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Electric Boogaloo

Hai2u, I'm now writing a small page about the replacement for the AIM Chat Room "Gaming Chat". As I've mentioned several times (and as you can see in the file name), that replacement was LiveJournal. As I'm doing my internet duty to be the Fire Keeper of a long forgotten era, I'll do my best to keep that fire going and show you the extent of its light. Let's start small here. This is another wrapper page. The next two links will TAKE YOU OFF SITE, so they will open in a new tab/window.

The original replacement.
This was our first community that we made. The problem here lies in the fact that it was an open community, with one whole moderator. This is asking for problems. It worked for approximately FIVE WHOLE MONTHS! before the first spambot (or person that wasn't an AIMer) joined. Then, a few months after that came the link to our next target. It was LITERALLY at that point where the AIM GCers left that community. So, let's follow history.

Replacement 2: Electric Boogaloo
Okay, here was a much better replacement. You can kind of see what I was hinting at in the earlier entries of the community. It was roughly three years after we slowly left, and had our cliques. Of course, I tried to be in all of them, because reasons. This one lasted fairly strong until goddamned 2008. Sure, it lost steam, but the postings were like 95% of the AIM members. Why 2008, do you ask? Well, of course you didn't. But here's my guess: the rise of social media sites. And if I explain that, then I've gone full circle. Let's not go there, quite yet. There's ONE MORE RELIC.

I'm delaying this one.
The elite chat log. Just how many acronyms can I fit into a file name? Realtalk. This is just a text dump of the AIM RP community that I was a member of that died quick. It's presented in chatlog format, because we like chatlog format.

The elite 1 on 1. This is a text dump between my Trunks and Thalla in their 1 on 1 session. Of course, it ends on a cliffhanger, because that's how the fuck 2002 worked.

If you were a member of another AIM RP community and would like me to transcribe (read: copy paste) your community as a chatlog, contact me. aim:oapboap

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I typed this on a keyboard from 2001. This automatically makes the page more legit.

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