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AIM Scrapbook

Web 1.0 as fuck, and LOVING IT!


4/21/20 - SIX in one! (Maaaaan, I missed 420 by ONE DAY!)
1. One new log for you to read.
2. Some retcons and updates and SPELLING CORRECTIONS 19 YEARS LATER to the current Trunks' bio page.
3. Updates to the way we calculate HP.
4. Updates to the Super Saiyan transformation rules.
5. Cleaned up my herfs just a little. This is both to save space in the document and to assist me when I view this on my computer while making changes and writing updates.
6. Check out this fucking collapsible list on the index page! The future is amazeballs!

3/18/20 - One update today, TWO FUCKING YEARS LATER!!!! I wrote a new FanFic log for Trunks. Why don't you give it read?

4/8/18 - Three quick updates:
1. I added something to the Damage Chart. Damage values for 101-103. Because d100 people need Offensive Modifiers, too.
2. It's actually 27 new logs, I didn't include the one I almost have finished. Because I have the dumb.
3. I've added two new skills to spend ABP on.

4/7/18 - Three quick updates:
1. I've updated the current Trunks bio page. Spot the difference. (Separated SSJ and Full Power SSJ and I explained what FPSSJ does.)
2. I changed the rules for Super Saiya-jin levels to hinder those transformations. It will make sense when you read it.
3. I've been working on a storyboard for my FanFic log files. There's 26 new "logs" for the WEAPON disputes.

4/3/18 - TWO UPDATES IN TWO DAYS! FUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKK!!!!!!~ I updated the current Trunks bio page to clean up the HTML itself so it looks like someone who can code coded it, instead of a 19 year old guy who was getting AIM popular and needed FrontPage to "code". It saves TWO WHOLE KB. Back in 2001, that would have been amazing as fuck. Now it's just because I'm OCD.

4/2/18 - Well, hi! Today, I decided to update the current Trunks bio page with the information from the log I wrote in the previous update and add some things that should have been there for the last 17 years. (Seventeen years. Fuuuuuuuuuuccck.) Eventually, I'll clean up the HTML file itself to get rid of the elements of my being 19 and not knowing how to code a website. But, not today.

2/13/18 - Hi there, site that's been dormant for like a year and a half. Here's something that I worked on for almost 6 months. (Not constantly.) In fact there were lots of breaks while typing it. I may or may not be more active on the site now. I also modified the SSJ/Transformation rules. Because AIM is obviously still a service that is working. (It's not.)

10/20/16 - HOLY FUCK! It's not dead. I've been on an unannounced internet hiatus, but now I'm back! I've updated a certain dice page with new rules for Super Saiya-jin levels. Because we're still using dice RP on AIM. These came to me one night, and I just had to type into a terminal. I've also added the promised 1 on 1 log with Thalla. Look for it in the LJ section of Gaming Chat!

3/1/16 - It's here. The biggest page of the site. Look for it in the "Gaming Chat" section.

2/29/16 - This update is me telling you I'm writing a HUGE page about..a certain topic. Also, I wanted an update on February 29th.

2/24/16 - Created a couple new pages about Gaming Chat. Instead of giving you click bait, I'm making you actually look for the pages. It's not hard. Phrasing.

2/21/16 - Created a wrapper page for what seems to be the main focus of the site now. PROTIP: Gaming Chat.

2/21/16 - NEW PAGE: A Graphical Homage to Gaming Chat. It's here to give you feels.

2/21/16 - Cleaned up navigation some.

2/20/16 - The prior update was wrong, it is not 2005, it's more 2001-2002. Just archived to the internets in 2005.

2/19/16 - Successfully uploaded the ENTIRE RP directory. In all of its 2005 2001 glory. Read it. Read it and love it. Read it and understand half of what that secion of the site is about.

2/18/16 -
Look at what I found!

1/27/16 - Modified the table on the index page to add in the collection of words I have written about Gaming Chat. Also, increased the Trunks image by 5%.

1/27/16 - A lot of words I wrote about the fall of Gaming Chat are now online.

1/26/16 - Added a very special image to the scrapbook page. I miss that application dearly.

1/26/16 - Added a link to the second best page on my site to the sitemap. Because I missed it, somehow. Whoops.

1/25/16 - Created a sitemap page. Because that's also something that's super Web 1.0.

1/25/16 - The best, or second best, page is now uploaded. Go read it.

1/24/16 - Gave a HUGE HINT about my next page. Check the nav bar.

1/24/16 - Crafted the main RP bios page. They need a wrapper, right?

1/24/16 - Copy pasted Trunks' bio page from the last snapshot from my Tipod site.

1/24/16 - Copy pasted Zif's bio page from the last snapshot from my Tripod site. These pages are here both for me, and for historical purposes.

1/23/16 - Initial launch of the site to the ENTIRE FUCKING INTERNET!

1/23/16 - Revamped a certain website index of mine to work for this.

1/23/16 - Created the AIM ScrapBook page. Containing 66 quotes from roughly three years of venturing into the AIM GC, before I had to wipe my drive to install OS X. It displays one at a time. Refresh for nostalgia!

1/23/16 - Created the About Page. Might as well explain what the fuck this is, huh?

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