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The Bishounen Trunks

Alright, who else hates the dinky little space that AIM calls a profile? Well anyhow; the dinky space is nowhere the amount needed to portray an accurate picture of your character, sure you can get the basics by, but nothing for a detailed character. Well, anyhow; that's the main purpose for numerous character sites, including this one. So, I'll quit my complainin' and without further ado, heeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr'ssssssss Trunks!

Full name and race: Trunks Briefs-Vegeta, half Saiyan/half human
His human name has no real value, except to show that he is part of the Briefs family. His Saiyan name, however, is one to be proud of; but it could strike fear throughout the entire realm if he flaunted it. Here's why...his father, Vegeta is the King of the Saiyan and he is also a very respectable fighter, even though it's sometimes on the side of evil. Well, Vegeta could go around dominating planets and such, and with Trunks being his son, Trunks would also be feared for Trunks is the Prince of the Saiyan. The name of Vegeta was always one to be feared throughout Saiyan history, for it was the bloodline of the most powerful royal family.

Family and friends
Trunks seems to be popular with everyone in this realm, but he's very selective with those he calls 'friend'. Besides its the quality of the friend; not the quantity...Oh, and ya should know who ya are. His family is his mother, Bulma, the genius that runs Capsule Corp, she even made Trunks' time machine. His deceased father, Vegeta, died fighting Juunana-gou (Number 17) when Trunks was still chibi, but going back to help the Z Senshi let Trunks meet his father. Trunks discovered that he was a real arrogant man that took forever to accept Trunks as his son, but Trunks knows that under that rough exterior there's a caring man down there...just Vegeta would NEVER admit such a thing. His older sister, Chibi Xiaoyu, took care of Trunks when he was a Chibi; he owes much of his 'childhood' to her. Draco Malfoy (HP), his best sparring partner to date, these two started rough but through countless training sessions they've became friends. Hosaka Jenitsu, he really hasn't earned Trunks' friendship yet, but Trunks respects him for his actions and power. Little Iczer Three, again she hasn't earned Trunks' friendship, but he views her as a complete equal to his own.

The first noticeable thing about Trunks is his 'perfect' purple hair, but one may need to look down to see it, Trunks only stands 5'7" which is taller then his father, but shorter then the 'average' height of males of his age. Trunks' looks are a combination of the best traits of Saiyan and human. His entire frame is small and lean like a human's, but the muscle is very well defined, such that of a Saiyan. But, unlike a Saiyan, Trunks is not "over-muscled" in all areas, especially his arms and chest. But like a true Saiyan, Trunks' muscle mass is very heavy, designed for fighting and improving so this brings Trunks in at roughly 350 pounds, rather big for a human, but thin for a Saiyan (your average Saiyan, say Son Goku, weighs in at about 600 pounds). Like true Saiyan's, Trunks can stop almost any projectile coming at him, at almost any speed. The next stunning part of Trunks would have to be his face. Everything but his eyes is all Saiyan. Very cold and unforgiving, and angular to a fault Trunks could scare a lot of people with just a scowl if he wanted. Even containing some of his father's features, we all know Vegeta's fugly, Trunks is considered VERY handsome, which must come from his eyes (and his mother); those ice-blue pools glimmer with an aura of kindness and compassion that take away from his cold facial features. Two strands of that purple hair always fall over his eyes.

Normal Attire
Staring at the bottom with his lovely golden velcro boots, which are weighted so he is always improving in speed and power. He wears his gray cotton slacks tucked into his boots to just above his hips, tightened with an orange elastic belt. His black tanktop is tucked into his slacks; the 'neck line' of the tanktop dips a little to expose a little of his chest. Covering this is the blue Capsule Corp jacket, made of a Nylon, which is only half the length of a normal jacket, which he always wears opened. Its collar is always turned up, and he keeps those few capsules in the chest pockets of the jacket. Rarely seen is Trunks' wristwatch, which can do numerous things. Tapion's Sword is sheathed to his back via a belt around Trunks' chest.

Battle Attire
For spars and such, Trunks will fight in his normal everyday attire, except he'll take off the blue Capsule Corp. jacket and place it off to the side.
For serious matches, Trunks will don the special Saiyan combat outfit. The outfit consists of heavy white boots that go about halfway to Trunks' knee, a blue spandex [::Shudder::] body suit, form-fitting white armor over his chest and midsection, the armor itself has a yellow section over Trunks' midsection, yellow straps help to hold the armor in place. And finally, white gloves.

Trunks is very kind-hearted by nature, and very friendly as well; even to people he does not know. Ever since the fusion with his younger counterpart, Trunks has tried to expel his shyness. Most of the time, Trunks isn't too shy around people, but he's still afraid to voice his opinion about things. Growing up, Trunks witnessed countless people suffer at the hands of the 'androids', so in the present Trunks will do his best to keep his friends and everybody else from suffering at the hands of something he can stop. Trunks will also defend those who are defenseless or are being 'bullied'. From watching the countless deaths at the hands of the 'androids' Trunks has developed this hatred towards all man-made cybernetic things, but going against his will Trunks will observe their actions and then decide what to do. From the fusion, Trunks has also picked up a sense of humor; but he tries to mask it. Trunks tends to keep to himself often, but he welcomes conversation. Given time, Trunks can think up a plan for almost any situation. While in combat, Trunks views it seriously yet, from the fusion he tends to a bit cocky if his opponent is weaker then him.

Maybe the most unique and bizarre of all swords, Trunks has Tapion's sword [2d4] strapped to his back. The sword itself is nothing special, consisting of a 3' blade and a 1' hilt; it's what the sword can do is what makes it so special. Tapion's sword may never harm one of a pure heart, unless somehow forced to by a force acting on the wielder. Trunks is unique among the Saiyan and most fighters in his old realm for he is the only one to ever wield a sword in real combat. After visiting Waterford Trunks was 'visited' by two spirits, one of which made Tapion's sword stronger. The sword was further enhanced by a strange man who collected weapons; after Trunks bested him in combat.

Trunks possesses a vast amount of skills, but he has set most of them aside in this realm. Recently, Trunks' father, Vegeta, told the kid that he needed to 'not hold back'. Trunks obeyed the man, somewhat. Meaning he's still holding back; as to not actually hurt his friends..
Trunks is a 3d64 (Level 45) with 14,066 EXP, with a +1d20 to total damage to artificial life-forms. He has 1488 total HP. He's currently at 19/1000 ABPs to get a new dice.

Super Saiyan
A highly powerful state, Super-Saiyan is only released with intense rage by a Saiyan with a pure heart. (This means pure evil is capable of going SSJ as well) During this state, the Saiyan's hair will turn bright blond in color, and the eyes become a greenish-blue tone. Half human, half Saiyan hybrids tend to go SSJ at a younger age then pure bloods. When one tangles with a Super Saiyan, one usually loses. For one to achieve Super Saiyan, one must first be a Saiyan, obviously, then they must be strong enough of will. Finally, something has to influence the Saiyan to 'snap' and finally transform. Once this is achieved for the first time, a Saiyan may just simply 'flare' into the state...or they can do it the way of choice; charge up their power and SCREAM AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS! Oh, and the Saiyan will be surrounded by an aura of 'golden fire'. Dice are doubled. Transformation lasts for 12 rounds, due to the skill below.
Full Power Super Saiyan
A Full Power Super Saiyan is a Super Saiyan that has desensitized themselves to the negative effects of the transformation, and allows them to transform longer and achieve higher levels. This skill doubles the transformation time.
Ascended Super Saiyan
A power-stressed version of Super Saiyan. The users muscles swell up, and definition increases through ki channeling alone. This form has no advantages over Super Saiyan, it's a bluff, Peacocking.
Ultra Super Saiyan
A sort of mid-level between SSJ and SSJ2, USSJ is a very strong, yet very slow form. It takes a long time to attain, and produces a lot of stress on the muscles causing them to vastly increase in size. One must be at least a Super Saiyan to transform into this state. Dice are tripled. Transformation lasts for 6 rounds.
Super Saiyan 2
An extremely powerful state, SSJ2 is even more damaging than the ultra-buff USSJ, without the hit in speed and maneuverability. SSJ2 is very similar in looks to SSJ, it is characterized by bolts of electricity that streak around and through whoever reaches it. Dice are quadrupled. Transformation lasts for 6 rounds.
Super Saiyan 2 Rage
An even more powerful transformation of the SSJ2 state, fueled by pure anger and rage. Dice are quintupled. Transformation lasts for 1d(SSJ2) rounds. Every successful attack gets a +10 damage boost. Doubles will not yield another turn.
Burning Attack (+2)
A ki attack, like a golden ball shot from Trunks' hand.
Golden Aura (-2)
This is a defensive modifier that uses the 'golden fire' that surrounds a SSJ to their advantage.
Finishing Buster (+3)
This is a nifty little ki attack that can really, really hurt. It starts more powerful, because of the way Trunks learned it.
Lightning Dash
A three-hit-combo attack. Trunks begins by elbowing his opponent at full speed, then spin kicks them and finally ending in a ki-enhanced uppercut.
Saiyan Meteor
Another three-hit-combo attack. Trunks starts with a powerful right hook, then a leap back to begin a ki ball barrage, and ends with a flying kick.
Finishing Flare
A bigger version of Burning Attack. It's a specially developed attack, used only in a MS; it can either be a SA or a normal attack. As a SA, Trunks may choose up to three targets.
Tapion's Rage (+1)
This attack involves charging ones Ki power to their blade, then releasing the power as a beam of sorts. The attack can be a SA or singular.
Exploding Fury
This is BY far Trunks' most flashiest move, and the one with the most potential. In summary, Trunks forms a ki ball and then forces the volatile thing to explode. The blast itself doesn't hurt, the damage is delt from the massive shockwave. Trunks may use this in a MS, or one-on-one; but in a MS it MUST be a SA. The attack changes slightly depending upon what state Trunks is in, SSJ 2 being the flashiest.
Critical Hit
Trunks gets double damage on a roll of Doubles, at the sacrifice of going again. This may be turned off or on.
The Above Are Dice RP Only

Saiyan's are quick little things...but they can still be caught off guard.
All Saiyan's can fly using their own power...but flight does drain a Saiyan's power.
Power Masking
Trunks can hide his "power level" to beings that can sense powers. This is always in effect, however, "godly" beings will be able to sense his true power.
Ki Armor
An ability that allows the user to use their ki to "absorb" incoming physical damage of beings that have an equal or lesser power level than the user. This explains how one can take hits during battle, but not suffer grave injuries. As the user's ki gets used (special attacks, blocking special attacks, etc.), the user's body becomes more susceptible to physical damage. The user can always be caught off-guard by a ranged attack.
Ki Sense
An always on ability that allows the user to detect other people's ki "signature" from great distances. The user cannot detect "Godly" ki.
Godly Ki Sense
After breaking the transformation barrier and hitting SSJ2 Rage, exposure to Godly Ki and the sparkling blue particles of energy, Trunks is now able to sense "godly" beings ki "signatures".

The History of Trunks
Three years from now, a child will be born out of wedlock, its mother was Bulma Briefs, its father was Vegeta; the Prince of the Saiyan's. This child, named Trunks, grew up in a world of suffering; due to a pair of Androids (Number 17 and 18) created by Dr. Gero. These androids killed their creator as soon as they could think for themselves, then they focused their sites on the planet. Shortly after, the Earth's Special Forces arrived on the scene. Try as they might all of them, including Piccolo and Trunks' own father Vegeta, were killed. The only survivors were Trunks and his friend/ instructor, Son Gohan. Keeping on guard until Trunks was 14, Trunks and Gohan kept the Androids at bay, until one day... One of the androids got lucky, and killed Gohan. Watching this happen, this finally made Trunks snap and go Super Saiyan. Try as he might, he couldn't defeat the androids. Two years later Trunks, now a 16 year old, went after the androids once more but almost got killed himself. At this point he made a decision that would change his life forever...

One year later, Trunks; via a time machine made by his mother, went back to the past; twenty years into the past. Arriving there, Trunks easily took out Freiza's foot soldiers, Freiza and King Kold. Meeting the Earth's special forces, he kept himself a mystery to everyone until Son Goku arrived shortly after. Talking to Goku in private, Trunks told him of the future and what lies ahead and also of his heritage. Overhearing this Piccolo told the rest of the Earth's Special Forces of the impending danger. Trunks then went back to the future.

Three years passed, in the 'present'. Everything went as Trunks had foretold, except for one little thing: the wrong androids were activated. Instead of number 17 and 18...number 19 and 20 were activated. Number 19 had made short work of Goku, since his heart disease was kicking in. But luckily, Vegeta had lent a hand and get rid of 19. Being arrogant as usual, Vegeta let 20 get away. In this short time, Trunks had come back to the past thinking he was too late. Seeing the smoke from 19's destruction Trunks met up with everybody. Seeing Vegeta run off and chase 20 made the youth remember his own timeline, at which point he yelled out 'Father!', revealing that he was indeed the small child Bulma was now carrying everywhere. The entire Special Forces met up at Gero's lab where he had activated 17 and 18. Trunks naturally gets all pissed off and fires a ki attack at the pair. This did nothing, plus they activated a new android, 16. Vegeta, being a cocky Saiyan took on the pair by himself...and almost got killed. This naturally pissed off Trunks even more, so he leapt at 18, breaking his sword and falling unconscious.

But, there was another threat, it was discovered in a Time Machine exactly like Trunks'. This threat was Cell, a being that could become extremely powerful if it was allowed. This is also a very important time in Trunks' life. Everyone, fearing Cell, trained in the Room Of Spirit And Time; Trunks went in with his father and even surpassed him in power. While Goku and Gohan were in the Room, Trunks and Vegeta took on Cell, who had absorbed 17 already. Seeing no challenge from Cell Vegeta went ahead with Cell to absorb 18, so he could have a 'decent fight'. This pissed off Trunks; who went after Cell, who was after 18. This pissed off Vegeta who now was fighting his own son in hopes that Trunks would fight back. It kept Trunks at bay long enough for Cell to absorb 18 and become Perfect. Perfect Cell really walloped on Vegeta, who was knocked unconscious. This let Trunks power up to the ultra-buff ultra-slow USSJ 2 form. Cell proved that speed is what matters, so Trunks told Cell to finish him off. Cell, surprisingly, opted to host a tournament of the best fighters in the world. Trunks went back to the Room Of Spirit And Time for a day. The Cell Games went on, but Cell was going to self destruct, Goku stopped that, but Cell came back, more powerful than ever and immediately took out Trunks. This pissed off Vegeta, who went all out on Cell, to no avail. Eventually Cell was taken out by SSJ2 Gohan. Summoning the dragon, Trunks was revived, and went back to his time. Telling his mother of this, he then took out both of the androids with no problem at all, and then he went after Cell, who he killed very easily.

Thusly ends the 'real' timeline of Mirai Trunks. This is where all the Trunks fanfics and whatnot come from. We'll continue with the history of my character.

After defeating Cell, Trunks decided to train himself intensely in preparation for whatever may lurk in that future. After nearly three years of pushing himself, he was able to achieve what Gohan had done at the Cell Games--Super Saiyan 2. Deciding to visit his friends in the past to train further, Trunks set out into the river of time once more. But something happened with the Time Machine, that still can't be explained to this day, and Trunks somehow ended up not only in the past, but in a new and strange realm. At first, Trunks couldn't determine where or, more importantly, when he was. While he could sense the ki signatures of the people on the planet, nothing stood out immediately. It was almost like everyone he had known had simply vanished. Not one to take things at face value, Trunks checked the time machine's readout; he was indeed when he was supposed to be--twelve years in the past. Accepting this fact, he hid the time machine in its capsule and flew off in search of someone or something that seemed familiar. A few hours into his flight to nowhere in particular, he stopped. His natural senses were telling him that people stronger than your average human were gathering in the town below. Using his wristwatch, he marked the location on its map before looking for someplace to setup a "base". He found just that on a small uninhabited island called "Waterford" about 15 miles southwest off the cost near the town. Marking this spot, he headed back towards the town; ill prepared for what would await him. Unbeknownst to Trunks, this town was a nexus of all lost travelers from any universe or timeline. The rest of the planet was normal, it was just this town that attracted those that are lost; much like himself. It was here the he would search for clues or answers about this place and a way to get back to his own time and place. Only the future would know if he would succeed.

Battle Power Infinity. This was played when Mirai Trunks was putting the 'Ginsu' on Freiza.
Hikari No Will Power.

Bishounen- Handsome youth, pretty boy.
Hikari No Will Power- Will Power of Light (Good).

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