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Although, most pages will be shown in the navigation table up there, there will be some that might not be shown. This page is a guide to get you to the "main" page of each subsection, and then any "child" pages they may incude. Happy reading!

Link Description
Home The main index page.
About About this webpage & project.
AIM ScrapBook A collection of quotations from AIM's "Gaming Chat", circa 2000-2001(ish)
Classic Roleplay Stuff All of my old (2001-2002) RP stuff.
-Trunks The page about Trunks.
-Kyle The page about Kyle, if I ever make it.
-Zif The page about Zif.
--The Old RP Archive Every single thing I put on the Internets about AIM RP in general. Mainly logs and information about using Dice. Also, a good long 1on1 RP session.
Links Obvious page is obvious.
Credits Links to the sites where I have found the images for the site that I personally did not create.
Gaming Chat A wrapper page for the apparent focus of the site, as of 2016.
-Gaming Chat History A history and reflection of AIM's chat room, "Gaming Chat" from the heydays of it.
-A Graphical Homage to Gaming Chat What it says on the tin. This page is here to invoke feels.
-Gaming Chat The Fall A history and reflection of AIM's chat room, "Gaming Chat" from the heydays of it.
-Gaming Chat 2: Electric Boogaloo A page containing links to the replacement to the AIM "Gaming Chat".
-Gaming Chat LiveJournal A log file of the AIM RP community found on LiveJournal. Presented in chatlog format.
-Gaming Chat A Detailed Study It is in this page where I find out why the "Gaming Chat" had such a huge impact for me.

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