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Let's Write!

This is a continuation of my prior fanfic chat log, where Trunks discovered SSJ2 Rage, fought and defeated a shell of Omega and promised he'd explain everything to Dakuri.

I may, or may not, have just got Tom Petty in your head. Sorry, not sorry.

You have just entered room "Waterford's Forest."

Exalted Trunks: ::He flew over the forest, slower than he would normally go, as he had a passenger again. The forest itself is old and overgrown, yet very much still alive. Trunks once visited the outskirts of it while building the arena. There was a place set up where Waterford archers could train. This was not the place he was headed, it was too near the arena. Instead, near what he perceived as the center of the woods, there was a clearing; nigh inaccessible. This would be the perfect place.:: All right, I'll land us here..in the clearing. Then, I owe you an explanation. ::He almost knew what she would say as he began a slow descent into the clearing.::

Dakuri Tsumari: :Throughout the short flight, she replayed the events. First normal Trunks. Then blonde Trunks with the scary voice. Then Trunks with golden hair..super spiky golden hair. Then, finally, that Trunks with an even scarier voice. She knew that he would tell her, but could she accept it? Her savior, a kind man can become the complete opposite. Only the feeling of the descent brought her back to reality. Where was this? *This is pretty. Serene.* she thought. This would be a place that she could lose herself in. Releasing her grasp upon him, she surveyed the area, maybe there was someplace to sit. Finding a downed log, she sat, before softly speaking.: Trunks.. :Her gaze locked with his, pleading.: What happened to you?

Exalted Trunks: ::After she released her grasp, he waited as she got her bearings or the area. She seemed to like it here. Soon, hopefully, she would be able to both leave the place and come back whenever she pleased. She sat, her eyes locking with his while her voice broke the silence. He couldn't resist it. Turing on his heel, he took a few steps away, keeping some distance between the two, as the demonstration might go awry. Turning on his heel once more, he spoke like he normally would with her.:: To explain this to you, I have to go further in depth with what I am. And.. ::He paused, closing his eyes. Hesitation was in his voice.:: Where I come from.

Dakuri Tsumari: :She watched him move away. Why was he doing this. She stayed put, though. She knew that everything he did had a finess to it, even this. She listened to his words. At first he seemed quite normal; they quickly changed. Now it seemed like he was as nervous as when they first met; when he had told her that he was only half human. Canting her head, dark chocolate tressing spilling over her right shoulder, she looked towards Trunks. Speaking again, the confusion seeped through.: You told me that you were half..oh..what was it? :She paused, her eyes looking upwards for a second or so before returning to looking at Trunks.: A half..Saiyan, I believe. :*That was it, right Kuri?* she thought. She kept her gaze locked on Trunks.: What do you mean "where you come from?"

Exalted Trunks: ::He watched Dakuri. Right now, it seemed like she wasn't apprehensive, just curious. He smiled, she remembered.:: That's right, I'm half Human, half Saiyan. And I told you the Saiyans are fighters..warriors. Point being, we're strong. ::He flinched, that came off wrong.:: And as you witnessed, we push back hard. Really hard. ::He held up his pointer finger.:: We're capable of transformation. This transformation doesn't radically alter our appearance. Just our eye, hair and aura color. As well as other attributes.

Dakuri Tsumari: :She watched as he talked, taking in every word with interest. If she understood him right, paired with what she saw earlier, this ability was more than just a color change.: Trunks, :She hesitated a little, she didn't know how to word this to him.: when you changed, I could tell it was more than just a hair change. There was something different about you. You changed more than just physically. :She wasn't trying to accuse him of anything right now.:

Exalted Trunks: Correct, Dak. ::He lowered his head some opening his hand to her.:: It is more than just a physical change. When I transform into a Super Saiyan. ::He paused.:: That's what it's called according to Saiyan legend. But, when I transform into a Super Saiyan, my Saiyan base instincts are amplified. You might have noticed that during the match with the wizard. I was a lot more calculating. Primal. It's not running on instinct, at all. In fact, I'm so used to it, I'm basically "me" throughout the transformation. In fact, ::He looked to her, smiling sincerely.:: allow me to show you.

Dakuri Tsumari: :She could tell that Trunks was a little uneasy telling her this, but she had to know. As he spoke, she took in his words, gestures and actions. He wasn't hiding anything, in fact he was being completely open about this. His smile caught her off guard, it was amazing.: I didn't notice it then, Trunks. At that point, all I noticed was the wizard's clothing changing colors and your hair and eyes. Other than that, you were you. I noticed it when the man in black showed up. :She paused for a second, pondering his offer. *He's still him with that transformation* she thought. She smiled at him.: Show me. But please change back if I tell you to. Please.

Exalted Trunks: Of course. All I ask is that you stay put. And don't blink. ::He angled out his arms, bending them horizontally at the elbow; his fists balled. His white aura appeared. In an instant, it had taken over. The once white aura was now ablaze in gold. Muscle mass increased a bit, adding definition to his frame. His kind, human, ice blue eyes were now an eccentric shade of aquamarine--the eyes of a Saiyan. Lavender hair was transformed into a golden-white color, spiking, yet still weighed down by gravity and still center-parted. Dispersing the golden aura he relaxed his arms, standing as naturally and casually as possible. He spoke with a deeper, more confident voice, however.:: While I'm like this, my strength..power is doubled. The physical differences are immediate, yes. As you can hear, I sound..different. But my mannerisms and speech are all my own. I'm still the Trunks you know. ::He paused, pointing to his hair.:: Just blonde. ::Returning his arm to his side, he spoke again.:: This is a Super Saiyan.

Dakuri Tsumari: :She watched in awe at what she witnessed. In the time frame of less than a blink he had gone from lavender haired to blonde, and more muscular. While his white aura was a thing of beauty, this golden one was even more so. She wanted to laugh at how silly his hair looked, but resisted. The eyes, they weren't the same eyes she loved, though; she didn't like those eyes. Once he finished his "speech" she spoke, still in awe.: That's a..Super Saiyan. :She smiled at him, she couldn't help it. She had to say it. Giggling, she spoke.: Blonde suits you, Trunks. But, not like that! You're still you, though, I can tell. What happend when the man in black asked you to hit him? :She canted her head the other direction, chocolate spilling over her left shoulder.:

Exalted Trunks: ::He grinned at her comment.:: I just have really heavy hair, I guess. ::Crossing his arms, he continued to speak.:: This transformation is first brought on to us by an intense surge of emotions; it's also comes from a need, not a want. I'll explain this more later on, I promise. Now, what happened with the man in black, Omega? Well, I told you that the transformation originally comes from emotions and that I can control it. These are all true. ::Uncrossing his arms, he angled them out, bending them horizontally at the elbow; his fists balled once more.:: But, what happens if I let go of that restraint--say something is threatening what I care about. ::He questioned her, but responded without waiting for her answer.:: What happens to you, when you let emotions take over? ::This time, he waited for her to respond.::

Dakuri Tsumari: :She still didn't like his eyes. She had heard everything he had said, and picked it up, but she couldn't help but wish he had his baby blues back. His movements were telling her that he was preparing something again. His question perplexed her. Never in her life had she thought about it. *Like, if I'm already upset..hm.* She let the thought circle around her head for a moment before answering him.: I guess everything is intensified. Like, if I had a bad day out on the field; the smallest thing would set me off on the drive home. Is that what you're meaning?

Exalted Trunks: Exactly! You get it! ::Unknown to her, he had been gathering power while he was awaiting her response.:: And eventually, it just takes one little thing to.. ::He paused. The pause was long enough. In a quick blink, his hair had changed once more. Now a dark golden mass of defined golden spikes. His muscle mass increased again, adding more definition to his frame--but not enough to hinder his speed in the slightest. Blue bolts of pure power danced over his body. At this distance, she should be able to feel his power radiating. Speaking, his voice slightly deeper than before.:: ..set you off. ::Once again, he returned his arms to his side, standing as naturally as possible.:: This is a Super Saiyan that has gone Super Saiyan. It's been called Super Saiyan Two. I'm still me, but I'm way more..primal..cold. All I cared about in that instant were two things. To defeat Omega and to protect you from him. However, I was still in control; as hard as it is to believe. ::He paused, blue bolts still danced over his body occasionally.:: This form is immensely powerful. It's double that of a regular Super Saiyan. ::He awaited her response, hoping she'd take the obvious bait.::

Dakuri Tsumari: :What she saw was immediately augmented by what she felt. Whatever this was, it was huge. *A Super Saiyan that has gone Super Saiyan..* the words echoed in her mind. The connotations were scary. What would happen if his base instincts took over. He assured her that he was in control, but she didn't like this. Looking at him, her eyes were huge, pleading.: Trunks..I'm scared. Please change back. :She intertwined her fingers, looking away.:

Exalted Trunks: ::His gaze locked with hers. She was uneasy, apprehensive. He could understand. Her voice tore him apart--he'd do as she instructed. Closing his eyes, his hair fell; returning to its lavender state. Opening his eyes, he revealed those gentle ice blue eyes to her once again, shyly smiling.:: Better?

Dakuri Tsumari: :She couldn't feel it anymore. Looking to Trunks, he was back to normal. The shy smile, the baby blues, the voice. She was no longer worried. She nodded returning the smile to him, patting the log next to her, welcoming him.:

Exalted Trunks: ::She looked visibly relieved. He did as instructed, making his way over next to her. Sitting, he leaned forward, elbows on his knees, arms and hands dangling; lavender hair cascading forward the best it can, obscuring his face.:: Like I said, I was in control there. But, I'm sure you're wondering what happens when I lose control.. ::He kept speaking, almost knowing her response.:: ..It's simple, actually. You witnessed it. You had paused and fallen. I thought Omega had killed you. Emotions of grief and anger took over, I snapped. That control was gone and I just let loose. ::Stubborn tears welled in his eyes, his voice slowly breaking.:: I thought I had lost you; just simply defeating Omega was no longer an option. Every single blow to that being was an attempt to kill it. ::He sighed. Every single new level for him was tied to death, it seemed.::

Dakuri Tsumari: :She leaned against him, her slender frame pressing against his. Her right hand finding a place on his back, her left, searching for his hand. She listend to him speak, noticing that as he explained about losing control it caused him grief. Leaning forward to smile at him; to assure him, she saw that his eyes were closed. *Tears?* she thought.: Trunks, it's alright. :She tried to assure him.: It's just a natural reaction. A very dangerous one, but a natural reaction. You care about me. :Her hand found his, trying to comfort him.:

Exalted Trunks: ::Her touch was welcome, too many bad thoughts were flooding his mind right now.:: Don't you see, Dak? You said it yourself.. ::He paused, looking skyward.:: "A very dangerous one". I did become dangerous. In that brief instance, I was no longer part Human. The Saiyan side took over. Completely. Who you knew disappeared. In his place was someone that wanted Omega not only dead, but to toyed with..tortured for what he had done. That ::He stressed the word.:: is why we're hated. We're literally beings of unlimited power and destruction.

Dakuri Tsumari: :She paused before responding. His words kept repeating themselves. This wonderful man was belittling himself over something that he could do that others could not. She placed a pallid finger on his chin, lowering his head so he could see her and the sincerity behind her words.: Don't you :She stressed that word.: see Trunks? You told me before you beat yourself up..you're in control. Every single thing was directed at Omega. :She smiled, placing her hand on his cheek.: You shouldn't be ashamed of that fact that you're a very strong defender of those you care about.. :She turned his head to face hers.: ..or love. Dry your tears, they're not very becoming of you.

Exalted Trunks: ::His 'stupid human traits' were enjoying her touch. Her voice. Her reassuring words. Her presence. He blinked a few times, batting the tears away the best he could. A soft laugh broke the silence.:: You..never saw those, alright? ::His tone wasn't demanding, instead he was joking with her.:: You're right, though. I do everything I can to protect those that.. ::He paused a little awkwardly; he could feel his cheeks getting warm--his blush appearing. I love. That felt good to think. Of course it was love. Something he hadn't experienced before, but it made perfect sense. The two shared a special bond. The extreme mental power that fought the Saiyan urges while transformed..he had lost those when he thought she died; she was that special.:: ..are precious. ::He couldn't say it, but he knew that she would probably understand the pause.:: There's still more I need to tell you.

Dakuri Tsumari: :She grinned at his voice. There he was. Resting her head on his shoulder, she chuckled.: Saw what? :Closing her eyes, she pictured his face as he spoke. *What's that pause, Trunks? Nervous about something, hmmm? Precious? That's a very very nice word.* She smiled, seemingly knowing that this very powerful man was nervous and afraid of something, he was probably blushing right now, too. His final words broke her thoughts. She blinked a few times before answering him.: Yes. You said something about where you come from. What's special about where you come from? :Her words were not mocking him, she was genuinely curious.:

Exalted Trunks: To answer that, Dak, I have to ask you something in return. And it will be a serious question. ::He paused for a moment.:: What do you know about time travel? ::He moved his head to look at her.::

Dakuri Tsumari: :His question hit her hard. *Time travel?* She blinked a few times at her own thought. *Time travel?! That's impossible.* She raised her head from his shoulder looking at his face. He was serious about this.: Time travel is in the realm of science fiction. Books, movies, things like that. :She wasn't trying to sounds like a ninny, she was genuinely stumped.: It's not real, as far as I know. :She shook her head "no" as she spoke.:

Exalted Trunks: ::Her response was more than expected. He stood, reaching in his pocket for the container of capsules that he carried. Opening it he looked for a specific one. Finding it, he spoke.:: Oh, believe me. It's real. ::Hitting the button on the capsule, he tossed it away from the two. In a puff of smoke an eleven foot tall egg-shaped craft appeared. The brown and gold egg stood on five golden legs, five jet like engines stood between the legs, each marked with the number "1". A glass dome opened slowly. Finally the word "Hope!!" was written on an engine.:: This is a time machine. My time machine; made by my mother. I come from twelve years from now. ::He turned to face her, pausing, allowing her to take this in and ask anything that she needed to.::

Dakuri Tsumari: :She watched as Trunks arose. He was looking for something. The confidence in his answer, he was going to prover her wrong. *What's going on, Kuri? What is that he's throwing?* With that thought, his craft appeared from a puff of smoke. *WHAT?* Her eyes grew huge at its sudden appearance, she stood, moving closer to Trunks. She took in the appearance of the craft, noting the word "Hope!!". At this point, nothing he could say would surprise her anymore..this was too much.: That's a time machine.. :She paused, looking at the craft. It didn't look like what books and movies projected time machines to look like in the slightest.: ..built by your mother.. :One woman had built this craft. She blinked blankly at Trunks, her face full of confusion.: You're telling me that you're a time traveler?! :She started feeling a bit weak at the knees so she started pacing a little.:

Exalted Trunks: ::Her reaction was more than expected. If he wasn't the one from the future, he would be taken aback by this. He nodded a "yes" to her questions before she started blinking. He had to explain his future to her.:: I'm a time traveler from 12 years in the future, Dak. ::He paused for a second, noting her pacing.:: Please sit down again, it's only going to get stranger from here out. ::With those words, he lept to the cockpit of the craft, pressing a button. In the same puff of smoke, the time machine had been capsulized once again. Placing the capsule back in the container, he put it back in his pocket before returning to sitting next to her ready to answer.::

Dakuri Tsumari: :She sat, as Trunks instructed. He sat right next to her. Her head was spinning. Everything she knew about science fact, which admittedly wasn't much outside of schooling, just got blown away.: How? :She stumbled over her words.: Stranger? :She paused, composing herself.: You're from the future? That's incredible! But, why are you here..now? :She sounded silly, but she figured that he would understand her.:

Exalted Trunks: Why am I here, at this point in time; twelve years in the past? ::He brought his right leg closer to him, bending it, his fingers interlocking right below the knee.:: Where I come from is completely terrible, Dak. People lived in terror every day of their lives for seventeen years. ::He paused for a moment, looking towards the sky.:: A duo of pure evil ruled the world and did so until I was able to defeat them. ::Looking towards her, he continued.:: Why did I come here? When I came back, the first time, I inadvertently created another timeline. The one I knew still existed, and one where peace reigned was created. I came back because I wanted to see my friends and family again after saving that future timeline. However, when I did that, I was flung not only to the past, but to another timeline once more. If my estimates are correct, the actual "me" of this timeline should be roughly twelve or so. However, I can't be for certain, as where we're at..I know nothing about. It's almost as if it was devoid of Saiyan influence until I got here.. ::He paused, allowing her to take this all in and ask whatever she needed to ask, as it really wouldn't make sense at first.::

Dakuri Tsumari: :She took in every word that Trunks had said. Apparently, he was from some war torn future that will only play out in his future. Because he came back and altered the past. *Hmm,* she thought *I'm in a timeline where he shouldn't be. Does that mean I was supposed to die that night?* She wrinkled her nose at the thought. Following his words, she wrapped her head around them. She knew nothing of time travel, and the thought of another timeline and universe were very far-fetched, but apparently, this was a reality.: I think I understand some, Trunks. Tell me about where you came from and why you came back that second time.

Exalted Trunks: ::He sighed, he knew this was coming. Turning his head away from her, he spoke again, looking to the sky.:: I don't know if you lived through any wars here, but, if you can imagine that. Then imagine you're actually in the war zone and that every time you sleep you worry if you'll wake up. It's not pretty. ::He wasn't trying to patronize her.:: I grew up in that. My whole life until I went back was a spiral of destruction and death. The duo was able to take out every single army of the world and every single powerful fighter in the world--be them Human, Saiyan or otherwise--except for two. Myself, and another half-Saiyan and my best friend and mentor, Gohan. ::He sighed, pausing once again; reliving that fight in his mind.:: I thought he was undefeatable and the most powerful person in the world. He taught me every single thing he knew, and then set out to defeat the duo on his own. ::He looked to the ground.:: That didn't go as planned. I would discover him slain by the duo. That was the first time that my emotions got the best of me. And I told you what happens when that happens. I decided that I would do it. I wasn't ready, they toyed with me; but didn't kill me. Returning home, my mother told me of a chance, albeit small. She made a time machine and if I were to go back to the past, warn those who were killed, the future should change. ::His eyes turned to her.:: That's what "Hope!!" means. It turned out, that my going back changed the past, but not my future. My warning the past split the timeline, and I returned home. ::He looked up to the sky once more.:: The future hadn't changed, so I returned to the past one more time. This time, I'd master powers and arts that I couldn't even imagine. I, and the fighters of that timeline, defeated the duo and yet another terror. Armed with that power and information, I returned home again. I defeated the duo, and then the unknown threat. ::He sighed, his voice starting to break again.:: I did it, Dak, I was the savior; the last hero. I saved the world. About eighteen years too late. After that, I wanted to see my friends and father again, so I went to the past once more. Except this time, something happened. ::Moving his right hand he motioned to the world.:: I ended up here. There were no threats, nothing until today. I didn't meet those that should be here, because they're not here..except for my mother. It's almost as if this timeline was one without us, one where people would just live..no outside forces guiding them in any manner. Or, at least, that's what I've noticed in my short time here. ::He lowered his head.:: Maybe I'm where I'm supposed to be now. Maybe time is giving me a chance to experience what I never had?

Dakuri Tsumari: :She could immediately tell that thinking about the subject, let alone talking about it, was causing him incredible grief. Had she known this, she wouldn't have asked him so directly. She hadn't experienced what he had, but today with Omega she could understand that fear. *He grew up feeling like I did for scant minutes?* she thought to herself. Without another thought, she wrapped her arms around his chest; her slender frame pressing up to his side, holding him as he continued to tell his tale, trying to comfort him. The pause after he mentioned his frieind's name was enough to tell her something bad had happened. She now had a better understanding of why he seemed so shy with her at first. *Trunks, you lost everyone that you knew. I can't even fathom that pain. You're stronger than you know.* She thought, feeling his beautiful eyes on her. Locking eyes with him, she hugged a little tighter. He was the hope of a dying future, and by warning the past, time split. The universe had a sick sense of humor with him, indeed. But, he was able to overcome that and give his world a glimmer of hope. She smiled at that thought..something had gone right for him. This wonderful, gentle, kind man didn't deserve the things he went through...no one did. An...accident brought him to this place and she couldn't be happier for that accident. She smiled warmly at his question gently kissing his cheek in answer. Her voice nothing more than a gentle whisper as she answered.: You spent years of your life growing up in an absolute hell. Years where you were supposed to be a kid; making friends, doing dumb kid things, meeting girls, first dates, first kisses. You had that taken away from you. :She smiled, her words warm; sweet on his cheek.: You're exactly where you need to be right now...experiencing everything people take for granted. Besides, :she kept herself as close to him as possible, she was experiencing something she rarely knew. Unyielding trust, feeling an immense bond with this man, comfort and safety; all things she never had at the same time.: think about it, if you weren't sent here at the exact point you were.. :she planted another gentle kiss on his cheek.: ..I would have died that night, Trunks.

Exalted Trunks: ::Her touch was still welcome. Whatever it was she was trying to do..well, it was working. She was keeping quiet throughout his tale. Maybe he was boring her? Almost instinctually, his hand found its way to her shoulder keeping her as close as possible. He could feel his face getting warmer from her kiss. She was right, he thought, all of those chances had been taken away from him; and now here they were..presenting themselves. He'd have to be dumb to not experience them; and Trunks was many things..dumb wasn't one of them. Her second kiss brought everything into perspective. Maybe they were both right.:: We're both right, I'm where I need to be..for both of our sakes. You know.. ::He looked towards her, locking eyes.:: ..we're both not supposed to exist here now. Maybe that's why I was drawn, unknowingly, to that desert..? ::He trailed the thought off. After what he had experienced with time travel and alternate timelines, the universe was NOT that nice.:: Sounds crazy, doesn't it?

Dakuri Tsumari: No, it doesn't sound crazy. :She kept herself close to him.: Things happen for a reason. I needed to be saved from certain death. You. :releasing her grip on him she poked his chest, smiling.: You needed to be shown that this world has so much to offer you. Maybe this world of peace will bring you that future you earned.. :Quickly she closed her mouth before the words *...with me* could escape. She smiled at the thought. Looking around, she let go of Trunks. He brought her here for a reason.: Trunks? Why did you bring me here when I already saw your transformations? :Her voice wasn't accustory, just simply curious.: Surely, you could have told me about those on our way back.

Exalted Trunks: ::Maybe she was right. She spoke of things happening for a reason. The reason might be obvious; it might even be right next to him. A future I've earned.. He caught her smile before she let go. In response to her questions, he stood, stepping to the middle of the clearing, a limp still in his step.:: You're quite astute. I brought you here for more than just to see my transformations and explain them.. ::He paused before turning to look at her.:: And myself to you. I brought you here to give you a gift. Well, more accurately..the start of a gift. If you're willing, I'd like to teach you something.

Dakuri Tsumari: :She nodded in answer to his words. She couldn't help but wonder what it was that he wished to teach her. Thoughts crossed her mind. Would she be willing to try to train with him. No, that was something that she would not do. Ready with that word, she spoke.: As long as it doesn't involve me hitting you, I'm fair game. What are you going to teach me?

Exalted Trunks: ::With her answer, he slowly sat on the grass, crossing his legs. He motioned for her to sit across from him. With a small smile, he answered.:: Ultimately? I want to teach you what no one else here can do, except for me. I want to give you my gift of flight. ::He held up his right pointer finger.:: However, there's a few things I must teach you before we try that.

Dakuri Tsumari: :She watched him slowly sit..it seemed his injuries were starting to get to him. With his gesture, she went to her knees, sitting back on her feet. It was only when he stopped speaking she spoke, slightly confused.: I'm confused, Trunks. First you told me that only Saiyans could fly, then you told me anyone can. How would you teach me? I'm not a Saiyan!

Exalted Trunks: :He smiled at her words.: You misunderstood me, Dak. While I did tell you that all Saiyans could fly..that part is true..I should have told you that all Saiyans are born with that ability. Anyone can learn how to. It's just a matter of.. ::He grinned, trying to not chuckle.:: ..throwing yourself at the ground and missing! But, seriously, it's just a matter of controlling your body's energy reserve..it's ki. That's what I'm going to show you today.

Dakuri Tsumari: :She giggled at him, he was becoming more relaxed now. *My body's energy? Ki? I'm pretty sure I don't have those.* She looked to him again, blinking her brown eyes.: I'm no fighter, Trunks. Sure, there's been self-defense classes here and there..but I'm pretty sure that my body doesn't have extra energy like you're talking about. Nor this ki you mentioned.

Exalted Trunks: ::He grinned smugly for half a moment, before smiling at her.:: Everyone and everything has it, Dak. Be it the grass we're sitting on, the breeze in the air, the birds singing, the sun in the sky, myself and you. It's here, all around us. It's just a matter of learning how to feel it inside of you; how to bring it out. Here, watch me, I'll do it slow. ::He placed his hands a few inches in front of his abdomen, fingers slightly spread.:: The first thing you do is be completely calm. If you aren't calm, you won't be able to feel that energy inside of you. If you have to, think of things that relax you..those thoughts will help you out. It even helps to let your mind wander. ::While he was speaking, his hands and arms began to slightly shake.:: Then you listen and feel. Not physically, but..spiritually. You'll soon be able to hear that energy within you and eventually you'll feel it gather and pull. Then.. ::His hands and arms stopped their shake. In the space between his hands, a faint light appeared, before flashing and growing bigger.:: ..you just bring it out. ::He moved his hands, the ki ball following. He spoke gently.:: So..are you ready to try?

Dakuri Tsumari: :She quietly took in his words, carefully watching his movements. Her vision was fixated on his hands. As he spoke, they began to shake, he was doing as he was instructing her. The instant the light appeared, she rocked forward, using her hands as a brace, her face a mere inch or so away from his ki ball. This was truly incredible; until she met him she had never witnessed something like that. She had to convince herself that it wasn't a dream. His gentle words brought her back to reality. Leaning back, she returned to sitting on her feet, staring at her own two hands.: Uh huh. :She kept looking to her hands, unsure of how exactly to do this.:

Exalted Trunks: ::He brought the ki back inside of his body, watching her. He could tell that she was unsure of this. He smiled, before breaking the silence.:: Relax, Dak. It's going to take some time. I'm basically asking you to believe in something you never knew existed until about two minutes ago. It's there, you just need to find your own way to get to it. ::He continued to watch, ready to offer any advice that he could.::

Dakuri Tsumari: Easy for you to say, Trunks! :She wasn't trying to snap at him, he just made it look so easy.: Sorry. It's just a little much. I'll try. :She moved her hands to mimic what his had did. *Calm. How am I supposed to stay calm? There's no way!* She kept looking to the space between her hands, they were shaking..she was visibly agitated, yet remained silent.:

Exalted Trunks: ::He could see her hands shaking, the strain and agitation on her face. He spoke again, gently.:: Calm down, Dak. Don't stress yourself out trying to find it. It's there. ::He smiled warmly at her.:: Here, slow your breathing, watch me. Do as I do. Breathe in slowly, hold. Exhale even slower. We'll aim for seven breaths a minute. As we do this, clear your thoughts. ::With those words, he began. A slow inhale, she would be able to watch his chest expand. Hold. No movement at all. A slower exhale. After another, she would be able to feel her pulse slow. After a few more, she should be relaxed enough to try again. He repeated this until the minute was up. He finally broke the silence again.:: You should be feeling slightly more relaxed now. Let's try it again.

Dakuri Tsumari: :Trunks spoke again. He wasn't mad, he was trying to help her. She was frustrated because she couldn't do this. His smile calmed her, he should keep doing that. He suggested to slow her breathing. She could understand that. He was so sure of himself, and sure of her ability to do this. She wouldn't let him down. Watching his chest, she did as he did. A slow deep breath. She started to clear her thoughts. Another breath. She could feel her pulse start to slow. This was calming. A few more breaths and then she looked Trunks in the eyes.:: Let me do that again, one more time.

Exalted Trunks: Take as many times as you need. Find that thing that calms you. This part is much like meditation. Right now, we could call it meditation. ::He put his hands on his knees, his arms bowing out, watching her next attempt.:: Just don't fight it, let it come to you naturally.

Dakuri Tsumari: :She breathed slowly again, his words soothed her and helped her. *A thing that calms me..* with that thought, her mind was instantly at the coast. The ocean had given her a sense of tranquility as long as she could remember. Another slow, deep breath. Her music. Slow Celtic ballads played in her mind..it was truly soothing. Her hands slowly shook. She could hear something that wasn't there before..but what was it? Another breath. She was back at the coast, the sound was still there. She swore that she could feel something. Was this what Trunks was talking about? Another breath. Trunks. A smile crossed her face, she couldn't help but think of the comfort he brought her..the safety..the security. The sound was louder now, and now she knew she could feel something. 'Don't fight it.', his words echoed in her mind. Whatever this was, it was here. She could hear it and feel it. Another deep slow breath. Her hands still slowly shaking, she focused on the sounds and feelings. She'd find them. Another breath, they were slowing as she was getting closer to the source of the sound and feeling. A small light flickered between her hands. She grinned, Trunks would see this. But almost like that, it flickered out of existence. She looked to Trunks, her eyes pleading with him.: Wha.. :she panted, seemingly out of breath.: What happened?

Exalted Trunks: ::He watched her meditate, counting her breaths. Two breaths, and her hands shook. She was doing it! Four more breaths, he could sense it..he could really sense her finding her ki. He knew what he could feel before, and this was different. She had it! His eyes went wide when light appeared. Two tries! That's amazing! He saw her grin, and then the light disappeared. She wasn't quite there yet. His eyes met hers, softly answering her question.:: You were so close, Dak! You found it. But, you didn't bring it out. You got excited when you found it, breaking your concentration. ::He smiled at her, to reassure her.:: Rest for a few minutes, and do what you did this time, except next time, once you find it, stay calm and bring it out. Finding it and bringing it out are the hardest parts. You said you weren't a fighter..but how did you learn to meditate like that? Most people have difficulty with that at first.

Dakuri Tsumari: :His words were kind. She got excited because she did almost everything, and that broke her calm and messed it up. She'd do what she did last time, but not give in to the excitement. His smile was amazing, she could tell that he was proud of her. She thought a moment on his question.: Well, I'm an artist on the side. Whenever I paint, I zone the outside world out, my body takes over and my mind just works on my painting. Hours would pass and they'd feel like minutes. How do you do it?

Exalted Trunks: An artist, huh? Not many of those where I come from.. ::He took a few moments to ponder her question.:: Anymore, it's just so natural. I can do it without thinking. When I was younger, Gohan showed me in a manner just like this one. He would not let me leave until I was able to bring out my ki and was able to fly like him.. ::He paused, crossing his arms while smiling.:: ..FAST! ::He uncrossed his arms.:: I won't make you do that. Fast flight takes a fighter's path. That's not a path for someone in a peaceful universe to walk unless they want to. ::He paused, thinking for a moment. Would he be ready to stop walking that path if this world stopped needing a guardian after the WEAPONs are placated..:: Ready to try again?

Dakuri Tsumari: :She nodded.: Art is something I dabble in. We'll have to go and see some of my pieces on display, someday! :Smiling she moved her hands back to where they were, listing to the brief story of his training. He was in her position at one time. It comforted her knowing that he would not take her down the fighter's path unless she wanted to.: I'm ready, I think. :She slowed her breathing again, much like last time. First, thoughts of the coast and the gentle tranquility of the sea. She could hear and feel it sooner now. He was right, it was always there. Another slow deep breath. Again, to the Celtic music. She could feel it more intensely now. Again, her hands slowly shook. Back to the coast. The sound was intense, the feeling in her body was immeasurable. This just had to be it. She focused on the sound and feeling, they were right there. Her hands stopped, the faint light found its way between her hands. A soft *Mew* escaped her pink lips. Another deep breath. She wouldn't lose it this time. The light flashed and grew slightly brighter. This slight force was enough to slightly toss about her looser hair. It stayed for a few precious seconds before she couldn't hold it anymore..this was tiring. Closing her eyes, she fell slightly forward, again using her hands as a brace. Looking up to Trunks, she slowly opened her eyes, grinning. All that could escape her mouth was joyous laughter.:

Exalted Trunks: ::He nodded at her idea. It sounded..interesting to say the least. Responding to her eagerness, he spoke softly.:: Just remember, don't fight it. Bring it out once you find it. ::He watched her meditate, keeping his senses tuned to her. He'd actually know when she found it; she'd just feel different. His eyes darted to her hands as they stopped moving. 'Keep going, Dak. It's right there, don't give up.' As he finished the thought, it was right there. A soft faint light, just like before. He watched, unblinking. In an instant, he swore he could see her hair move..there it was. A small flash and then a small bright light. She had done it, and quickly. Or so he thought. In a blink, she had fallen to her hands and knees. His eyes grew wide for a second, as she looked up, he grinned. Her laugh was was all he needed. Leaning forward, he placed his hands on her shoulders; he spoke..his voice full of cheer.:: You did it, Dak! That's amazing that you got this far this fast! ::His words were sincere, he thought this would take much longer than it did.::

Dakuri Tsumari: :His touch, his cheerful voice told her that she got it this time. Taking the chance, her face mere inches from his, she closed her eyes as he finished speaking. Going on instinct she leaned forward, her lips gently finding his. Slowly and softly she pulled back, eyes still shut, smiling at him.: Thank you, Trunks.

Exalted Trunks: ::He watched her movements, knowing what she'd do. Closing his eyes as she leaned forward, he returned her kiss. Trying to keep the silence as long as possible before softly speaking.:: No need to thank me. ::Uncrossing his legs, he placed his left hand on his left knee and slowly arose. Offering his right hand to Dakuri he smiled before speaking softly.:: Come on, I should get you out of here. You've been through a lot today and probably want to get home.

Dakuri Tsumari: :Trunks returning the kiss was a very welcome surprise. He had been so hesitant before, but it had been worth it. It meant more to her now that she knew his past and what he had been through. His words brought her back to the present. Gingerly grasping his hand, she stood smiling. Her melodic voice answered, but not how he would expect as her confidence had not only returned but skyrocketed.: No, Trunks. Not right now. You said you were going to teach me to fly. :She placed a finger on his lips to silence his inevitable protest.: We aren't leaving until my feet are off the ground. :Her voice wasn't demanding, but she was eager to learn.:

Exalted Trunks: ::Her response took him for a shock. She really wanted to learn and right now. He wouldn't be able to teach her everything before night arrived. Her finger kept him quiet as she spoke. Hm, he thought, she won't leave until her feet are off the ground. I got it! Grinning at his plan, he spoke.:: Fair. I did say I'd teach you this in parts. And that's what I'll do. However, ::He winked at her.:: once your feet are off of the ground, that's it for today. But, really, once your feet are off the ground, it's simple. ::Crossing his arms, his lavender hair tossed about gently as he slowly rose a couple inches off of the forest floor.:: Really, all you do, is push your ki out underneath you instead of bringing out. That's basic levitation.

Dakuri Tsumari: :She watched his movements studying what he did; in fact, if it weren't for his hair being tossed about..presumably by his own power, she would have figured that he expended no effort to do this.: Fair, Trunks. :Closing her eyes, Trunks' instructions rang clear in her mind. *Underneath me. That's not too hard of a concept.* She began focusing again, this time she was able to find her ki much faster. The grass of the forest floor began softly waving, her hair slightly tossing about. Even if she only did it once, she somehow felt familiar with this feeling. She could tell she wasn't moving, her arms were shaking. Angrily, she stood on her tiptoes, hoping that would kickstart levitation. Visible strain was on her face.:

Exalted Trunks: ::Still hovering, he watched her. This time, he could feel her and he'd be able to feel if before he'd actually see her levitate. For less than a second, his eyes shot open wide--she had actually found her ki quickly. However, she wasn't projecting it hard enough; noticing the movement of the grass. He saw her straining, much like earlier and broke the short silence, his voice normal.:: Open your eyes, Dak. You'll need them open once you're in the air. ::He uncrossed his arms while he spoke.:: You almost had it, but weren't pushing your ki down hard enough. ::He motioned down, towards his feet. He was still hovering while talking to her.:: The initial push is the absolute hardest..it gets easier. Try again, but remember, use your ki to push yourself off the ground from your core; not your feet. Don't be afraid of your body's natural energy.

Dakuri Tsumari: :His voice brought her back. This was much harder than she initially thought. 'Push yourself off the ground.', his words stayed in her mind. *Open your eyes, Kuri. You need to see.* Focusing once more, she assured herself--with Trunks' words--that she could do it. Once again, she was able to swiftly find her ki. Focusing further on it, the grass waved even more quickly, her hair tossing about even more than the last time. She could feel the energy welling in her stomach. 'Push yourself off the ground from your core', she could hear Trunks' voice in her mind again. She pushed that energy down slowly and steadily. Shakily, her feet left the ground, deep in concentration. Slowly she arose to be eye-level with Trunks, a good three or four inches. She grinned at Trunks before slowly returning to the ground. She spoke, slightly breathless.: Like...that?

Exalted Trunks: ::He kept his senses tuned to Dakuri once more. This time he could feel a greater amount of ki coming from her. She was truly getting better at this. Or, he had never worked with someone that had never ki trained before, and the initial growth was rapid. Whatever the answer was, he didn't care, she was doing well. His eyes were drawn to the obvious physical signs. He kept his face emotionless, as to not distract her. There it is, she slowly arose from the ground. He couldn't help but smile at her as he "landed". Waiting until she "landed", he hugged her.:: Just like that! Very well done, Dak. Now, let's get you back.

Dakuri Tsumari: :She kept herself wrapped in his arms, her head resting upon his shoulder. Smiling at his words, she spoke while refusing to give up her hold on him.: Thank you again, Trunks. I owe you, once more. :She knew he would ask for nothing in return but her company. Before Trunks was ready to take off, she spoke again.: Remember, we need to get my camera before I leave so I can write my story about this.

Exalted Trunks: You don't owe me a thing. ::He lifted off the forest floor a couple inches, still holding her.:: Your camera. That's right. It would still be in the arena's seats. ::He ascended some and didn't speak until they were clear of the tree tops, the wind was now whipping their long hair about.:: Your lesson isn't over, by the way. ::Smiling, he started forward.:: Moving forward's simple as well. You just focus on another part of your ki and have it push you in your intended direction. Once you're confident in levitation, try this, alright? Maybe over your couch or bed because everyone falls at first! ::He kept flying forward, the Arena's pillars making themselves known more and more.:: Also. You might want to cut your hair. ::He paused, that was a bad suggestion, he liked her long hair.:: Or, at least, tie it down when you're going to fly. ::He cursed himself under his breath, he was so bad at this. She had extreme patience with him, though. In the time they were gone, everyone that stuck around for the fight had cleared the arena. Hopefully her camera was left alone. He set the two of them down next to the entrance of the Arena's enclosed seating.:: Alright, let's get that camera of yours.

Dakuri Tsumari: :She was jubilated that he was, for lack of better words, allowing his human side to shine after all this while. This felt right. Once the two cleared the tree line, she could feel the wind immediately, her long chestnut curls were flowing around them like a curtain--his violet hair was doing the same. *Split my ki? Just getting my feet off of the ground was hard enough!* She listened to his suggestions, and figured she might as well try; it was easier to find her ki now. *Cut my hair?!* Her brow furrowed for a moment, only relaxing when he spoke again. She spoke loud enough for him to hear, her voice jovial.: That's a much better idea, Trunks! :She smiled to herself. This very strong and powerful man was so elusive and awkward and she loved it, just not the reason why. They set down near where she was originally seated. Pointing near where she was sitting earlier, she spoke.: I can see it from here! Stay put, I'll be right back! :She took off towards where she was at, her tripod and camera untouched.:

Exalted Trunks: ::Nodding, he turned towards the arena. What took him a month to build was torn asunder in a matter of minutes. His eyes were drawn to where Omega had stabbed the ring, the few steps he had taken after the transformation and the crack in the pillar. That better not mess up the gravity generator. He thought. I'll fix it tomorrow morning, first thing. His eyes scanned the arena. Something was missing. Suddenly a chill ran through his body, he figured it out. The body! Where's the body? His eyes grew wide. He and Dakuri were the last ones out, and the body had fallen limp. It wasn't here, and this terrified him; Omega would definitely be back. Dakuri brought him back to reality. Before he spoke to her, he decided to keep this to himself; she had been through enough with Omega to last a lifetime. Turning on his right foot, he faked a smile.:: Oh, sorry, Dak. I was caught up in thought. Did you find everything you needed?

Dakuri Tsumari: :She made her way to the special seating she was at earlier. Everything was there. Quickly taking a few pictures of Trunks and the arena, she finished the roll or film. Placing it in its protective case, she placed the rest of her equipment in their protective cases. Gathering everything of hers she made her way back down to Trunks. He didn't react to the sounds of her camera and film bags, and they were very noisy things. Reaching out, she poked his back. He turned to face her, smiling. It seemed a little off, but she thought nothing of it. Smiling back at him she answered.: Yeah, I got it all! Come on, I'm parked right over there! :She turned, pointing towards the larger building. Grasping his hand, she lead him towards her car.: They told me you saved me a spot there, too. I can't thank you enough, this place is so far away from my home. I've never been on a car ferry before, you know. :By this point, Trunks had caught up.: Say, what should I call you for my article about this? People love a mystery, Trunks. :Awaiting his answer, she kept moving forward towards her car.:

Exalted Trunks: ::Taking her hand, he walked with her slowly closing the gap between the two.:: It was no problem. I helped build the battleground, so they let me pull a favor now and then. ::He was telling the truth, more or less. The remnants of a lost kingdom on an island became a really good spot for a tournament arena, and free housing.:: I was wondering how you got your car here; we don't have ferries in my future. ::Catching up to her, the question caught him off guard.:: What should you..call me? ::He paused, and then smirked.:: I got it! If you're going for a mystery..call me "The Last Hero". ::The two were near her car.:: It works well for me, since in my timeline I am. ::Stopping close to her car, he let go of her hand. He just realized that he didn't offer to help her carry anything.:: My apologies, Dak. ::He bowed quickly.:: I didn't offer to help you carry your equipment. Let me at least help you load it in your car.

Dakuri Tsumari: :*He built the battleground?!* She was momentarily shocked, but seeing him in action today proved that he could do more than meets the eye.: "The Last Hero", huh? It's got a certain je ne sais quoi. I like it. :She could feel his hand slip away. Turning her head in time to see him bow, she giggled.: You don't need to bow, Trunks. I've got this under control, I do it almost every day! :Fiddling with the car's remote, she popped the trunk. Arriving at the car's rear end, she put her camera bags and film into the trunk and closed it. Unlocking the car from her remote, she gestured to the driver's door.: I need to go, Trunks, I only have about an hour to get everything boarded onto the ferry. :She smiled at him.: But, before I go.. :Spreading her arms wide, she stepped towards him.:

Exalted Trunks: ::He blinked at her car opening itself. While his world had Capsule technology, personal aircraft, hover cars and time machines it did not have whatever it was that allowed her to access her car from a distance. Allowing her to put her equipment in the car, she spoke again. Nodding, he spoke.:: Yes, this isn't exactly the best place to get stranded. I think they're only going to run the ferry for the tournament. ::Watching her gesture, he knew what she wanted. Watching his strength, he gently embraced her. Time started to stand still, even just for a fleeting moment. Letting her go, he softly spoke.:: Alright, you should go. You really don't want to be stuck here. ::Motioning to the inn with his left arm. he continued speaking.:: That's all that's here, really.

Dakuri Tsumari: :She fell into his arms, resting her head on his chest. This felt so right. Closing her eyes, she turned off the world for a moment; it was just her and Trunks and that's all that mattered. Feeling his hug loosen she stepped back, sweetly smiling at him.: Thank you for the lessons, Trunks. :Opening the door to the car, she turned her head to the right, facing his direction.: I'll be going then, I've got a column to write! Drop by when you can, I'll show you what I wrote.. :She paused, allowing the next word to have meaning.: ..hero. :With that word, she got into the car, closing the door and starting the engine. With her left hand, she waved back to Trunks as the Viper's engine growled as it quickly took off, following the roads to the docks.:

Exalted Trunks: ::Raising his right arm, his pointer and middle fingers touched the outer edge of his right eyebrow for a moment before slowly flicking them forward. As the car took off forward, he headed back to the inn's front door. Glancing towards the busted arena he figured it would only take a few days to repair, especially with the help of his mother's Hoi-poi capsules and some "light" manual labor. A long glance was placed where Omega's body should have been, he could only wonder what he and the other warriors of the realm were in store for. With those thoughs he opened the door to the inn and closed it behind him; the morning would soon come and he would be ready to start rebuilding.::