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Random RP Rants

This section is dedicated to those times when I'm sitting back watching some wonderful FFing , and hell even some good lackluster (s)hit BS(Yes, an oxymoron, I know. -_-;), going on and I really, really wanna bring Trunks, or Trunkies, IC to socially interact with the situation. Or those times when I'm laying in my bed, just thinking about what I could do...but never actually do it. If these sound some psychotic kid just rambling, it's cause I have no one to RP with, 'cause I'm a coward and just don't RP on AIM. e.e Without further ado let's begin.

Dice Mass Spar One. This is the first recorded Dice MS in AIM.

Dice Spar One. A good chance to see dice in action.

Dice Spar Two. Another good example.

Dice Spar Three. A not-so-happy ending.

Team Mass Spar One. Whadda know, a happy ending.

Team Mass Spar Two. Another.

Solo Training Session One. Trunks learns three new moves.

Team Mass Spar Three. Not so fair odds, for the other side.

Training Session One. Ahhh, cheap-ness.

Freezing Hell ..RPing in the GC, almost structured, too!

Dice Mass Spar Two. Gang-bang Trunks!

Taining Session Two. A cheap new move discovered.

Solo Training Session Two. Hell, you've read this many, right?

Solo Training Session Three. Must I put a resaon?

Waterford Part One. Finally something Story Based.

Waterford Part Two. Actual Story.

Waterford Part Three. The Conclusion..

A meeting..A freak chance?

Edgar and Butz meet. Oh, wow. It's the perverted night.