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Here's a long lost section of my old site, "The Last Hero". In fact, this section, its contents and a few HTML files were my entire last site--until I was stupid and decided to tack on "Personal" stuff, too. But, it was nice, and people enjoyed it. This time around, it's attached itself to my new site, which has gobs of personal stuff, but nothing more. This section is strictly for RP-related items. Be it logs, rules or stories. It was a long time in preparing these logs for the web, only to have the site killed at the utmost height of its popularity; so now, everything's back in place, modular as hell, and awaiting more files to further enhance this wonderful, well-deserved section.

In fact, to celebrate so much, I decided to overhaul the entire site to emulate the old "Last Hero" site when it was popular amoung AIM RPers, black backgrounds, easy-to-read normal white fonts and, of course, the opening "book" design on the first page.

Now, for those of you that don't know what RP is..it's basically this: You either create a new character from scratch, give them history, abilities, a personality, everything..you control it all; or you take a pre-existing character and play by their preset history, personality and talents. Think of it as D&D online without having to live in your mother's basement. This hobby is enjoyed by lots of people, some young, some old..but, it's always fun to do. I just now, need time and people to do it with.

Now, let us continue with the sections of this sub-site.

Biographies This should be simple enough to explain without too much prior knowledge.

Dice RP Rules. About three of four years ago, AIM decided to add a feature that AOL had, and that many AIM RPers craved, the dice system. Using a very specific command, one could roll a number of dice with various sides. Me and my good friend, Grypho, cashed in on the idea to bring dice RP back to AIM. Not ONLY did it work, it was a huge success, too! And him an' I were the pioneering force in the craze. We done good, Gry, we done good. Read the pages within to find out how you too can dice RP.

Logs - I can preach about it, but you can only judge from what you see. About a good 90% of these logs are from inane little squabbles. There's a point to that. It lets you see the Dice RP System in action. It can be hard to grasp for those that have never done it, or haven't for quite a long time. These logs also feature pure RPing, you know, the kind without inane squabbles. I hope you enjoy this section, it's quite possibly the longest in the making; at the time, this section was two years in the making! You're seeing a brief history of AIM Dice RP. Why, I remember when I was so giddy to add a new of of these to my collection. Maybe we can do that..*murmers off*

Stories. Back in the day, when I wanted to creatively express my character, or what he was going through, I would sit down and literally think up a story. This section is is small for right now.

The Story. Ah, now this is by far my favorites section of this subsite.. This here is a little tiny chapter of a grandiose story. Or so it was planned. Once upon a time, this is how good my RPing skills were. When you take a look at this log, you are taking a look at some of my finest RP ever. If you have never read this before, prepare for a small, heart-warming story that's preaching without being preachy. A story about two people, their effect upon the other, and one wild day. This small teaser chapter has it all, and so much more. It's been so long since I've cracked open this one, and placed it on a site. It's been at least a couple of years. To this day, I have never topped that scale. I look forward to the chance to top it.

Prototypical Dice Rules. This section is devoted to a modular addition to the already, formerly, well-established rules on how to Dice RP. The rules presented are, in no way official, or are going to take over the current rules. These are for people who would like to try something a little bit different, or are up for a new challenge. Read on if you fit this criteria.

Journal RP Rules. A now-defunct section for rules for a community that one of my oldest internet friends and I were going to build on LiveJournal. But, eventually didn't. Real life happened, I think.