit sarcastic at this point.:: ..whatever do we do?

thalla: ::the daughter choas stood there not touching the ground the deepest red outline staying orund her form and conforming as she moved herself.. thoes wings.. gigantic wings.. much like any arch angel.. they were slow and powerful strides that kept her from touching the ground.. yes one could spot the slippered black feet as she closed her eyes for a moment thoes demonic pools.. depthless and burning there was no longer any white in her eyes the crimson had taken over.. her eyes closed.. only for a second opening again to reveil black pupiled eyes.. yes this was better.. her hair the long raven locks had the same trimming as her body.. the locks looking as if they had a life of ther own.. they looked as if cought in small breeze.. fluttering around her as she looked to trunks and watched him speak:: you are very powerful for your age.. ::not knowing how long his race lasted she spoke no more of that:: i fear i one day will have a match in power.. ::she smiled holding tight to the sword..:: would it be entirely insulting if i asked you now to duel?

trunkusbriefus: ::He was surprised, she had not detected the remote thought that he had another level above this. That was alright, though..that level was..well, basically a deity if used properly. He noticed she was hovering while he had witnessed her transformation; and he too decided to hover, if ever-so-slightly, off the ground; maybe just for show. Thalla had certainly become a sight to see; much like himself, of course. Hers was just a bit more..well defined than his own. His golden aura still 'ablaze', he looked onward, his eyes catching the movement of her hair..no, it couldn't be a breeze, he hadn't noticed one before; besides, the 'arena' of sorts, didn't seem to have much moving, save for when Thalla and himself changed. Perhaps it was for the same reason as his own right now--shear energy alone. Her words caught him slightly off guard.."powerful for his age".. He returned with speech barely above a whisper.:: Believe me, I am. ::Maybe he was over-confident, he had a reason to be..due to his past 'record'..and her next comment didn't help to smite that confidence, but instead, it brought that 'classic' Saiya-jin smirk back to his face.:: A duel, you ask.. ::With his aquamarine eyes he looked skyward, it had been quite awhile since he had last sparred/trained..he was probably getting quite rusty. The Saiya-jin side was hopping at this, as the entire race loved to spar and improve. He let his eyes meet hers. But, when he spoke this time, his voice wasn't as confident as before.:: ..Sure, why not? ::He had let his left hand off of the sword's hilt and moved the weapon to where he thought comfortable..his arm at his side, the blade facing downward; the left arm was bent at the elbow, his fist clenched. To the trained eye, small bolts were emanating from the fist. Was he planning something; or was it a display of power? The answer would be discovered soon enough.:: And, of course, you're probably gonna show me a trick or two..so, ladies first. ::Under his breath he had laughed at the lame line he just delivered.::

And that's where it ends.

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