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Here this is the chart to figure damage with your dice. Use it well. And be sure to be good at math, or have a calc. nearby.

 0-14=0 35-39=5 60-64=10 85-89=15 94=20  99=25
15-19=1 40-44=6 65-69=11    90=16 95=21 100=26
20-24=2 45-49=7 70-74=12    91=17 96=22 (101=27)
25-29=3 50-54=8 75-79=13    92=18 97=23 (102=28)
30-34=4 55-59=9 80-84=14    93=19 98=24 (103=29)

Parentheses denote Offensive Modifier damage for d98+.


Ok, rescently I've been asked about modifers so I'm gonna 'splain 'em 'ere an' now.
Offensive Modifers - These 'lil things add to the highest dice ya roll. So if I, as Trunks, do a Burning attack +1 and roll a 14 46 34 ya add the +1 to the 46. Offensive modifers may range from +1 to +3, and may go up to +4 after level 30 (d49), if yer SL warrnats it.

--And Now--

Defensive Modifers - Now this is where we got foggy, so I'll do my best. *nod* First of all, defensive are done AFTER the roll -NOT- before (*cough* Noel*cough*). You basically do a quick 'I'm using a defensive modifer now, so NYA!! =P' post, THEN take yer hit. Here's an example, or something... (I'm sorry in advance, Jeff. Please don't kill me.)
::Hosaka, being the skilled bad-ass that he is then attacked Trunks...yadda yadda yadda.::
He then got...errrrrmmmmmm.. 50 34 16. Then I'd slam up a defensive mod.
::Trunks, being the bishi bad-ass he was flared up that awesome Golden Aura -1::
The one is taken offa Hosaka's highest roll, making the 50 a 49 doing a little less damage. Trunks would then take his hit.

Each modifer may be used three times in a single spar.

And now, I believe that's the end of my spheel. If you have any questions I'm almost always on at night, and sometimes during the day. Night time is usually 10:30 to about 1-2 CST. Good luck, and thank you for dicing.