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Let's Write!

This is a continuation of my prior fanfic chat log, where Trunks taught Dakuri how to fly and was ready to rebuild the arena that he and Omega had destroyed. Required listening will be posted in the log.

You have just entered room "Waterford's Inn."

Exalted Trunks: ::He had laid down for the night, his work for the day was done and he had completed the finishing touches on the arena. The day after tomorrow he would go visit Dakuri in the city across the water, as she told him she had a surprise for him and a day planned for the two. Tomorrow would be spent trying to understand and harness the power of his new transformation as he felt that it would be necessary to help battle the WEAPONs. However, now was the time for sleep. In what felt like an instant, he was asleep; his senses to the outside world were more-or-less turned off.::

WC Gil: *He had been watching the area for the past few days now. He knew there was a tournament here very recently, and hoped to find loose weapons that wouldn't be missed. There was only one problem, however. The purple-haired man. While he couldn't be certain, it felt like the man was able to tell when he was nearby; this, naturally, posed a problem. Tonight would be different--he would find something here, come hell or high water. Approaching the inn's door, he slowly twisted the knob. Smiling as it gave little resistance, he stepped inside. What have we here?! he thought looking around the moonlit first floor. Ooooooo, what's this? A glint of silver caught his eye. Creeping towards the glint, he saw it. There was a sword sitting right there. This must be his, he thought looking at the weapon, someone with purple hair would have a sword sheathed in orange. Another one for my collection! Mine! Mine! Mine! Grabbing the weapon, he looked for something to write on; after all, he was stealing the weapon and he'd offer the chance to get it back. Locating the writing utensil of choice on his person, a red crayon, he scribbled directions to his camp before adhering it to the door. Softly closing the door, he pranced off towards the forest and mountain beyond, studying his new toy in loving detail.*

Exalted Trunks: ::He awoke the next day, allowing himself no extra rest--he had to be ready for anything with Omega's body missing. Besides, today was the day he would teach himself about this new power that he tapped into. Donning his usual garb: a black tank top, dark grey pants and gold-colored boots, he headed downstairs for a quick breakfast before training. Or so it would have been had he not seen something out of place. Moving towards the inn's door, it became more and more clear. He discovered a piece of paper with red on it. Tearing it down, he started to read it a puzzled look on his face. 'I have your sword.' He read to himself, 'If you want it back head out your door and walk straight towards the mountain. My camp is there. You can have it back if you can best me in one-on-one combat OR bring me something better.' He look quickly changed to fury. He had to get the sword back, it was one of the few mementos of his true home. In nearly an instant he was outside, the door shut behind him. 'Straight from the door. Mountain.' With those thoughts he flared up his white aura and flew off towards the mountain, somehow sensing the presence that would be there. It felt familiar to him somehow.::

You have just entered room "Waterford Range"

WC Gil: *The camp was small, but it held his trophies. A Waterford-ian Claymore and Broadsword, an Oxford-ian Halberd and finally this new sword were among the highlights. He wrapped his red cape over half his body, hiding dark grey skin and light grey pants that were tucked into red boots. A red head-wrap hid most of his face, only revealing white eyes, blue and gold bracers adorned his arms. Flinging the cape back, he crossed his arms awaiting the purple-haired man that would be here soon enough.*

Exalted Trunks: ::The camp made itself known to him. The directions were almost spot on, except the camp was slightly hidden in the forest at the base of the mountain. He decided to descend with his arms crossed as to look as imposing as possible; after all with his father's genes that would be easily possible. However, nothing could have prepared him for what presented itself to him. 'What is he? Certainly not a Human. This realm is just full of surprises.' Composing himself as he landed he studied the camp. 'Weapons. Lots of them. He might be dangerous.' Resisting the urge to just take back what was his by force, Trunks finally spoke in his normal voice.:: Excuse me. You have something of mine, ::He motioned to Tapion's Sword in its orange and silver sheath.:: and I'd like it back please. ::He awaited the strange man's answer, ever unblinking.::

WC Gil: *Were his face visible, there'd be a look of shock. He wasn't expecting the purple-haired one to both find him so fast or literally fall from the sky. Composing himself before speaking, he finally spoke. His voice was a bit hight pitched for how muscular and masculine he was.* I've been waiting here this whoooolllle tiiimmme! I was starting to get anxious about what I'd do if you didn't show up! Well! I see you found my note! *Grabbing the sword he stole, he held it out towards Trunks.* Like I said! You can have it back if you can beat me OOOOOOOR if you brought me something even better! *A quick glance was all he needed.* I see you didn't bring anything. Phooey! You gave me the fourth, and I ever so like even numbers. Okay! If you want it back, lets fight for it! *A smile was almost visible through his head-wrap, he was this excited for both the new sword and the chance to fight for it.* Yanno, not many people want to fight for it! You're one of a kind! But, before we do this, how'd you fall out of the sky?! *With those words, he put the sword near his other trophies, he felt he'd defeat this man, as the others never stood a chance.*

Announcer WF: (Flip a coin (1d2), guys. Heads (1) goes first. To 100. HM. TERMS: If Trunks wins, he gets his sword back with an upgrade. If Gilgamesh wins, he keeps Trunks' sword. The losing party may NOT try to reclaim the sword for two weeks of real time. State your dice.)

WC Gil: (2d50)

Exalted Trunks: [3d62]

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 1 2-sided die: 2

OnlineHost: WC Gil rolled 1 2-sided die: 1

Exalted Trunks: [Gil, I'm going to do one final post before we commence. Cool? Also, is your character an artificial lifeform?]

WC Gil: (Sure thing! And, nooooope! He's not.)

Announcer WF: (Turn order: Gil then Trunks. Both fighters MUST use d50's. No healing allowed. No attack modifiers. Transformations are fair game.)

Oapboap: REQUIRED LISTENING: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oemvieEAPPE

Exalted Trunks: Fight for it, sure. ::'Your funeral' he muttered under his breath. There it was, the Saiyan pride.:: I didn't fall, I descended from flight. ::Whatever this being was, one thing was clear to him; it was serious about about this battle. Looking over this strange man, it hit him. He could feel his power, but it didn't feel like any mortal in this realm; but this person, a god? He wouldn't believe that, as what he felt was faint. Lowering his center of gravity slightly, he raised his fists, they'd slightly defend his face.::

WC Gil: *He looked to the man, his eyebrows raising in confusion.* People don't fly! Your jokes aren't funny. *With those words, he stepped forward, tossing a wildly aimed right hook at Trunks. It had been quite awhile since he had used just his appendages to fight, it honestly felt weird to him.*

OnlineHost: WC Gil rolled 2 50-sided dice: 19 14

Announcer WF: (1)

Exalted Trunks: ::This man's punch was super telegraphed. Raising his left fist, he opened it, simply catching the punch; jerking his shoulder back in the process. Casually releasing the man's fist further to Trunks' left, he lowered his right fist, a quick yet strong jab was aimed right for his exposed mid-section::

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 3 50-sided dice: 45 36 38

Announcer WF: (17. Gil - 17 dmg / Trunks - 1 dmg.)

Exalted Trunks: [¬.¬;; There's something really familiar about this.]

WC Gil: *For lack of better words, he FELT the fist slowly move his internal organs slightly. Winded and wide-eyed, he reeled backwards a couple steps before regaining his composure and breath.* Oh. Hey. You're actually really strong! I might have made an error. *Seizing the moment, he tried that right hook thing, this time aimed at his side; he felt this might be the best, as he might not be able to catch this one.*

OnlineHost: WC Gil rolled 2 50-sided dice: 24 47

Announcer WF: (9. Gil - 17 dmg / Trunks - 10 dmg.)

Exalted Trunks: ::Hearing the man's words, he smirked. 'You did make an error. I'm actually holding ba--'. The thought was interrupted by a hard hit to his left side. A quick cough presented itself before he glared at the man's smug face--or what he could see of the face, he felt as thought it was smug. Quickly raising his hands behind his head, he placed the back of his right hand in the palm of his left, gathering the smallest amount of ki. Flinging the hands forward slightly, yet together, he shot a small yellow beam at Gil, its intent was to push him back, giving Trunks some distance.:: MASENKO!

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 3 50-sided dice: 21 17 21

Announcer WF: (5. Doubles. Gil 22 dmg.)

Exalted Trunks: [Gonna have a reaction post, Gil?]

WC Gil: (Si! Unless it's something like double blasts or like you did to Omega, please expect a reaction.)

WC Gil: *The grin through his mask was nearly visible for just a split second. Catching the glare he responded with what could be a shit-eating-grin; that is if his face was visible. The purple-haired one was raising the roof before he saw something that he had never seen before, a beam of yellow! Placing his hands in front of him in an intersect corse, he had stopped the brunt of the beam. However, it both knocked him back a few feet and kicked up just enough dust that his sight was gone; the purple-haired one could be anywhere.*

Exalted Trunks: ::He seized this opportunity. Springing off of his right foot, he flew towards Gil, the force of the wind was tossing his hair about wildly. In a blink he had arrived in Gil's personal space, a quick jab was again aimed for the man's gut.::

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 3 50-sided dice: 48 45 34

Announcer WF: (18. Gil - 40 dmg / Trunks - 10 dmg.)

WC Gil: *The force of the punch pushed him back about a meter, hands over his stomach he wheezed and coughed for a solid thirty seconds before regaining most of his composure.* Stop that! Stop being so damned strong! *Finding the strength to stand upright, he first looked to his bracers, then to Trunks. Alright, it's time for THAT! he thought to himself, looking towards Trunks.* I was in NO way ready for someone like you. Guess I might have to give up... *He trailed the word off as he crossed his wrists over each other.* (No, this isn't a forfeit. Go with it.)

Exalted Trunks: ::He brushed an errant strand of his hair away only to have it fall back into its "proper" position, watching the spectacle before him. Crossing his arms as the man spoke, he grinned a little. 'Again, I'm holding back.' he thought. It was obvious that this man was outclassed and Trunks didn't need to expend anything extra. Crossing his arms over his chest as the man stood upright it was only after he was finished speaking that Trunks would interject.:: I'll stop if you give me back my sword. ::He spoke in his normal tone, yet he was starting to get angry that this man had yet to relinquish his sword.::

WC Gil: I'd really like to do that. But, I just can't. You see.. *As he spoked, he banged his bracers together twice, the pitch of metal hitting metal increased the second time. That was the signal he was looking for. That and the fact his body was now engulfed in a light blue coating. Under his head wrapping, he grinned a mischievous grin, he knew that he now had the upper hand.* I can't actually face you in one-on-one combat. But, you might have heard that? That's the sound of my barrier! Sorry to tell you, but you won't be hitting me as hard!

WC Gil: (Now to see how long it lasts.)

OnlineHost: WC Gil rolled 1 4-sided die: 4

WC Gil: (Four rounds. Now let's see what it takes to break it.)

OnlineHost: WC Gil rolled 1 50-sided die: 9

WC Gil: (WELP. I take half damage for 4 rounds unless Trunks can do 19 or more damage (9*2=18, but you have to hit ABOVE that to break it) to the barrier in a single strike. Also, I know Trunks can go SSJ. I'm not going to attack this round, so if..when Trunks goes SSJ, I only ask the same in return.)

Exalted Trunks: [That seems fair. Now that 19? I get in a single strike. What happens if I don't break 19, but I roll doubles and then hit for more than 19?]

WC Gil: (Then the more than 19 still stands. It just has to be a single strike. Assuming you get 3 doubles, and each does 18, well, Gilgamesh is only taking half that damage. If you break it in a string of doubles, I'll take half damage for the strike that broke it, but any after that are full damage.)

Exalted Trunks: [Easy enough. I'm fine with that. Got it, Announcer?]

Announcer WF: (It is agreed. Gil - 1/2 incoming damage barrier for 4 rounds. Anything above 18 damage breaks it before those 4 rounds are up.)

Exalted Trunks: ::He grinned a huge grin. 'It's going to take more than that, guy.':: I won't be hitting you as hard? ::Lowering his head, he crossed his arms in front of his head, left over the right; gathering power, his body was encased in its own field of strange blue energy.:: Why do you think that? ::The blue energy grew in brightness as he channeled more of his latent ki, the effects were immediate--the dust that had settled from his last hit started moving, circling his feet. Loose rocks and debris near him started hovering. Something big was about to happen. Snapping his arms back to his sides bent at the elbow, he arched his back backwards his head looking skyward, lavender hair was being tossed about by this power-up. In an instant, Trunks was surrounded by a golden geyser of energy. In this golden pillar his muscle mass expanded hugely before returning to what it should be granting him a boost to his already impressive Super Saiyan 2 transformation. The pillar dispersed, revealing the newly transformed Trunks. His muscle mass increased slightly, adding even more definition to his frame; his hair, now an inch longer was a dark golden mass of spikes. Blue bolts of bio-electricity danced over his frame, his body still surrounded by the same strange blue energy. Lowing his head, he looked to Gilgamesh with white eyes. He began to speak; his voice now deep, gruff and confident.:: You should feel proud. The last person I used this on thought they were a god. ::Raising his left arm to face level, with four of his fingers, he beckoned the man over before speaking again.:: You get one hit. Make it count.

Exalted Trunks: [SSJ2 Rage. 15d50 for 6 rounds.]

WC Gil: (RIP, my barrier.)

WC Gil: *Before he could answer Trunks' questions, he noticed something strange about the man. He was engulfed in a blue energy, not unlike his. Is that seriously the power of the gods?! Why does he--, the thought was soon cut off by the display. Seemingly out of nowhere, the loose dust and rocks were moving of their own volition. Hm. Telekinesis. That's going to be tough. In a blink, Trunks had vanished, a pillar of golden energy in his place. Instantly what he couldn't see was augmented with what he could feel. That was a tremendous amount of power coming from the now golden-haired man, whom was still engulfed in blue. Proud? That's not what I'm feeling right now. Dread crossed his face as he mentioned a god. If what he said was true, he had sparred with a god and seemingly won. He suddenly felt very silly for both taking the sword and engaging in this battle. Swallowing his pride, he took a few steps forward at the beckoning. Balling his left fist, he raised it to his right shoulder, seemingly charging something.* You seem very confident in that. I'm way more confident in my barrier! *With those words, he flung his left fist diagonally down, sending a Wind Slash towards Trunks.*

OnlineHost: WC Gil rolled 2 50-sided dice: 13 37

Announcer WF: (5. Gil - 40 dmg / Trunks - 15 dmg. 3 rounds of barrier left.)

Exalted Trunks: ::Without any acknowledgment to Gil's words, he watched his movements. There it was, a supersonic ripple. 'Using nature, clever.' In less than a blink he slapped the attack away with his right hand, the ripple had actually broken the skin in the back of his hand. In a blur, he was less than a leg's length away from Gil. He quickly kicked stright up with his left leg in an attempt to launch the man into the air.::

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 15 50-sided dice: 26 22 25 42 9 22 5 19 15 11 33 40 18 12 35

Announcer WF: (34/2 = 17, barrier is broken. Doubles. Gil - 57 dmg / Trunks - 15)

WC Gil: *It only took a blink and Trunks was gone. Huh, maybe he took the blu--a boot to his jaw stopped that thought as he stared to sail upwards. The blue energy engulfing his body started to crack and break off much like a glass window. Apparently, the kid had been packing more power than he initially thought. He quickly realized that he was very very prone right now and secretly hoped that gravity would soon take back over.*

Exalted Trunks: ::He noticed the blue flakes of energy coming off of the man. He knew that the weak attack had broken his barrier and now he could stop holding back. Studying the trajectory of the man he had just launched, he blurred skyward in an intersect path. Hesitating for just one second, he balled his right fist, holding it with his left; forming a natural hammer. He pounded straight down on Gil's back, to send him back to earth.::

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 15 50-sided dice: 21 7 14 21 29 34 26 47 30 15 36 47 9 14 32

Announcer WF: (42. Doubles. Gil - 99 dmg / Trunks - 15)

WC Gil: *He stopped for a moment, colliding with something. The hell?! Did I hit a ceiling or something? It was only then that the collision had stopped him and was now sending him downwards and that his back felt like it had just been murdered. The ground was rapidly approaching and he was NOT ready for that crash, he felt that the impact from the ground would knock him out.*

Exalted Trunks: ::In that instant, he felt it. The man was losing his power. He felt a little remorse that he had just obliterated this man, his barrier and his confidence. His Saiyan instincts took over and without thinking he blurred to the ground waiting for the perfect moment. When Gil was roughly 10 feet above him, he started a spin kick, his right foot would launch the man horizontally if it connected.::

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 15 50-sided dice: 13 40 46 22 4 22 33 10 44 49 24 2 45 33 43

Announcer WF: (50. Gil - 149 OUT. Trunks - 15 MOV=149-15=134. HM= 10xMOV=EXP=10x134=1340XP, GP=15xMOV=15x134=2010GP 5ABP)

WC Gil: (RIP Gilgamesh. Good thing that wasn't a DM. I totally didn't expect SSJ2R to one round my ass into fine paste BY SO MUCH. I was thinking maybe two rounds...three if the dice gods favored me! Good short fight, Trunks.)

Exalted Trunks: [I wasn't really expecting that much damage in one round. I know that SSJ2R is powerful, but that was some dumb luck with doubles from me. Seriously, I could have went from a losing fight to winning in that round, that was 109 damage with your barrier! If you didn't have it, it would have been 126. Maybe we should have made it more than 100 damage?]

Exalted Trunks: [Regardless, good fight, Gil. I was looking forward to his transformation, but we never got it. Maybe a friendly rematch in the future? Also, 12726+1340=14066. Two levels! I'm now a 3d64! Now for my HP rolls and our conclusion.]

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 1 62-sided dice: 31

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 1 63-sided dice: 56

Exalted Trunks: [1246+31+31+56+56=1420+68=1488 (one time readjustment, since I was supposed to start off at 200 and I started at 132)]

WC Gil: (So, I don't want to be that whiney guy, and you still would have earned your victory, but I think you should dial back SSJ2R just a little bit. I think we would have had more fun if it doesn't turn people into chunky kibble.)

Announcer WF: (I agree. I know you didn't use the "bonus damage" modifier, but that thing seems too powerful.)

Exalted Trunks: [Well, since I'm the only one using it, and Trunks is the one who discovered it, we can do this right now. What if I do with this like I do with SSJ3? Like, limit it to turns. Or maybe say "Hey, when I use this, doubles don't matter."?]

WC Gil: (I think the doubles thing. I mean 15 dice are enough to get doubles in any roll, be them damage dice or whiffs.)

Announcer WF: (I think that, too, Gil. Because, if I'm reading your site right and from the battle with Omega, Trunks, the ability also takes away from your SSJ2 rounds, as well as your SSJ rounds. Is that correct?)

Exalted Trunks: [Correct. I'll clarify that better on the SSJ page once we agree on the rule for this. I'm fine with ignoring doubles for SSJ2R. It only makes sense, because unless something is seriously pissing him off, Trunks can't be THAT upset for up to 30 turns. Or maybe, I can do like what you did, Gil, roll a certain sided dice (maybe 1d(SSJ2 rounds)) to see how long SSJ2R lasts in battle as well as the no doubles thing.]

WC Gil: (I like it. The whole rolling for rounds and no doubles. SSJ and SSJ2 can stay how that are. I'm going to work on my response now.)

Announcer WF: (It is decided. Let this log be proof. If you guys don't need me, I'm going to peace out to my real SN.)

Exalted Trunks: [We're good. It's just story stuff after this. Thanks for the tally.]

Announcer WF: (NP. See you guys later.)

Announcer WF has left the room.

WC Gil: *Instead of hitting the ground like he had expected, he felt himself short to careen towards the forest. Lucky for him, a large tree stopped his flight. Waving a small white flag that seemed to apparate from nowhere.* I give. You're too much to handle! *Standing slowly, he took a few shaky steps towards his camp. Finding the sword, he took it out of the sheath, studying it.* This is a remarkable blade. I see now why you cherish it. *Holding it at arm length, he closed his right eye, further studying the structure of the weapon.* I can make this better. Not by much, but I can improve it. Only a master can improve it further. *Tapping the blade with the bend of his middle finger, he listened to the sound of the blade.* I need five minutes alone with this. Okay?

Exalted Trunks. ::Seeing the white flag, the universal sign of surrender, he powered down to his base state; his lavender hair now longer than it was just a few minutes ago before he transformed. Following the man, he kept his eyes on him.:: It means more to me than you could imagine. I'd never part with it, even if I rarely use it. ::He further watched the man, lowering his guard. The man had more than enough time to try to leave with the sword and he hadn't yet. Further studying the man's actions, he nodded at the question.:: Five minutes? That's enough time?

WC Gil: It's more than enough time. I don't JUST collect these things; I know a few things about them! *He continued tapping the blade listening to the frequency that it produced. A few taps later, he found the spot. Holding the sword in his left hand he flicked the sword in the precise spot with just enough force to cause the blade to vibrate in sync with the frequency the sword emitted. The sword took a full minute before it become quiet and still. Gently tossing the sword into the air with his right hand, he turned his arm and wrist so his hand was upside-down. Catching the hilt, he urned his arm and wrist back so the blade was pointed downwards. Angling his hand towards Trunks, he presented the hilt for him to grab.* Go on, give it a test swing. Not at me, but at, uh, that dead branch over there. (The sword went from 1d6 extra damage to 2d4. Meaning any attack that uses the sword gets the bonus, you should use it more.)

Exalted Trunks: ::Studying what he was doing, he was curious. How could tapping on the sword do anything but make noise. Which is exactly what it seemed to be doing. The strange man kept tapping on the sword as it seemed to do nothing besides make different sounds. Never one to take things at face value, he watched with curiosity at the final display. Grabbing his sword back, he looked it over, it seemed as though nothing was different. For fun, he decided to take a swing at the dead branch, like Gil had suggested.::

OnlineHost: Exalted Trunks rolled 2 4-sided dice: 4 3

Exalted Trunks: ::Satisfied with what the man had done to improve his sword, he turned on his right heel fo face the man. He spoke, this time back in his normal voice--there was no more reason to be angry.:: How exactly did you do that? And who are you? I've never met anyone like you before today. ::Pausing for a moment, he motioned toward the orange and silver sheath.:: I'll need that back, too.

WC Gil: I'm Gilgamesh, from the warrior clan Genji from.. *He hesitated for a moment, unsure of this man's intent.* ..far away. I travel to collect weapons that won't be missed. *I obviously didn't think yours would be missed. rattled in his head while he continued to speak.* As for how I improved your sword? I'm an Astral Smith, well, a Journeyman Astral Smith. While a normal Smith can work wonders with metal, that's where it stops. Only an Astral Smith can unlock the metal's true potential. There is another, my teacher, that can improve it further. *Tossing the sheath to the man, he continued speaking.* I could ask you the same thing, Lilac.

Exalted Trunks: Trunks. ::As he said his name, he caught the sheath, and placed the sword into it. Placing the sword on his back, the hilt over his right shoulder, he secured it with the strap over his chest.:: A half-Saiyan. One of the strongest warrior races in the universe. What you saw? That's something called "Super Saiyan 2". ::He felt that was enough idle chatter for now, he slowly started to rise from the ground, he'd be returning home shortly.::

WC Gil: Hey, before you go, Trunks; when you did that, uh, Super Saiyan thing, you got really blue. I know what that power is, but I'm curious how you have it. *He crossed his arms over his chest, awaiting Trunks' landing and hopeful response.*

Exalted Trunks: ::Gilgamesh's words piqued his curiosity once more. Softly landing, he took the obvious bait. He had wanted to know about this power, and if Gilgamesh was willing to tell him about it, then he'd listen.:: Okay, Gilgamesh. If I tell you, you tell me. I don't know what the power is. I was only first able to use it not even a week ago during my battle with.. ::He paused, he didn't want to reveal witch god it was quite yet. After all, this man might be an agent of Omega's.:: ..a "god" it called itself. And only then, it was only after I thought everything was lost. But, as you can tell, it augments my abilities even further than I thought possible.

WC Gil: Huh! It's as I thought. *Unfolding his arms he pointed to Trunks with his right hand.* It's not really "your" power, it's more "borrowed". You came in contact with a being that could use the energy of the Gods and some of it transferred to you. Normally, it's not a lot. I have some which I suspect you sensed; I got it from my teacher. But that was only a little bit. You.. *He lowered his right hand to fold his arms over his chest again.* ..from the sound of your tale..must have come into contact with a lot of it, or battled with an extremely powerful being. *Moving his right hand again, he raised his index finger while continuing to speak.* Regardless. You, as a mortal, can now tap into the energy of Gods. That's all I know. If you wish to know more, I'd find the other "Gods" and ask them. But, I don't think they're going to part with the information so easily. *Unfolding his arms, he did an about face walking back to his camp. Waving his right hand he continued forward.* May we meet again on better terms. My enhancement should be a sufficient apology. Now go, I need to rest.

Exalted Trunks: ::Listening to Gilgamesh's words, everything he said seemed true. Playing back the events in his mind, he soon realized that only after the battle with Omega he could sense Gilgamesh. And now, he could sense more powers as well, just not the depth of those powers. Those must be the other WEAPONs he determined. After Gilgamesh turned to return to his camp he rose from the ground while Gilgamesh was speaking. It was only after the man finished that he spoke.:: It is. I'll leave you alone until I can sense you're back at maximum and then we can train together. ::With those words he took off skyward back to Waterford's Inn feeling as though he learned more about this new power through Gilgamesh rather than if he would have tried it on his own.::